June 24, 2010

Greedy Bastards

How disgusting is this?

646 MPs.

180 days.


And this, by the way, comes AFTER they cleaned up their act!

The short and dirty little tale can be found here.

Please tell me again why I shouldn't divorce myself from these thieving bastards.

Tell me again why Lawful Rebellion is a bad idea.

Tell me again, that I am not wholly justified in walking away from this rotten system.

Tell me again, if you can, why paying taxes, so that these scum can piss it all up the nearest wall, is my duty.

And don't, please, try to justify it by saying "We all have to. So you have to as well".

If none of us take a bold step, we'll be doing this forever.

It's time to end this.



Anonymous said...


Captain Ranty said...

A man of few words. I like it.

I can beat your three:



Corrugated Soundbite said...

I saw an article on the Daily Wail yesterday (I can't find the link as of now). Lots of commenters bemoaning "scroungers" who have neglected to pay council tax.

Shows the gross distortion of matters amongst the media. These days, not being robbed from is "scrounging". I say good luck to the "evaders".

Anonymous said...


LOL! You certainly did although I hate to say it, a bullet and a gun is too quick. My way would be a short rope so the drop wouldn't snap their neck but instead strangle them to death.
Call me a sadist but after watching Hannibal and the giant boars scene, I can't think of a more 'organic' and horrific way of disposing of politicians, sending a clear message to all that their machinations simply won't be tolerated by the public anymore.

Angry Exile said...

I can get it down to a single word.



Anonymous said...

Do the math.

divided by 646
per each MP.

divided by 180 days
85.99 per MP per day on average.

That's substantially enough to cover daily living expenses, everything from mortgage/rent to utilities to 3 meals, even weekly visits from prostitutes and call boys could fit into such a budget, especially considering that on top of salary of course.

Even without the extravagance, it is still, on average, no different than the 646 living very good lives, entirely at taxpayer expense, probably the best welfare plan in the country.

In reality, it was probably not equally spread around and averaging mathematically is probably not a true assessment. There are probably some piggies higher up who gobbled huge shares and some piggies lower down who maybe filed legitimate minimal expenses because they were concerned about their constituencies and felt service was an honour and duty (maybe).

But looked at in total on average, then it's really just a form of state welfare, to be an MP - a welfare plan for the wealthy - given on top of salaries.

I hear MEPs come out far better, maybe because there is more at stake, the desperate need to get the EU on everyone's back so the fourth reich can begin. MPs only need sell out the sovereignty of the country for their salary plus expenses.

Captain Ranty said...



I was expecting someone to suggest "guillotine".

But sharks will do. Kind of fitting, really.


Captain Ranty said...


I did think about doing the numbers but there are too many variables.

For instance, how many of those 180 days do you imagine they actually worked? Don't they get about ten weeks off in the summer?

And, how many MPs sat in those 180 days? I would suggest it was considerably fewer than 646.

You are right about MEPs. I have a post on here somewhere about them. They take money-grabbing to levels previously unimagined. Dozens and dozens of them travel to Brussels, "clock on" at 7:30 am, then piss off home again. That way they qualify for the £250 expense allowance for the day. Some, notably a Green MP from Germany, travel great distances just to get this bunce.

Disgusting creatures.


EG said...

Hi CR,

Why am i not surprised!

When i started to look into lawfull rebellion and discovered what was really going on, i was outraged and spent all my time trying to enlighten people as to the system that was raping everyone, the blank stares that i received followed by dismisall said it all.

We work, they trough, we bleed they holiday.



Snakey said...

Tell me again, if you can, why paying taxes, so that these scum can piss it all up the nearest wall, is my duty.

"Duty" is just the lie to get everyone to ignore the gun in the room.

Bucko said...

""85.99 per MP per day on average.""

?? Thats more than my wage.


Dioclese said...

Did those numbers include the £18k they spent topping up their wine cellar?

Talk about taking the piss. They tell us not drink and then.....

Anonymous said...

After reading the breakdown of the expenses - £85 per day all I have to say is it sickens me. Apart from their normal wage, they add this on top? What is the point of wage if not to pay for your food, rent, utility bills, clothing, travel costs and taxes? Ahhh, in the case of the MPs it's merely money that goes directly into their bank account untouched. In other words we're being ripped off.

Ironic how the government states that it's perfectly acceptable for the average unemployed person to be given £8.57 per day to live on (exc bills) and yet they get ten times that each day???

I now realised that politics has nothing to do with running society but it's one big smash and grab. If this isn't all the evidence you need that parliament is corrupt and needs to be shut down then I don't know what more you need.

To think that there are millions of people struggling to survive above the breadline, doing multiple jobs, when these bastards are taking home twice the average weekly salary of your average Joe on perks alone. F*cking disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Run the numbers indeed.

85.99 per day x 30 days per month on average equals 2,579.70 per month.

And as CR said, that is for partial days and days of no-shows plus a 10 week vacation at least once per year when not traveling for some unnecessary government reason for political purposes or to visit quangoes or to attend "conferences" held at exotic resort locations, for which those expenses might be laundered because of being billed to and paid directly by the government without the use of an expense report - or paid directly by political lobbyists buying their vote. Or worse yet, double-dipped, expenses paid directly by government, lobbyists, quangos or other interest groups - and an expense report for the amounts already paid is still filed.

And that is still on top of salary and perks.

85.99 (which is on a 365 day basis per the math used above) per day x 365 days per year equals 31,386.35 per year - in addition to salary - in addition to direct government paid expenses that do not require expense reports - in addition to no less than 10 weeks of vacation - in addition to 50% of the days per week being short hours or not showing up at all - in addition to expenses paid direct by others - in addition to the loophole for double-dipping.

Quite a nice job if you can get it, living on the uppermost tiers of what is essentially entirely 100% government dole - for enacting bans, restrictions, decrees and dictates to push everyone else down to protect themselves from the street mobs, some of whom would lynch them if given the opportunity.

They must quiver alone at night sometimes worried that their charade might enter consciousness among the general population and result in their overthrow. Their psychological reaction of terror, once internalized, becomes their driving motive for becoming dictatorial.

Thus then the "need" for all the lies and propaganda to feed the majority, enough to keep the bottle capped.

And most of them lack enough intelligence to come up with an original or worthy idea beneficial to better our lives, they get all this basically for their gross incompetence, their inability to wipe their own arses, at cost to us.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Anon.

That is an excellent comment and it covers several things I'd not thought of.

The biggest insult of all is that they are only there because we have been conned into believing that they have to be there.

That lie is fed to us daily so that we do not dare to think of the alternatives available.