June 14, 2010

Is Change On The Way?

Having watched this inspiring short video, I think it is.

I really, really do.

Park your troubles somewhere for five minutes and let this seep into your brain.



Anonymous said...

I don't really see anything inspiring within this video whatsoever. All I can really see is optimistic speculation, which considering I'm a realist (the optimist's name for a pessimist) doesn't really offer much.

By dissecting the facts around us and coming to solution; by understanding the problems we face and addressing them; by identifying our enemy and acting against them can we then only all begin to move forward.

This video is wishful thinking, positive maybe, with a bog awful sound track, but nevertheless doesn't address how on earth we ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE SOCIETY we currently live in.

It's all very well standing in front of a cavalry charge and telling your men to be strong and believe, but when they have no way of defending themselves and worse still winning then, all you're doing is sending them all to certain death. Who does it benefit? Until you have a solution to overcoming the problem then any attack against a foe is nothing but massive sacrifice without any victory.

The NWO controls not just the UK, but all of Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australasia and much of the rest of the world. People are oblivious to this fact, hell, many haven't a clue about what the NWO even is!!!

I'm not denying that people are "waking up" but what this person in the video speaks of is just poppycock!

Hate to rain on your parade, but I do like your blog, just disagree vehemently with this video. It offers false hope, with no evidence whatsoever to back up its claims.

Harbinger's Journal

Captain Ranty said...


On reflection the word "inspiring" was perhaps badly chosen.

I did feel a sense of optimism at the end though. And, the music I could have done without.

Over the last few years I have read much about the NWO but lately, it appears to be suffering from over-exposure. They used to operate from the shadows (they still do) but they are getting far more sunlight than they used to. They are distinctly uncomfortable. This is to be applauded and encouraged.

I just popped over to your place and skim-read a couple of your posts. I am heading back to read them fully now.

And for the record, I'd prefer you to rain on my parade than to come, read, and leave without saying that you agree or disagree with what I have written. The truth, however hard it is to bear, is always welcome here.