June 17, 2010

Introducing.....Mr Barry Soetoro

Lots in here to mull over. No idea as to its veracity.

As always, watch, and judge for thy self.

Oh, if you are a fan of pipe blowing Incantation and you want to learn about friend Barry, you're in for a double treat. If not, I would turn the volume all the way down.Or off. Yes. Off. Definitely.

We all thought that Iranian midget Badmood Aminadinnajacket was the bad guy. Turns out that he's a sweetheart. Barry is the new anti-Christ.




Anonymous said...

Idiotic post.

Obama obviously attended Harvard Law School. And like all American law schools, it is a graduate school - you can only enter it after receiving a first degree. Harvard, of course, won't just accept any first degree, it has to be from a worthy school like Columbia. Nor is it possible to 'blag' your way in.

Captain Ranty said...

It may well be idiotic. I won't try to defend what the maker of the video says but to pick out one thing from dozens and dispute it in isolation is equally idiotic.

Can you dispute the rest or does your condemnation hang on the Harvard point?