June 21, 2010

Spontaneous Order

The next time you get five minutes to contemplate your navel, contemplate this instead.

I liked it, I did.



Anonymous said...

Interesting video. I suppose it promotes the chaotic order theory - anarchy, to which I must admit I am moving more and more towards as I evolve.
I do believe in anarchy, for the prime reason is that it educates. More importantly anarchy is chaos and out of chaos comes order. This may very well be the philosophy of the NWO, but the difference is I don't want to control, manipulate and monopolize.
It's a constantly revolving wheel chaos - order - chaos - ord... etc etc. You can't have one without the other. Look at society today and go back to the start:

1. Chaos
2. Order created
3. People moved to their separate lands and started to live by their own cultures
4. (Today) The NWO moved in and tried to gather all together (promoted multiculturalism) in order to control, manipulate and monopolise.
5. People didn't like this and rebelled, thus order disappears and chaos begins. It gets worse and worse until eventually we're right back at point 1.

I've just finished watching Babylon 5 and it's a heavy storyline with the two main fighting species the Vorlons and Shadows both there as protectors over the younger species. The Vorlons promote Order and the Shadows Chaos. Eventually it's realised that neither ways are right but both work simultaneously to create balance - spontaneous order.

Captain Ranty said...


Many years ago I supported Labour. They were useful when I was in a shitty job, with shitty pay, and shitty conditions. Just to utter the word "Union" was to strike fear, (or at least worry) in most bosses at the time. Then I joined the army and the only party that felt we all deserved a raise was the Conservatives. After I left the army I was an entrepreneur, made and lost a million, and neither party was useful to me so I didn't vote for them, or anyone else.

If there is one consistent theme with politics it is that each new government says it has inherited a pile of shite from the outgoing government. They either fix it or make it worse, but essentially, nothing changes apart from the amount of legislation.

None of the current parties in the HoC rings my bell.

Latterly, I discovered that I was libertarian in nature, and all of the online "tests" I did confirmed that. More recently I have discovered that I am a full blown anarchist.

I don't need any of them. WE don't need any of them. Everything they do (with Defence as a possible exception) can be done better by someone else.

As far as I can determine, governments create chaos. Whether it is by deliberation, or because they are all numpties, I know not.

I firmly believe that order can be restored, but ONLY when it is left up to us.


Anonymous said...


I always been someone who has believed in free speech and taking responsibility for your own actions. As soon as both of these no longer exist you have a problem in society.

I've never been a Labourite, for the reason I've never been a socialist. Don't get me wrong, I did the test and found out I'm 90% Libertarian but the only question I got wrong was that I agreed in a minimum wage, which Libertarians don't.

Of late I'm moving more and more to anarchy, for the simple reason that it's up to people to educate themselves, learn self defence techniques and take personal responisbility for their actions. By having a police force and a judicial system you take that away.
There's a very true quote by Plato:

Those who don't take an active interest in politics are ruled by inferior politicians

While we allow politicians to rule us, they will inevitably take for themselves to the detriment of the people.

While we allow police to roam our streets they will eventually take control over our very lives, demanding we fall into their way of thinking

While we allow judges to judge us, we will eventually be controlled by lawyers who will work in tandem with teh judiciary to create problems, offer themselves as the solution and thus financially benefit from it.

The only people who should be defending themselves physically from attackers and intellectually in a court room are the people themselves.

People will then say, what about those who are weak and unable to defend themselves? I will say that firstly why are they weak? Is it through the non will to make themselves stronger or through disablement? If the latter is so then that's why we have community, to protect those weaker than ourselves.

This all really goes back to how society was before the judiciary, government and police force were established. I'm sure the Greeks meant good with their foundations of law and order but like everything it becomes corrupted by the evil people who see it as a means to control.

So CR, again, we are in agreement. I believe in anarchy. No man has the right to tell me what I can or can't do and should I choose to kill another for whatever reason, then I must accept the consequences of my choice and thus personal responsibility. I never chose to be part of this society. I have no voice and are angry that others do, whom I see as my inferiors. I just wish I could go somewhere, build my own house and stay away from it all, but that could never be, that is until I become a fully fledged freeman, exempt from all laws, taxation and control.