June 18, 2010

Meet Your Strawman!

This is a great little animation that explains how your strawman came into being, and why you can safely resist paying demands made of him/her. Further research is required, but as a first step, say no, politely and firmly, and ask them questions. They grind to a halt when someone who isn't Borg retaliates.

This is timely as I have just this morning sent off a new letter to HMRC explaining the same thing. Today I received a letter from them demanding that I pay them money (or else!), and they quoted several sections of two statutes, namely, Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 and the Financial Act 2008. I gently explained that their statutes are less than meaningless to me as I have entered Lawful Rebellion. I explained that Lawful Rebellion was an obligation on every sovereign, and not a lifestyle choice. I also asked them (again) to verify their claim, I asked them (again) to validate their claim, and I asked them (again) to confirm that they had not coerced me into violating domestic and international laws by demanding that I contribute finances to two illegal invasions. I will let you know how that turns out.

Tip of the beret to TBY for sending me the link to this instructive and educational video. TBY is a  regular commenter here, and stalwart of this fantastic campaign group.



Anonymous said...

"They grind to a halt when someone who isn't Borg retaliates."


Anonymous said...


That's a lovely drawn Flash animation, although I can't understand why they used an American to do the voice-over, seeing as it's very much British circa 1950's?

Captain Ranty said...

Me neither.

There is a dearth of purely British produced information on this subject and I would have preferred a different accent as well.

Still, the message is clear and the information is accurate. As I am finding out as I test the waters on this.


Indyanhat said...

Lovely job! well done the team...
Thanks Cap'n consider it nicked!LOL

Unknown said...

Thank you CR for the Tip of the Beret, I'm blushing now.

Your work on here about Lawful Rebellion and the freeman is now becoming legionary.

I am a "working class" Glaswegian and now, in my nether years, live in a sink estate in England where many good people live and work (contrary to many bloggers beliefs who think they are all dole scum, they are not.)These hard working indivudials have bought their own houses from the council sell off and have a nice car, and all power to them...but they are caught in the traps that you, and others, teach us about.

I sometimes find what you write a tad complicated but many don't, as your wikio ranking bears witness.

Keep writing, keep teaching and we will keep learning.

#33 on Wikio...BASTARD! :¬)

Now I'm off to buy my Stella for the Scotland...er...England match tonight.

PS: Just watched the USA match...they was robbed!

Unknown said...

Oops, meant #93

Snakey said...

"Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 and the Financial Act 2008"

Translation: A piece of paper that is used by a minority of individuals to threaten violent and coercive force against a group of unarmed and non violent citizens if they do not comply with financial terrorism.

Terrorism: noun: the calculated use of violence (or threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear.

(The threat of jail for non payment is, of course, the calculated use of threat of violence through intimidation.)

Violence does not lead to virtue (h/t Stefan Molyneux).

The threat from HMRC is no different to a Mafia employee coming round to your house and telling you that if you do not hand over your cash they will put you in a room with Bubba. The rest is just show.

Removing cash from people via threat of force in order to give that cash to other people who are completely unaccountable is inherently immoral and unethical (there are no politicians in jail for murder).

I fully support you in your stand against the State. More of us should be as courageous and ask awkward and difficult questions of the individuals who paper push for the State.