June 02, 2010

Expecting A Recovery? Don't.

 I don't wish to gush, but I really have to say that every time I hear Stefan Molyneux speak, my respect increases exponentially. With Stefan the hysteria is absent. There are no conspiracies to get your head around. He just lays it on the line.

This video is no different. His opening remarks bring a gloom, and a sense of hopelessness, and 18 minutes later he explains why we really, really, really do not want a recovery. Using historical context, he tells us why we are in this mess, and thankfully, he tells us that we will emerge from it, cleaner, better, happier, and more relaxed after the economic armageddon that is heading our way.

Stefan's words resonated with me. As he was talking I pictured a forest fire. On the face of it, a hugely destructive force, flames licking everywhere, consuming all in its path. And afterwards? New shoots. New plants. The soil revitalised and re-energised in an elemental way that no man made fertiliser could ever hope to match. A fundamental rebirth, and a new beginning for all.

This is a great video made by an intelligent man. I thought it was worth 18 minutes of my time. I really think it is worth 18 minutes of yours too. Watch it if you can.

My thanks go to Richard who left the link to Stefan's video in the last comments section. Cheers Richard, keep 'em coming!

This is news we can use.



richard said...

You're welcome, Captain. Cheers!

Sue said...

I hope it happens soon. The whole world feels as though it is run by power crazed morons.

Captain Ranty said...

It will happen Sue.

There is no other way for this to end.

Chaos, then pain, then rebuilding.


defender said...

The chatter is increasing in proportion to the money running out. Add the problems brewing in Mid East, Korea, Afgan/pakistan/India, and financial turmoil everywhere, the soup is ready to boil.
A cleansing indeed Ranty, it seems to be a habit of mankind to let rip every century or so. This time no corner will be safe.

Europe’s media warn of global social unrest
2 June 2010

When Karl Marx wrote in the Communist Manifesto that “a spectre is haunting Europe,” he did so on the eve of the revolutionary eruptions that began in Italy and France in 1848 and engulfed much of the European continent.

In recent days, a number of media commentaries have predicted a similar eruption of social unrest of revolutionary dimensions as a direct result of the worsening economic crisis. These warnings are accompanied by dire predictions that Europe will suffer the return of nationalist tensions, the emergence of fascist movements and even war.

Captain Ranty said...

Defender, dark times are almost upon us.

For those of us that survive, it will be a better world. But only for a while, as you say. We seem intent on repeating history, rather than learning from it.

I think all you can do is prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

I just read that Iran is dumping its Euros. 45 billion of them. They are buying dollars and gold. (Not that the US dollar is any healthier as a choice, but there you go).

Stock up, arm up, man up, and protect your herd, if called upon so to do.

See you when the last fire burns out!