June 19, 2010

Politicians And Their Greed

If all politicians were forced to listen to this, over and over and over again, they may just get a small taste of the contempt in which we hold them.

Particularly Labour politicians. Slimeballs all.

As Sayeeda Warsi just said in one of the Conservative's mass emails:

Labour left us with no money - only waste and debt:

- They left every man, woman and child owing £22,400
- They gave us one of the worst budget deficits in Europe
- They left 2.47 million people out of work
- And they sold off Britain's gold at a 20-year low in the market.

Unless we act now to deal with this crisis, interest payments in five years' time could end up being higher than the amount we spend on schools, climate change* and transport.

*Sayeeda love, you can bin any and all spending on this shite for a start. That'll save us even more money. You might want to get us out of Europe too. That's another no-brainer. Our country is bleeding to death. The EU is a wound that can be sutured right now.

I will never forgive, nor forget, the waste and the greed and the mismanagement. I don't really expect the coalition to be much different. We will have to wait and see.

My thanks go to JohnH, who led me to the song.

Our fellow blogger, Tom Paine, who has this great song in his last post, is going through some turmoil and could do with a few kind thoughts.

Why not pop along and let him know we care?

Once we stop caring all is lost.



Twisted Root said...

You may also like 'Roots' by the same combo.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks TR, I'll dig it out and have a listen.


Archie said...

Roots and country life by Show of hands "brilliant"

As for Sayeeda Warsi "They left every man, woman and child owing £22,400"

Niether I nor my family owe a penny. I don't remember authorising anybody to create a liability in my name.Gordon the moron needs to get a job, he's got one hellava debt to repay, it's his and arguably the labour party's liability.

Captain Ranty said...

Excellent point Archie.

I am loathe to quote the Human Rights Act but it is, at least, a document we are all familiar with.

Article 20 (Section 2) of the Act states: "No-one may be compelled to belong to an association".

One legal definition of "association" is society.

One legal definition of "society" is exactly what we live in today, a "group of people with the same common goal".

Since I am not, by law, "compelled to belong" it therefore follows that I can choose not to belong.

That's what I have done. I have opted not to belong to the association/society of the United Kingdom. I interact with it only when it suits me.

Some will (no doubt) say "Hey! You can't pick and choose which laws you will and will not obey".

I am living proof that you can do exactly that. Lawfully, too.


Bucko said...

Evening Captain. Off topic but i've just put in my application for a shotgun certificate. Trouble is I couldnt find anyone to countersign it. In the end I went for a pub landlord. Chap Ive know and worked with for years. Hope it works. Hows yours going?

Good post by the way. Was I the only person who thought the Conservatives might dump all this climate change bollocks? What was I thinking?

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Bucko,

Haven't put it in yet. I need to speak with a Firearms guy from Grampian Police first. Thing is, the application asks for a ton of information about the shotgun. I don't even know which one I will buy yet. My plan was to apply for the Cert, then go down to a club and try a few out before deciding what kind of shotgun I wanted.

A word with the Firearms chap will confirm that I can go ahead and process the paperwork and then add the gun and ammo details later.


Bucko said...

Wierd. The Lancashire Police form doesn't ask anything about the weapon. It just tells you what you can own on the certificate.

My plan is to get the cert then buy anything thats cheap enough to afford but compus enough not to blow my face off.

Mrs Bucko went to Stafford this afternoon to buy the cabinet for it. I got it for £2.20 on ebay. Have a look.

Anonymous said...


I have to disagree with you:

"If all politicians were forced to listen to this, over and over and over again, they may just get a small taste of the contempt in which we hold them"

Politicians DO KNOW of the contempt we hold for them but do they give a flying rat's poo? Of course they don't. Being a proud Scotsman as well as British (Scottish father, English mother, Irish great great grandfather, Welsh great, great grandmother) the former prime minister greatly damaged not just the relationship between the English and the Scots, but also helped obliterate what was the British nationality.

