June 01, 2010

Euro Heads South

Is anyone else taking pleasure from the Euro downfall?

I just watched it slide to 1.20 against the £ and I squealed like a lottery winner.

If the EU is to fail, then its bastard child has to fail first. No Euro equals EU meltdown. One country at a time, if necessary, but overnight collapse will do me just fine. No EU means that we save around £110 Billion every year. It will only take us a matter of months to repay our massive debt. When that is repaid, (having repealed ALL EU statutes and those ridiculous 120,000 regulations they shat out), we can reduce everyone's income tax by at least 50%. The economy, our economy, will shoot back into the black for the first time in a very long time.

Europe, the individual nations, that is, have been mauled. They need time to withdraw from the lunacy, from that failed experiment, from the unelected, from those unaudited freaks in Brussels, so that they can lick their wounds, regroup, sort out their shit and be allowed to be themselves again.

Am I the only one who misses the Mark, the Franc, the Lira, the Drachma, the Punt, and the Guilder?

Am I the only one who visited European countries before the Euro, before the madness, and thoroughly enjoyed visiting because they were ALL different?

Am I the only one who visits them now and thinks "Fuck me. I could be in any one of 12 different countries but they are all the same now"?

I used to like visiting across that narrow, but vital stretch of water that keeps us away from the European mainland. It was their differentness that attracted me. Now they all have the same currency, the same rules and regulations, and nearly all meekly follow whatever the no-marks in Brussels tell them to do.

No. For me the end cannot come soon enough. The EU is like Communism. The idea works fine on paper, but in practise, neither are workable. Worse. The EU damages us in ways we cannot comprehend. Take my figure of £110 Billion a year. Although we only see £48 Million leaving us every day, it is the stuff we can't see that is costing us so much. Every regulation they send over here costs money to implement. I saw/see over at Burning Our Money that the usual number quoted is around £95 Billion a year to businesses (and therefore us) that is the true burden. Add to that our "voluntary" contributions and you get to £110 Billion. A disgusting amount of money. Money that we need to repay the debts of the incompetents we kept voting into power for more than a decade.

It isn't just the money. It's the fact that we (almost uniquely) implement and obey every word, every syllable ever drafted by those fucksticks in Brussels. The Germans, and the French, arguably the Unions architects, sift through the detritus and use what they want and ignore the rest.

We have lost our sense of self. We have forgotten our history. We have forgotten who and what we are.

It's time to delete the EU.

It's time to reinstall our Britishness. Our Welshness. Our Englishness. Our Scottishness. Our Nirishness.

From where I am sitting, it all looks suddenly possible.

Can I get an "Amen"?.



Anonymous said...

Well said, Captain.

I, too, have been delighting in the Euro's pain, and the consequences of its folly.

Almost certainly, if the Euro crashes, Britain will suffer terrible losses. But they'll suffer them anyway, because there is no way that Greece or Spain will ever repay monies owed to British creditors, so why throw more money at them?

The £110 billion saved will help to cushion the financial tsunami for Britain.

Bring it on!

James Higham said...

Great stuff, isn't it?

Bucko said...

Aye fuckety fookin men

Sue said...

Amen... apparently, France and Germany aren't talking to each other. The European Central Bank has been buying all Greece's toxic debts (especially those held by French banks) and Germany is a major shareholder of the ECB...

We still have everything marked up in Pesetas here too. The Spanish miss their currency.

During the feria last week we celebrated Spain's "Spanishness". Flamenco, bullfighting and pretty gross food, but it was good to see people preserving their heritage.

We should be doing the same.

Instead, all we have to look forward to is Hungary's half a million new citizens heading straight for the UK, closely followed by Bosnians, Bulgarians and other warlike balkan countries. All entitled to work and to claim benefits. (Daily Express).

Unless we keep an eye on numbers, you can kiss goodbye to "Britishness"... and the recovery!

Catosays said...

