June 23, 2010

Prince Albert (fnaar fnaar) To Marry Stunner

So do tell us Mizz Wittstock, what first attracted you to the rich royal baldy bloke?

Yes, alright. I am just jealous.

The whole story, including, (as it is the law in Monaco), a mention of our own Grace Kelly, can be found here.

It's a slow news day.



Chuckles said...

The large bulging wallet perhaps?
Or the fact that he stood there licking his eyebrows?

Bit like the fellow who won the lottery, and two days later met the woman of his dreams. I mean, how lucky can you get?

Captain Ranty said...

It could be love, Chuckles. We just never know when it will strike!

Then again, she has been grooming him for 10 years....


GoodnightVienna said...


There's lots going on Cap'n - I think you're just tucked away with curry and football :-)

I'd be the same except we're into the 2nd half and it's still only 1-0 against Slovenia. I can't bear it.

Anonymous said...

An ugly man with money will always get a pretty woman as would a handsome man always get a pretty woman - outcome woman and materialism live together like strawberries and cream.

Thus unless you look good, or have something financial to offer a woman then sadly your luck is out. A woman will never keep a man, unless he's giving her what she wants.

This is the sad reality. We live in a life of selfishness, materialism and superficiality. Rich men to women are like wounded animals to lions - easy prey. Nowadays all they have to do is have a relationship with them, marriage is no longer needed as the laws now state that marriage rights are now there for couples who've been together for a period of time.

Reality - wealthy/handsome/powerful (financially) men always get the girls. Nothing will ever change that fact.

James Higham said...

About bloody time.

Captain Ranty said...


I don't mind at all. There must be something there or they wouldn't have been seeing each other for ten years. Good luck to 'em!

This was a frivolous post. File it under "Random".

I was getting all fired up about those budget "cuts" and half-started a piece, but others did it better.


Captain Ranty said...


I don't suppose you have a picture of her riding a bike, do you?