June 15, 2010

Vote For Ron Paul In 2012

And put a rebel in the White House.

I like the opening quote in the vid:

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
Mark Twain

Yes, yes. We've heard the rhetoric before. When Obama was on the campaign trail he threw out promises like candy and the gullible swallowed them whole. 18 months down the line and not one single promise delivered. Not one.

The difference here is that Dr Paul has been solid. He is consistent with his libertarian message. He knows that less is more where governments are concerned. I have listened to many of his speeches and read many of his articles and I truly believe he can deliver change.

Obama is a one trick pony that failed to show us even the one trick he was alleged to possess. Let's be truthful here: the man was elected because he is black. He is a showman though, and an eloquent speaker (when ably assisted by his friend Orto Kew), but when the diplomat in him is called upon, he fails miserably. Look, if you can bear it, at the BP blow-out in the GOM and Obama's pathetic handling of the mess. He will do more to make it worse. He cannot help himself. His popularity rating has halved in 18 months and continues to tumble. Some dipshit somewhere in the White House is telling him to act tough. From here it just looks childish. Obama needs to take a step back and let those that know do what they do best.

I know it's early days yet but Dr Paul would be an ideal replacement.

Listen to the man speak in this video released yesterday.



Trooper Thompson said...

I couldn't agree more. As for his consistency, check out his interviews from back in the 1980s, and he's just the same (see link below). A great man, America needs more like him and we need a few over here.


joe said...

Great mind's Ranty.

Dr Evil said...

He has also expanded the federal payroll by 30% and as a fan of the EU is giving them socialised medicine against their wishes. Could be a torrid re-election battle in a few years!

Captain Ranty said...

The new Messiah, Barry O'Barmy is in deep shit.

Check this out from Christopher Story:


The plot sickens....


Anonymous said...

Can't say I trust any politician regardless.
Sure, Ron Paul may very well profess to be a Libertarian but is he one? How on earth do we know if he isn't on the NWO payroll, as their safety net? The thing is we don't.

Remember Obama stating he'd do this and that once elected, well what about Ron? Would he simply follow suit?
I won't deny that amongst the current crop of politicians, he's the best, but in all reality, myself more of an anarcho-libertarian-nationalist, I'd like to see the complete destruction of all major government in the west (and world) and create local governments, of the people, for the people with no 'main,' controlling government like Parliament of Congress. In the case of the UK it would be going back to the old regions/counties and giving them control of societies, that is, minimal control. In the case of the UK, the same with the separate states.

Therefore, Brits, Americans, Europeans should really be doing their best to dismantle ruling government from central positions to local governments. There would be NO Prime Minister's or Presidents to speak on behalf of the people, but instead all heads of states/regions (USA/UK) meeting to discuss the problem.
In a nutshell, I'd completely remove all government completely, with no one having total power over others.

Captain Ranty said...

And neither do I. I'll go further: I will never trust doctors, scientists, police officers, lawyers or judges ever again. They all bat for the same team. This alone makes them unworthy of our trust.

If Ron is not a Libertarian he has done a fine job of covering up/making us believe that he is. For a politician he is remarkably consistent. And no, we can never be sure he isn't on the NWO payroll. I have stopped judging politicians on their words and I have started to see if any of the rhetoric becomes action. It rarely does. Obama being a prime example. Actually, we have had some fine words from Cameron and precious little activity.

As for the rest of your post, I could not agree more. I also want to see power devolved all the way down to my little town hall in a village of 200 souls. No-one is better placed than the very people who are directly affected by taxation, rules & regulations, district, regional, national and international affairs than we the people.

Bottom up government. I like it.

Sacking big government. What's not to like?

We've managed without them before, and we can do so again. Easily. In fact, the only reason they are there is because they insist that they need to be there.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks like old Ron's a freemason.


Anonymous said...

Bottom line with American politicians (and now from what it seems here in the UK) is that in order to run for office you need a lot of money. Thus, you need lots of very wealthy and powerful associates to support you. It means selling your soul. Also, the political fraternity in the USA is controlled 100% by the NWO. They select whom they want to run.

As I said, Ron Paul is a safety net for the NWO. The fact that he doesn't believe that 9/11 was an inside job proves overwhelmingly what side of the fence he sits on. Anyone with half a brain can see the building were 'pulled' and the hunt for Osama is nothing but a lie.

American, like the UK will only regain its liberty and freedom when it wakes up to reality and firmly disposes of politics. This means abandoning the political process and getting rid of the presidency. It's corrupt through and through. It's time to end centralized government and bring back local.

Ron Paul's an NWO shill. Lastly ever wondered about the BNP? Ever wondered about Griffin? Ever thought that he's an NWO shill? Ever noticed that the BNP has started to gain alot of support since they abandoned their stance on Judaism and openly supported Israel's right of existence?