One 'Amen' on its way.

richard said...

If the EU is such a massive money-pit, why doesn't the Government withdraw? It seems so obvious for financial reasons, even leaving out the treasonable nature of taking orders from Krauts.

Captain Ranty said...


It cannot.

The Lisbon Treaty locked us in and we can withdraw. There is a mechanism but only with support from other member nations.

Some of us imagined that we could simply repeal the ECA 1972, but, stunningly, the LT also forbids that.

Our only way out now is for the EU to implode.


Sgt Pepperspray said...

1.19490 as I sit here @17.02 pm. Hopefully by 17.30pm someone will have the balls to phone merkel up and tell her to stick her EU up her stinky ringpiece, put armed guards on the tunnel and begin a repatriation of immigrants who have entered from or via the EU. I live in hope but am not holding my breath.

Witterings from Witney said...

Cr great post as usual however I am all for informing the RAF that there is this bombing range just over the channel......

joe said...

Excellant Ranty,you know my views on this,i have been grining from ear to ear for the past couple of weeks this has been comming,i will have a party when the euro crashes...

Anonymous said...

From me you can have an 'Amen', a few 'Hail Marys' and a chorus of 'Land of Hope & Glory'.

Captain Ranty said...


Then I am in good company!

So far 100% of us want the same thing. Someone send this blogpost off to Cleggy immediately!

(WfW, perhaps we could just bomb the EU buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg? So that they are never tempted to fill them with uber-troughers and incompetents again?)


TTC said...

Kindly sir, you requested an 'amen'. Having considered your eloquent utterance on the predicament, one is moved to oblige such a reasonable request.


The Talking Clock

Captain Ranty said...


It is with heartfelt good grace and undying gratitude that one accepts thy 'amen'.

Thou art too, too kind.

I Remain, etcetera,


martin said...

i know it would be asking a bit much but d'ya reckon we ought to start rounding up the traitorous bastards who signed us over supported and encouraged the european experiment and hang the scum high very very high

Captain Ranty said...

It started with Ted Heath, Martin.

But he's been dead for five years. Is it worth digging him up?

I'd be content just to string up the (entire) Labour party. That would serve as a warning to the rest.

Oh, and we would want all our money back.


joe said...

I have the perfect place to put them Ranty check out my new post.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Amen to that Ranty

paulo said...

Amen and there's no such word as "can't" as in 'can't withdraw.'

We make our minds up and GO!


Indyanhat said...

For the 1st time Cap'n I have to disagree with you slightly, it's not "time to delete the EU", it is actually long, long past fucking time to delete it!!!!

Now with any luck it will delete itself , my only worry is it will be us who end up paying for it's demise!!

Lets hope we get our wish for xmas, if not before!!

richard said...

No wonder Brown looks so mournful with treason on his conscience. He deserves long spell at the Greybars Hotel.

Barking Spider said...

Spain next, Ireland soon after, the house of cards is starting to collapse and I can hardly wait for it to happen.

Some well-placed charges set inside the EU's colon, which runs under the English Channel, should block off its arsehole nicely and stop them from sending us any more shit!

richard said...

There may well be some satisfaction but Crumbling Empire isn't going to be a spectator sport. Our noble host has posted The Antiterrorist's take on what's likely to happen (although as Underdogs Bite Upwards says, the authorities have their sights on yet another means of self-defence; dogs and crossbows.) And don't forget, the Lisbon Treaty - the one we CAN'T leave - allows for the death penalty for civil disobedience in a "national emergency" which is what we are apparently heading towards.
I would suggest that people please watch this video clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0caAJkChD8 which explains, simply yet engagingly, why we're all ruined economically, and why recovery is impossible.

Captain Ranty said...


Many thanks.

I have just written a new post based on Stefan's video.

Much obliged!


Dr Evil said...

You get an "AMEN" from me too!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mr C!

If only we were running the country we'd have the problem fixed in minutes....