June 02, 2010

ID Girl Miffed

No sympathy here, darlin'.

Anyone gormless enough to embrace privacy-snatching legislation vomited out by Gordoom Broon deserves to lose the £30 they forked out.

But no.

Rather than accept that she did a stupid thing, she wants to sue. She is offended. She is a victim. She was conned. The Labour party stole her money and she wants it back, dammit!

Check out her world class whining here.

Want a snippet?

My pleasure:

"And as the first member of the public to acquire one of these now collector’s items, I’m deeply disappointed. Disappointed that the scheme, trialled right here in Manchester, has been strangled at birth before it had the chance to prove that ID cards could be incredibly useful as a safe and portable way of proving identity."

It is we libertarians who are to blame:

"Instead, our new Government delivered a knee-jerk response and scrapped the scheme, preferring to appease the so-called civil libertarians who hysterically clamoured that the introduction of ID cards was a blow for privacy and further damning proof of an ever encroaching nanny state".

Here, the silly moo tells us about her fight-back:

"Which is why I have decided to sue and am filing my form to the small claims court.
What’s more, I exhort anyone else who feels short changed both financially and ideologically to do the same and have set up a Facebook page to marshall support"

Crack on, love. You get that thirty quid back. That'll show 'em!

But will you learn from this, Angie?

Somehow I doubt it.

People like you won't be happy until you have a fucking bar code tattooed on your forehead. You won't be happy until they can watch your every move, hear every word you utter, store every email you ever write, or until you have CCTV's in every room in your house.

And where will you draw the line? "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" right?

Wrong. You, and the freaks like you are all the way wrong. Give them an inch and they take all available ground. They must, they will, be resisted at all costs.

Shut up whinging. The incompetents have gone.

And for that, you can thank me. And everyone else who didn't vote Labour. And NO2ID. And every other freedom loving soul in the Kingdom.



Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for her. Serves her right for playing their game.


Unknown said...

My heart weeps for the stupid bitch. I remember her gloating as she showed off her shiny new leg iron to the press. I'm pissin' myself laughing now.

opsimath said...

Nicely put, CR. You'd think, with a name like Epstein, she'd have more sense - and more of a sense of solidarity with her perished brothers and sisters - still, expecting either sense or integrity from a ZaNuLabour shill is asking rather a lot.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Who is she going to sue? Labour brought it in, but the Tories have been saying for the past year or so that they would scrap it. They even sent letters to companies who were planning on tendering for the work.

She didn't take due care and so it was a gamble. She lost. I might as well sue Ladbrokes when trap 6 comes last.

Stupid fucking bitch.

Captain Ranty said...

These kind of people terrify me more than Bin Ladens Boys.

They are cattle. No more, and no less.

Note how little support she gets after writing that crap?

Odd, isn't it, that almost every single comment is from those "civil libertarian" people she so despises?


Witterings from Witney said...


"these kind of people.....They are cattle".

You said it - she really is a stupid cow!

James Higham said...

The sad part is that this type never learns.

Bucko said...

Who is she going to sue. The people who mis sold that crap are the Labour party. Is it them she wants the £30 quid back from.
(And I'm almost certain you cant sue government departments anyway)
S.I.L.L.Y. C.O.W.

Let's sue gorgon aswell then said...

David Blunkett said he's going to sue aswell. I didn't think you could sue for something you bought voluntarily.
Can we sue Gorgon for selling all of our gold at firesale prices against Treasury advice ? Thought not.

Captain Ranty said...

Well, if we are going to sue the bastard, let's think big.

He and his team of fuckstains wasted over £300 BILLION in the last ten years alone. And that's only the stuff we know about. What else is/was hidden away?

£300 billion will pay the tax bill for every working stiff in the UK for two years.


Leg-iron said...

The card she is holding has 'Specimen' stamped across it.

Did she really buy one, or was she just a shill to get the sheep to fall into line?

Now, it looks like she might even be trying to persuade people that their treasured cards, whether they had them yet or not, will be stolen from them unless they fight, fight and demand the chains be put back on them.

Fortunately, she's not very good at those sort of tricks.

Captain Ranty said...

Thing is, Leggy, she was told right at the beginning that this was a trial.

I back-tracked and I could not find the phrase "Your money refunded if not 100% satisfied".

She is on a sticky wicket, and I think this is more to do with her attraction to the limelight than a genuine sense of being a victim.

Being a dozy mare doesn't help her case one jot.


Stitch's Master said...

She'd be better off putting it on eBay in a couple of years

Captain Ranty said...

Agree SM.

Some people will buy anything.....


rinky stingpiece said...

Whinging idiot... she should put on eBay, she'll get the money back no trouble... there's plenty of nerds who pay for oddball schmutter like that.