October 06, 2010

Empty Promises From The Tories

Have a listen to this guff.

Wild Bill promises us that a statute will be enacted, this year, mind you, that will commit future parliaments to a "referendum lock" where matters of sovereignty and the EU are concerned.

Trouble is, we already have a law which states, very clearly, that parliaments cannot bind their successors. Now he wants to waste everyone's time by enacting another statute, but the new one will contain that magical phrase, "Referendum Lock", as if it makes for a stronger law, somehow. It won't. It can't.

There is a good reason parliaments cannot bind each other. Imagine, if Pyscho Broon had been in office much longer, he would have come out with some Zimbabwe-esque shite. We all know it. The writing was on the wall. He may, for instance, have declared that no-one is allowed to wear blue hats. He may have enshrined it in law: it's possible. MPs don't read the fucking things and Queenie will rubber stamp anything that passes over her desk. She gets paid the same, whatever she puts her name to. (Not that she actually signs anything. You should be aware that this tedious business of committing treason is outsourced to her "favourite cousins").

So when the alternative Labour government win office, in our case a hybrid Untory/Illiberal coagulation, they can immediately repeal the Blue Hat Act because some of them find blue hats rather fetching.

But Billy Boy up there is selling us snakeoil. The Lisbon Treaty is crystal clear. They may as well have just stamped a disclaimer on Page 1 of the document saying "Oh, and if we forgot anything, we have the power to insert whatever we want to, whenever we want to, so fuck you".

He can no more demand a referendum lock in a statute than I can knock out a decent tune on a stylaphone.

This is pure rhetoric. And, he's preaching to a room full of psychophants who, judging by the look of 'em, would applaud just about anything.

Billy Boy speaks shite. You read it here first.

We are fucked. And it was his mob that kicked it all off in 1972.

Never forget that.



Sue said...

I have been so livid at the bullshit I've heard and read over the last few days, I can't even blog about it.

I'm not a student of politics and find much of what is produced "double dutch", but I DO try hard to understand what's going on.

It's all just so frustrating!!!

PS. I've just seen a documentary called "Collapse".... another eye opener. Email if you would like a copy and I'll put it on a fileserver.

Captain Ranty said...


Don't beat yourself up because your bullshit detector is working. It's working just fine.

I ran the Collapse vid on here a few weeks ago.

You were probably sunning yourself on a beach when I posted it :)


Sue said...

Nah, do you think I want to look like an old kipper?

I work for a living Capt :)

(although I won't pay tax any longer).

FireballXL5 said...

Billy boy sounded pretty impressive, tough, in a sort of cast iron way. He said something along the lines of "EU law only exists in this country because Parliament wills it to"

OK, so given that, by general consent, quite a few EU laws are to our disadvantage, why don't we just unwill" those we don't like?

I mean, really, where was the opposition when we needed it, before Lisbon was signed? It's too fucking late now!!!!!!!!!!

Why has no politician, or anyone in the MSM, mentioned the fact that if we stopped shipping money to Brussels the financial crisis is solved overnight??

I had quite high hopes of this coalition, I really thought with the Liberals on board they'd be able to keep most of the country onside whilst pursuing a fairly radical agenda, to put right a lot of Ruins fucktardery. But the more you look, the more you realise it's the same shit with different gravy.

Bill said...

The time has come to totally ignore as many statutes as you personally feel you can. I'd suggest politely encouraging your friends and relatives to at least consider doing the same.

No-one has consented to any rule by EU other than every Prime Minister that came after Wilson but we have all given our tacit consent because we don't rebut. Not rebutting is what keeps the dung heap getting bigger and why on earth is anyone surprised that a Parliamentarian doesn't understand one of the rules that an earlier Parliament passed into legislation?

They haven't a fucking clue, if you will pardon my French!

James Higham said...

So when the alternative Labour government win office, in our case a hybrid Untory/Illiberal coagulation, they can immediately repeal the Blue Hat Act because some of them find blue hats rather fetching.

This is the thing governments have been trying to do since time immoral.

Captain Ranty said...


I had some hopes too. I put away my cynicism for a couple of months before deciding that we would fare much better without any of them.

CMD seems to have an inkling of the way forward, but he will only go so far. He will try to make it look like he returned power to the people but it really isn't in his interest to go all the way.

So he won't.


NewsboyCap said...

Yo Captain,

" this will not alter on a day to day basis EU law"

Just about say's it all....


Captain Ranty said...


Your French is not only pardoned, we pretty much insist on it around here. Polite words have a way of failing to get our anger across.

I pretty much ignore them all. I am challenging at least one of them in my battle with HMRC, so we will see how that turns out.

Usual rules apply: no consent given, or a revocation of the implied consent via affidavits.

Easy peasy.


Captain Ranty said...


And they do repeal laws. Just not as often as we would like.

