October 28, 2010

All Our Coppers Is Blind

We all know that Lady Justice is supposed to be visually challenged.

But do all our bobbies suffer from poor vision as well?

Read this and tell me if you see a worrying pattern.

For those with linkophobia, I will explain. Our boys in blue stopped and searched over 100,000 people in 2009-2010. Of those one hundred thousand, 60,000 were white, British citizens. Naturally, if you are looking for terrorists, the very people you must stop and search should be beardless, and the least likely to be active terrorists among the community. They should look nothing like terrorists, for a start. That way lies madness. That is just an open door to a racism and/or profiling charge. Avoid it at all costs. Just 17% were Asian. I'm no racist, and as I say ad nauseum, I have worked, lived, and chilled out with Muslims for over twenty years. If anyone is likely to be bimbling around London with 3 kilos of Semtex packed with nails, it is likely to be a Muslim-like person. Tell me I'm wrong.

Even more worrying is the fact that of these 100,000 searches, not one single terrorist was found! Not one.

In a rare display of glasnost, I am going to tip off the Metropolitan Police: You are looking at the wrong fucking people!

The people you are looking for will look something like this:

Or this:

But you keep stopping white people. You keep stopping and searching the wrong demographic.

It's a numbers game, right? Eventually you'll get lucky.

Assuming the mad Muslim you ignored doesn't blow you (and us) to smithereens first.

Gormless twats.



Angry Exile said...

Is that Muslim Rage Boy in both shots there? Is he really cross all the time or did the wind just change direction one day?

Captain Ranty said...


I think he may just be a homosexual in denial.....


Angry Exile said...

Ah. A bad case of blow jobber's cramp, you reckon?

Smoking Hot said...

They are on a mission ... only 61,690752 to go ... minus the usual suspects!

Sue said...

Colour blind obviously.

defender said...

This man, Choudaey, is here offering you a choice. Do you agree with him or do you disagree.

Anjem Choudary on March For Sharia In London - House Of Commons - Downing Street - Trafalgar Square


FireballXL5 said...

We're fighting a losing battle, the do gooding PC brigade have taken over the asylum I'm afraid. It's obvious to most right thinking people that profiling is the weapon of choice, same with airport security, but oh no, we can't be seen to be singling out any ethnics or minority groupings can we?

Apparently the head of MI6 now thinks it's preferable that his fellow citizens should be blown to pieces rather than "torture" a known/suspected terrorist.

With attitudes like this we've already lost the war.

Anonymous said...


Are there terrorists within the UK or are the Zionists telling us that there are terrorists within the UK in order to continue harbouring ill feeling towards Muslims, in order to get ready for bombing Iran with full support from the British public because they threaten Israel?

You know I was once a full supporter of Israel and anti Islam, thanks mainly to ignorance of Judaism and Zionism.
However, it is obvious that Islamism within the UK will gain its recruits, initially though started by Zionism within the UK to harbour ill feeling towards Muslims.

Tell me this CR, if you have a threat within the UK from a people whom follow a certain religion; whose religion demands that its people rise up against the kufar; not to associate with the Kufar and to eventually overthrow these people and their cultures for that religion, what would you do knowing full well that their birthrate means within 60 years your society would have more of them than you? Would you start to remove them? Would you start to restrict their growth? Would you start to ban the worship of their religion? Would you start to convert them to your own faith at birth? Many questions but what would you do?

More importantly, I am of course speaking of Islam, but then the similarities to Judaism are striking:

1. Both see themselves as God's chosen people above all the rest.

2. Both see others as inferior and not to be associated with.

3. Both sanction deceit within their teachings and ethnocentrism also.

4. Both's young are indoctrinated into their faiths from an early age, educating them on their holy books to be read over and over daily as they grow.

5. Both create ghettos within their host societies, alienating themselves off.

6. Both ritually slaughter animals against our own ethical slaughter. Islam - halal and Judaism - Kosher.

On a final note, in London they were stopping and searching white youths in London for knives and guns, when the overwhelming crime committed was by blacks. Black groups complained stating racism, yet if blacks are killing blacks and whites, then logically who do you search white or black youths?

vervet said...

CR: "Gormless twats"

Very, very sadly this is a justified description of most of our police today.

vervet said...

Or were you describing the muslim extremists ?

Either way ... same, same.

Budvar said...

It's not like they're searching dodgey looking fuckers who happen to be white though, Oh no, they search my 73 year old mum. Now me I could understand, I'm a big 18st bald headed tattoed ex-para, and they don't come much dodgier looking than me.

The other week me and the young un were catching the ferry in hull, he's 18 but looks about 12. They gave my bag an half arsed flick through an said ok. Our young un, his bag was given the fine toothed comb treatment, then it was "Can you stand over here and turn out your pockets" he was then frisked and out came the wand. I was half expecting the sour faced bitch at the side of him to whip out the rubber gloves and tell him to bend over.

When they'd finished I made some quip to the young un about wearing those silly hoodies, and the guy said "Oh no, it's just random". I noticed the family of Talibanis before us weren't randomly searched either going or coming back.
We on the other hand were arguing with customs for 2 an half hours.

Bucko said...

Maybe we should start stopping and searching coppers to see if they are in posession of a brain.

By the way - ""Apparently the head of MI6 now thinks it's preferable that his fellow citizens should be blown to pieces rather than "torture" a known/suspected terrorist""

So do I. There is no excuse for torture.

bofl said...

it's all about control......


it is all about making us conform to them for ANY reason!!!!

by making themseleves more 'important' they can escalate their agenda...

customs stopped me and my friends at stansted.....3 of us have blonde hair + blue eyes..........fucking twats......

banned said...

As was widely predicted at the time they are simply using anti-terror legislation to replace the old sus laws.
I think the youngling in the pics is celebrating Gay History Week at his school.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

another vision corrector


James Higham said...

The sad thing is that you're right.

The Pundit said...

What is it with these angry, brow-banging arse-lifters that so many look like they've been put together by some drunk playing with a Mr Potatohead set?

Ears sticking out of the sides of their necks, Plasticine lips, beards for eyebrows and noses like the back end of the #47 from Islington.. The crazed eyes are just the icing on an extremely unlovely cake.

No wonder they're so furious - Allah dealt them a hefty blow with the Ugly Stick and they're out for revenge...