June 30, 2010

Well, It's A Start

According to this around 600,000 public sector jobs will go by 2015.

About bloody time.

Now, if we could only lose the other 4.92 million, we'd be in good shape. All that leaves is the remaining 650 oxygen thieves in Westminster.

I'd just like to know why we are taking five years to forcibly remove these people. I see no need for any of them. Particularly those called Outreach Champion For One Legged Lesbian Jews With A Craving To Embrace Christianity. Or anyone with "Diversity" anywhere in their job title. Let's not arse around. Let's just dump them all. Today.

Look, if just 650 wankers need 5 million people in the back office, something is dreadfully wrong. We all know that the one-eyed bogey chomper instructed his team of misfits to create jobs by the million. Since they aren't, by nature, friends of business, the only thing they could do was swell their own ranks. Often by making up jobs shortly after dropping acid. How else did we end up with all these fuckwits, who work on average 9 years less than the great unwashed, if it wasn't in a drug induced stupor?

Welcome to the real world. Out here you perform or you get your cards. Out here, if you want a pension, you fucking well pay for it yourself. Out here, if you consistently fail to show up, you get shown the door.

Naturally, you will whine. You will be busy working on your placards as I type this. You will be the most animated you have been for more than a decade. You will be howling at your union reps and you will be planning the strikes. You will be out on the streets and you will be begging for public sympathy.

Don't be chapping my door looking for a kind word. Don't be bleating to me about how tough life is.

I paid for your incompetency. I paid while you sat on your arses at home. I paid the huge settlement cheques when you were fired for being useless. I paid for your legal aid when you were caught stealing. I paid for your accommodation when you were gaoled for killing people while texting at 70 miles an hour. I paid for your fucking wine. I paid for all those immigrants that arrived and sucked up our badly needed housing and NHS resources. I paid for that failed £5.2 billion IT project. It was me, and the other Working Few that sat, helpless, as Labour wasted over four thousand pounds per second while they were in office. In short, I, and my fellow taxpayers funded it all. That wasn't enough though, was it? You had to go on spending, go on milking, go on wasting. Your motto was "Spend, spend, spend".

Now you can pay me back. You can sit at home on £60 a week and think about what you did.

You can think about how miserable you made me and millions of others by reinforcing petty rules and needless regulations. Because of you, and that army of Labour drones, my tax rocketed. As my tax rocketed, my freedoms were removed, one by one. I waited. I watched, and I waited. Because I knew payback was coming. That payback has a name.


Look it up. Under "Karma" it says compensation and retribution. You were wrongly compensated for fucking up our country, and this part is called retribution. You are reaping the whirlwind.

Let me know how that goes for you.


PS-late edit. Nip round to Bucko's gaff to see just how lazy these fuckers are. I thought it was just me being miserable. Seems not. They are bone idle.


Bucko said...

Good one Captain. I found myself shouting "Fuck yeah!" like southern USA chapel congregation with the tourettes, while reading that one.

John G Kerlen said...

Jeezuz wept, words actually fail me.

martin said...

well put . but do you really think everything is going to be milk and honey now under the fascists ?

Captain Ranty said...


I wish I'd seen your piece first.

Well, actually I'm glad I didn't. I'd have blown a gasket for sure.


Captain Ranty said...


If I could find them, I'd list all the figures detailing the waste.

Then we would ALL be blowing gaskets.


Captain Ranty said...


I am a realist.

So no. The answer would have to be no.

All that we witnessed was a changing of the same old guard.


James Higham said...

You can sit at home on £60 a week

£65 I believe.

Smoking Hot said...

l can recommend these 3 to go HMRC, UKBA and FCO. They are staffed by bloody morons who know sweet fa

EG said...

Hear Hear, still it's small fry and only a bone thrown to the great unwashed under the pretence that the current lords and masters are actually doing something.

Great post as always CR


Snakey said...

The guy writing in the Mail is absolutely spot on. I witnessed the same things myself when I worked for Social Services for 2 years.

I was a whistleblower and was pretty much forced to resign over it (it was either that, or shut up and move to another office, which was unacceptable).

Anonymous said...

600k to go in 5 years in the public sector?


Now let's see, they want to save money so:

1. Remove all quangos.

2. Remove all benefits for immigrants, who once they've lived in the UK for ten years and been paying taxes throughout that time, can they then be eligable for housing, education and healthcare and of course they'll have to join the back of the queue - that means f*ck minority status.

3. Remove all translators from public services. That means that all foreigners who get into trouble or need help with English, the British taxpayer won't foot the bill, instead the non foreigner's embassy will foot the bill (and in 2 above).

4. Remove all foreign aid - charity begins at home.

5. Stop immigration immediately, remove the overwhelming number of foreign workers from jobs and put the unemployed Brits there instead. I know this is draconian but last I looked, Britain was the home of Britons, as Poland Poles, Ukraine Ukranians, Pakistan Pakistanis etc etc. In doing so will you immediately free up the billions being paid out in Job Seekers Allowance and Housing Benefits. Fine companies who employ immigrants over the indigenous.

6. Instantly put politicians on a salary of £30k a year, no perks, expenses, 1st and second homes paid for by the state, instead it comes out of their salary like it does everyone else.

I know it may sound draconian but look at reality. Immigrants are taking the piss, especially when I can't get the same as they do here in their country. I certainly do not disagree with immigration, that is controlled, but when you've got an ever growing unemployment queue, it's time to close the doors. Of course people will say don't blame the immigrants, I don't, but in all reality you're still going to blame the lion for eating your son, as well as the gamekeeper who left the door open aren't you?

Dioclese said...

Every word a winner. Having worked in many government departments as a contractor doing the work they were paid to do but couldn't, I honestly can say that if 50% of the civil service disappeared in a puff of smoke then it would make no difference.

I remember one senior manager saying to me one day "I don't like you and I don't want you here." I replied "That's because I know what I'm doing. You're a big girl -you'll get over it"

Fucking tossers the lot of 'em...