December 14, 2010


You need some Truth Juice, you do.

Let's start with this guy. He has had a hundred battles in court and rather than play the "Name Game", he just messes them up using their own rules. His section is spread over three or four videos.

There are another bunch of videos worth looking at from the same conference. Although I did avoid the one about urine. You can take the piss if you want to, but it isn't for me.

I prefer merlot, shiraz, or the mighty juniper.



Zaphod said...

It's inspiring watching guys like this, but daunting, too.

How many people can do the research fully, and perform well on their feet, in order to challenge the "authorities"?

If a fraction of the Freeman stuff is valid, then what's going on today is a colossal fraud perpetrated on gullible ordinary people. Must they all fight individually?

Could we create a political party, or a "community", or an "ethnic minority" or "religion" or something? Something people could just join, and gain protection?

That is probably a stupid question, but I can't be the only spectator who is wondering.

Justice for the confident, well-informed and articulate. Is that enough? Help!

Unknown said...

Magna Carta - Article 61, revisited

Great post outlining the power of article 61 and our options. I believe this is our ultimate remedy.

defender said...

We all need to slay our own dragons.
My dragon, private water companies and those who endevour to collect monies by fraud.
The company called Moorcroft Debt. recovery Ltd "acting under instruction" for Anglia Water Services ltd. who are trying to "recover" £2500 from myself, are pretty confused bunnies this morning, about how come I am liable for a service for which there is no contract.
I found the following useful

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Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd will use all sorts of nasty methods to get you to set up a standing order in order to profit from you. You may already have experienced bad dealings with them. They may phone you at strange times and do this lots of times. They may write official appearing nastily worded letters threatening to send someone round to collect the money in full or that they will take you to court for the full amount. Their other tactics may include saying that they will make a charging order on your home or in some way bring about your destitution.

So ask Moorcroft Debt Recovery for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.

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Pesky Anonymous said...

Brilliant vid Captain.

Been meaning to say, with regard to your two recent posts about the two blokes (one from Norwich and one from Oxford) who were fucked over in court. I don't think they properly knew their onions. Neither were they light enough on their feet.
Not everybody has the charm, charisma, knowledge, quick wittedness and downright cussedness of Robert Menard.
I think the bloke in the vid is a possible though :)

Anonymous said...

CR, thought oyu might be interested in this if you hadn't already seen it:


William said...

One of the best video finds IMHO.
The guy simply is really onto something. Marc Stevens was mentioned and his 'conflict of interest' deconstruction of parking ticket courts is truly awesome in it's simplicity.
I reckon most 'statute violations' can be taken down with the same approach.

I like defender have developed a real issue with my local water company and am developing it further by asking all of my utility companies for contracts. It seems at the moment there are none and there never have been.

2011 is shaping up to be a very interesting year. It will be extremely interesting if enough Irishmen and women wake up and through the EU budget out in January.

James Higham said...

Think we might let that one go through to the keeper.

defender said...

It is encouraging to read and see what others are doing, but, whats important, is that you all do something for yourselves.
We are, after all, in the same shit, therefore we all have to do some shoveling, we cannot expect not to do our fair share, as the saying goes, all ahnds to the pumps.

Just Woke Up said...

I agree with this bloke (and Zaphod's accurate comment). Statute is such a tangled mess that we shouldn't need to worry about proving Common Law in magistrates courts (commercial hearings). Tie them up in knots with their own extremely messy company rules and procedures. This is what I am working on at the moment - with a simple twist based on the whole validity of the birth certification process.

For those on here that may not visit the sites I frequent and post my stuff, I have posted transcripts of letters to and from the Registrar General of Scotland to myself, on the Freedom Northwest and the Scottish Sovereigns sites (under non de plume 'Bollixed'). Basically I have it in writing that the register entry ONLY proves in a court that an EVENT took place. I can't and don't dispute this.
Unfortunately - and here I think is the key - the registrar on the day of my spawning didn't ask anyone for ID or documentation to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the people present were who they claimed to be. Therefore it is highly likely that an error, mistake, or fraud could have taken place regarding the claims of the persons present - as no-one can offer any firm evidence who they were. My Birth Extract doesn't even contain copies of the original signatures that I can check. Next, we, the general public, are not allowed to personally view our original register entry and must rely upon 100% hearsay from the Registrar General or the local registry office. My Birth Extract is therefore merely hearsay under any circumstance.

Just Woke Up said...

If it was indeed my parents at my birth registration they were not advised of the contractual and legal implications of 'having' to register a child. This could be an argument that 'full disclosure' did not take place under contract Law (creating a trust?).

To me it is remarkably simple and doesn't even need the Contract Law argument.

To summarise the meatier bits...My birth registration was completed by human beings unknown, any copies of said register entry are 100% hearsay, never mind that courts can only recognise that an event took place at a stated time and at a stated place. Thus, the whole process is highly questionable and leaves enough honest doubt that I (and the courts) am unable to swear under oath, as an honest and honourable man, that I definitely am he intended recipient of that persona. No conflict. No controversy. An oath obliges that you speak the whole truth. The truth is that I cannot state categorically that the information I have been provided is 100% correct and therefore I am unable under oath to honestly accept the name for fear of taking part in a fraud or perjuring myself. I am in the process of sending off a raft of letters to every bloody agency that claims to have a hold on me to demand that from now I am referred to with the word 'allegedly' placed in front of my name. They take me to court and I state that under oath I may be perjuring myself by accepting the name. Lots of potential for fun and games there - and the best bit is that under this method it is me that is challenging them for the facts and the truth for a change. State procedures were flawed and I am expected to ignore the flaws now that this information is known to me? That would be a dishonest thing to do. As a completely honest and honourable man I feel compelled to advise all these agencies of this extremely worrying information that I have just learned. If I use this corporate entity for the purposes of trade without being 100% certain that I am able to do so would be potentially fraudulent activity as I see it, therefore until I can (if I can) clear up this matter to my complete satisfaction then I must stand back from the Name and not use it - or use it with an 'allegedly' in front of it to protect myself from potential criminal charges.
What can a Judge or Clerk do when faced with this problem? How can you make a decision against someone who is only alleged to be the Person invited to the hearing?
Feedback and ideas welcomed. This seems brutally simple and doesn't require any legal or Lawful knowledge, and therefore anyone can join in. All you would be doing is offering a potential problem to the govt agencies and offer your assistance to help sort it out so that there is no reasonable doubt. I know that under Company Law it would not be acceptable if the identity of any Director or the company itself couldn't be completely established.

I see it as a whole can of worms and the consequences (if it stands up to test) could be devastating.

Look up my letters and feel free to contact me through the above websites to offer any advice or informed guidance - or to send me the responses you get from the English birth registry office.

Now that you are aware of the problems with the registration process can you state 100% categorically that you are who your birth certificate says you are? Can the judge or the magistrate or the Clerk of Court?

I'll post replies to my recent letters on these mentioned websites as they arrive. Should be interesting.

My main goal here is that I cannot be a citizen of the EU if I wasn't properly registered.

Interesting to see what comes back. Anyone wants to work with me on this is more than welcome.

mescalito said...

Just Woke Up- can you post a link to your other posts, im always up for a good crusade.