June 16, 2010

Nigel Bursts Some Bubbles

Nuff said.

Unashamedly nicked from Mrs F.



joe said...

I nearly posted this also Ranty.
Anyway its good to see him back letting those pigs have it.
I think you will like the $9.99 stress relief toy i posted instead

Sue said...

He's an absolute diamond! I bet they hate him there :)

Although I did notice he did get quite a bit of support.

Unknown said...

It's a bloody crying shame he never got elected CR, the mans a diamond.

Stole your Churchill pic BTW, same sentiments but without the swear word. :) (Yeah, I know you stole it too but that's the nature of the net.)

Anonymous said...

I'd have his babies were I of a sufficiently young age!

Hey Captain, I love your new decor!

Smoking Hot said...

Nige giving them grief again ... and with the truth.

Winston looks good! :)

James Higham said...

The real thing is now underway. Hang on to your seats.