June 12, 2010

Mixed Bag

You want some philosophy? You could do a lot worse than listen to Stefan Molyneux as he discusses a range of subjects in the video above.

And if you can spare the time, do watch his brilliant videos entitled "Death Of The West". The first part is a reminder of how, and why, the rot set in. Part 2 is, well, you'll see.


EDIT: Changed my mind. I'd rather you didn't enjoy them. I rather see raised eyebrows than wry grins. I'd rather hear about your consternation than your enjoyment.

It's fucking outrage we need, not contentment. We are cattle. We are serfs. We are enslaved. Outrage is the only normal response. Huge, purple, sticky-out veins outraged. Heartbeat running at humming-bird speed outrage. Steam coming out of your ears outrage. 1mm from apoplexy outrage.

And when you are all thinking clearly again, when that stone-cold resolve sets in, we need a revolution. That's Option 1.

Option 2 is to leave this clusterfuck for our kids to sort out, just like our parents did.

I'm all for Option 1.

On my death-bed many years from now, I have absolutely no desire to say to those gathered around me, "All my life I worked, and every month they stole what could have been yours. It could have secured your future, but the inept bastards just kept taking, taking, and taking. And wasting it".

I'd be a damn sight happier checking out knowing that I tried to change things.

And so the campaign continues. Want a sneak peek at my master plan?

Here you go. This is the plan. This is all you need to say:

Got it?



Griblett said...

'Got it?'


Couldn't resist :)

joe said...

I like watching Stefan's stuff,iv' seen this one and the 1st part of the death of the west the other night.

I think we need rage Ranty! government doesn't work

Indyanhat said...


I second your motion (bugger, you got here first!!)

Cap'n, time to say YES, we are pissed off!,Yes, we are NOT going to play your game anymore.
Yes it is time for a revolution!!!