June 12, 2010

Is It Time?

Revolution is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular.

Revolution never is. Revolution is the last resort of a cowed people. It's the only tool left in the box.

If you need a reminder of why we need a revolution, watch this:

You might want to crank up the volume.

Then you might want to crank up your response. Freedom, in all its guises, is hard won.


Let's get it back.



Lord T said...

Bill Hicks. Despite being dead for 16 years he still has his finger on the pulse of politics. He was ahead of his time.

joe said...

I'm raging Ranty!! lets fucking have it and bring the government down, the time is now.

Lol, you were right about cranking it up.

James Higham said...

Just needs the catalyst.