I mean, they repealed the act that endorsed youths shinning up chimneys, which kind of pissed me off. That would have suited one of my kids down to the ground. Instead, we had to get him a paper round. We...limited him. He could've earnt so much more.


Captain Ranty said...


That kind of says it for me too.

Just go easy on the asterisks next time.

No censorship here.


FireballXL5 said...

Perhaps we need a Captain Ranty "say to no statutes" guide. I'm operating pretty much under the radar so, apart from avoiding the revenue and not paying telly or council tax (because I don't live in a house), I'm not sure what more I can do to subvert the system.

Something along these lines:

Stop paying TV licence, say no to the doorstoppers, send back parking fines etc.

Intermediate Level:
Don't interact with HMRC or pay any tax, deafult on bank loans and credit cards, remove yourself off electoral roll, stop paying council tax.

Go out and look for trouble, resist arrest etc de-register car with DVLA, pay all bills via A4V, write off mortgage via Freeman methods.

Because everything operates on contract law, ultimately it comes down to money. So stop paying the money and we'll stop them fucking us all over. It's the only way, short of armed insurrection.

Nick said...

Maybe I’m being thick, but, as we already have a law which states, clearly, that parliaments cannot bind their successors, what continues to make McMentals signature on the Lisbon treaty valid?
Surely, if the political will was there, it could be repealed through Parliament!
I suppose I have half answered my own question, the political will must be there.

FireballXL5 said...

This is what I struggle to grasp too, Hague said that the EU laws are only laws because our Sovereign Parliament says they're laws, we have to ratify them before the come in to effect. That being the case then surely we could, if the political will was there, just not enact those we don't like. So why haven't we ever done that? Brussels is bombarding us with shit on a constant basis, it has to purely to justify its existence, why do we keep swallowing it??

If we're cutting back on quangos here why not cut back on the biggest of them all?

What are they afraid of??

Captain Ranty said...


You just saved me the job!

(BTW, I'm doing all three).

But I would urge caution. This stuff takes a lot of study otherwise you end up in the kaka if you go off half-cocked.

Most people want it all on a plate. And I would say the simplest way to ignore all statutes lawfully is by entering Lawful Rebellion. It takes out all those nasty complications.


FireballXL5 said...

Thanks Capt. I know caution is the watchword here, one thing that I'd like to know though is this:

If one enters Lawfull Rebellion does it mean opting entirely out of the state? Yes you'e served notice that statutes have no bearing on your life but do you in turn lose out with regard to NHS cover and state pension??

Or can you have your cake and eat it? :-)

(I posted this question on the LR forum, but things are a bit quite over there!)

Captain Ranty said...


The theory (which I am testing with the taxman) is that once you have entered LR you are no longer obliged to obey statutes.

However, you may well be chipping in to the NHS so why shouldn't you use it? Even if you aren't, but, like me, you have paid in for decades and took nothing out of it, why not use it?

Pension? Well, I got a letter a month ago saying that as I had paid into the scheme for 30 years I was now elegible when I reached pension age. Over the years I have also chipped in to several private pensions so they will bolster my state pension if I ever get old enough. Unlikely, as they seem to adjust the retirement age every month or so.

If you managed to successfully argue in court that you were in LR, and the taxman agreed, and the local council agreed, and the police agreed, then you could stop all payments to the state. Then, you do the smart thing and buy yourself a private health plan for a fraction of the cost of chipping in to the bloated NHS.

There are dozens of aspects to it but none are insurmountable.


Anonymous said...

To FireballXL5, you ask why the powers that be don’t act on sovereignty issues – they don’t wish to. These people are wed to the idea of power, money, and the nepotism that perpetuates their position. They are not interested in justice, democracy or fairness.

There is an interesting point to note on your comment concerning quangos.

We are berating the present Conservative crowd, and rightly so, for their behaviour on issues such as the European Investigation Order, but I am wondering if there is something positive for us to take away on the issue of quangos.

I’ve maintained for some time now that if we are to break the grip that the EU seems to have on a FREE country we have to chop away at its tentacles. Our traitors exist in our public bodies – Regional Assemblies, Development Agencies, City Development Companies – bodies that have been infiltrated by organisations such as Common Purpose.

These bodies are the ones that Pickles has gone after.

I am praying that Cameron is acting pro-EU whilst whittling away at these tentacles. All that he has to do is to keep repeating the mantra that “we are broke, we have no more money”.

I am as suspicious of The Boy David as most here but it was strange to hear a person who I respect giving him a resounding endorsement. That person is Harry Beckhough, a more anti-EU stalwart you will never find.


FireballXL5 said...

Thanks for the Harry Beckough link.

Interesting points re. the quangos and a clever tactic if what you say is right. I guess it's a case of watch tis space.

FireballXL5 said...

What a lovely, sound chap Harry is, the epitome of the true English character.

As for that Kay Burley, not having seen her before and although I'm not normally one for slapping women, I straightaway wanted to punch her in the face just by looking at her.

And then when she started talking FFS.