June 23, 2010

Labour Drones Drone On

When I first heard the sound a vuvuzela makes, it was oddly familiar.

Then I remembered that it is the exact same sound I hear when a Labourite speaks.

I was going to do a brief post-mortem on the budget when I happened to visit Muddy's place. He notes that Ruth Bailey-Davison has been vuvuzelaring about child allowance and has performed a public service by tearing her a new one. Muddy recalls his childhood in the 70's and it was remarkably similar to mine. He also recalls which shower of shites was running ruining the country at the time.

Pop over for a read. It may make you smile. And if you follow his link to the LabourList you may be entertained.


Just remember to turn down that noise mentally. I reckon we will be hearing it a lot today.



microdave said...

Jesus Christ, Ranty - you might have posted a warning with that link. I nearly brought my evening meal up when I saw the "scrounger's" photo....

Captain Ranty said...

Sorry mate. I forgot the warning.