Where is the one-eyed moron now? Well, let's just say that with all the money he and his fellow politicians have pilfered from society over their thirteen years in office, not forgetting their "golden handshake" and luxurious pension, they'll never have to work again. And that's Labour politicians I'm talking about.

To quote George Carlin: "It's a big club and you ain't in it!"

The new crop of reprobates in Parliament are no different to the previous ones. All that's happened is the people may have changed but the vehicle they're riding is hasn't changed direction.
For starters, the government will never leave the EU as it's not the will of their masters. To again quote George Carlin from the above video:

"Forget the politicians. Politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice - you don't. You have no choice, you have owners. They own you...."

The government will not stop the flow of immigrants into the UK as their masters don't want this. This will continue, keeping the minimum wage static, making even more competition for menial jobs, which will attract yet more and more foreign workers to these shores, as the markup from pound to their own currency will be huge - Somalians can earn in a week more than they can in a year back home (£240).
What then happens is an even more illiterate and angrier indigenous population which will increase prejudice to economic immigrants, which in turn will create violence, which in turn will allow the government to introduce even more laws to destroy our natural liberty. Add to that indigenous Briton's low birthrate compared to immigrants' and minority's higher one, rapid growth of Islam in the many ghettos around the UK, anger against them from the indigenous and the government has their support for a strike against Iran.

You could go back to '97 and no doubt there will be a speech by a member of the Labour party, attacking the previous conservative government's destruction of the UK, with almost identical words.
It's one big play, one big pantomime and people in the UK ACTUALLY believe that their vote counts and politicians listen to them. Politicians live in a completely different reality, always have and always will, until society wakes up and realises that we don't need them.

Anonymous said...


There really are only two options to freedom in the UK:

Firstly the end of politicians, central government and the beginning of local government.
Secondly a massive overhaul of the political system which would include:

1.An annual salary for all politicians of £30k.

2.No perks, expenses or bonuses.

3.No second homes (even first homes) and all politicians would live in the communities they're from - no Whitehall flats.

4. No political immunity regardless.

5. All politicians accountable to the law of the land.

6. National referendums on all important decisions such as new laws and taking the UK into foreign wars.

7. No affiliation whatsoever with big business.

8. No political campaigns - all manifestos would be on the Internet for the people to read and decide for themselves.

9. A political office of no more than 1.5 years. This would mean that promises made in manifestos would need to be honoured. Promises not fulfilled would mean a banning for that political party for let's say - 20 years!

Once the above happened we'd see a massive change in the UK, especially for basic living standards and cost of living.

Things will never change until draconian measures are taken. I hate to say it, but a mass public hanging of politicians from the old government would be a great start. We could have a public holiday and call it 'Hanging Day' - the day we hang corrupt politicians who have profited from the detrimental treatment of those they are elected to support and protect.

Captain Ranty said...


Are you certain we weren't separated at birth?

I cannot disagree with a single word.


Captain Ranty said...


They have a different system in Scotland. There is no Form 103 (Shotguns only) and the steps for a 101 are fairly intrusive.

I think there is a rubber glove and lube involved at Stage 4.

I might just buy one from a guy down the pub.


Bucko said...

LOL. Marigolds, you've gotta love 'em. Good luck

Dr Evil said...

Not only did that bunch of useless tossers sell of the gold, they announced beforehand that they were and of course the price fell accordingly. And what did they buy? Intrinsically worhless bits of paper called euros. Bloody pathetic.

Captain Ranty said...

Mr C,

I agree. Bloody pathetic.

Answer me this, though: if it wasn't down to sheer ineptitude, then it can only have been by design.

Stupidity I can forgive, but this amounts to internal terrorism. "Scorched earth" doesn't quite cover what Labour did to our nation.

People need to be hung for the harm done. At the very least they should be put in small, dark rooms with bars for windows.

Instead, when the judge hears "Politician" in answer to the question "Occupation?", he says, "Ah. Well that's alright then. Off you go".

There has to be a better way of running the country than shoving 650 people with no life experience in the halls of power.