December 03, 2010

The Ignoble Lie

For those with the time, and the inclination, to listen to a potted history of, well, of all sorts really, I recommend this video.

I have never listened to Alan Watt speak before tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. You will hear some of the stuff I write about, and indeed, some of the stuff you tell me about.

If you prefer to read, rather than watch and listen, there is a transcript here.

It is long, at 90 minutes but it beats the crap out of Strictly Come Get Me Out Of Here Street. And you will know why as you listen to Alan explain how cleverly they bamboozle us all. And why we let them fool us.

And, obscenely, why we pay them to treat us like the fuckwits we are.

There is a lot of food for thought in here and as always, I welcome your thoughts.

This video will not change your life.

But it may just cause your thinking to alter a tad.

I hope so.

I really fucking hope so.



Anonymous said...

The reality is a bleak one. Our society has been massively programmed to the point that people are utterly ignorant to much of reality. The very fact that our Prime Minister is off trying to secure a fucking football tournament when the country he's supposed to be looking after is on a meltdown to anarchy, pretty much sums up society. And yet speaking to your average Joe, he'll say something like:

"well, it's like...good innit? A mean, like, you know, sort of, well, basically, you understand what I'm saying, it's football innit, like you know, getting the world cup for England, innit, good, innit, you know what I mean, like?"

This is society. It's nothing but one big land mass filled with utter deadheads.
Now you know of my situation with the police the other day (arrested for not giving my details after being attacked), well, some whom I've spoken to said when I told them they had no right to do what they did viewed me as a criminal. The usual ignorance came out - "you don't mess with the police.....they're the big boys in should have given them your were in the wrong..." This is the shite that I have to put up with and I'm rapidly turning into a misanthropist. Why should we really bother saving a people, who quite frankly aren't worth bothering with? Would you really want to help these fuckwits who are only interested in Mcd's, XFactor and celebrity/football?

I'm beginning to realise that the best thing to really do in life is take care of number one and fuck other people. You see most of them aren't worth it and I have to say that the NWO's idea of bringing the world's population size down to 500million really is looking to me quite favourable in my eyes. Why help or even try to help a people who can't even take responsibility over their own lives and others around them?

I'm beginning to see it in the eyes of Michael Ruppert (Confronting Collapse) when he says - "If a bear attacks your camp you don't have to be the fastest, just faster than the slowest."

If people can't be fucked in understanding the basics and choose to allow themselves and more importantly their brains to be turned into jelly, then fuck 'em. In nature the strongest always survive and sadly those whom are weak had every chance to be just as strong as the strongest. Again, fuck 'em. Let them be slaughtered like the Dodo and made extinct, because really, who's going to miss them?

Captain Ranty said...


"because really, who's going to miss them?"

Isn't this exactly what they want us to think? Because they don't give a fuck, neither should we?

Doesn't it just mean that we are the same as them? That we have lost our compassion too?

Once we lose empathy for our countrymen, our fellow planeteers, we are truly fucked.

I know they are as thick as mince, and so do you. But, we know WHY they are as thick as two short wanks, don't we?

And that makes us shepherds, rather than sheep.

Do we not have a responsibility? Do we toss them away, just as the fuckwits at the top of the tree do?

That doesn't sound right, doesn't feel right to me.

We keep poking. We keep prodding. We keep educating. We keep doing what is right, what is noble, and what is honourable.

Didn't you just tell me that when I wanted to stop doing this?

If I stop doing this for the fuckwits, I need to stop doing it for the enlightened few as well, surely.


Anonymous said...


There's a difference. The message has been sent to people for a long, long, time. We've heard it from great people in all walks of life, musicians, poets, authors, etc etc....Am I just the same as the NWO? Am I fuck! I don't use, abuse or humiliate. I don't deceive and create conflict to the detriment of others. I believe wholeheartedly in liberty and many do not believing the constant lies being perpetrated upon them by a media that people continue try to warn others is telling them nothing but lies.

For goodness sake Captain, think about it? I have to say I'm quite taken aback by you thinking I'm just like on of them because I choose to distance myself from the fuckwit bling blingers, hoarding wealth and status, going out to get more tattoos to show off to their mates.

What makes me research and read and try to warn people of what's ahead and what is? What makes you and others do the same? Why don't all of us do the same? Why do police continue to fuck people over when they MUST KNOW that what they're doing is abuse and bullying?

Many people in society do nothing because of debt. Many men will continue in the shitty job in order to keep their wife/girlfriend in trinkets, who know that should they leave, she's out of there, looking for the next mug who'll lavish her with whatever she wants, all for the chance of a sniff of poonany. And yet these fuckwits remain knowing that their partners don't love them but are nothing but materialist whores drowning in superficiality.

People are continually warned and yet they do nothing. They would rather remain a slave because they don't want to upset the system, be ridiculed by their peers for doing so, when it suggests the same as the above, in that like the wife, they aren't really friends and they certainly don't give a fuck about you.

Our society is now laughably reenacting biblical times. I'm thinking of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt, the boy who cried wolf.
This isn't there for show Captain. If people don't want to take control of their own destiny, to see the facade in life and yet continue to choose living as part of it, then fuck 'em.
Society, most of it, behave like animals. They are devolving. The recent situation in American with the man nearly trampled to death by shoppers trying to get the bargains in the USA....I really don't want to live amongst these automatons, brainwashed citizens who continue to ignore the warnings. Maybe the NWO is a test? Maybe it's there to actually see if people will change? Maybe they're trying to see if we can be something other than animals in human form? We still behave the same as we have. Technology has advanced but humanity has remained the same and the seven deadly sins are ever more prevalent within society than ever before.

Captain Ranty said...

I know, I know, I know.

But my point remains: do we abandon the sheep simply because we think we know better?

When you stand before your maker and he asks, "What did you do? What did YOU do?" Are you content to say "Well, I did what I could, O Great One, but the fuckers weren't listening".

We have to change the message.

We who can speak, must.

We, who can affect change, must try.

We, who know a lttle better, must at least try to get the word out.

If we cannot awaken the sleeping, we must use a sharper stick.

To do anything else is pure neglect.

I do not seek to lead, I seek to teach. I will lead if no-one else steps up, but I think my primary function is that of awakener.

I think that you and I are one and the same.

Same song, different tune.


Captain Ranty said...

I get fucking tired mate. I mean bone weary tired.

If you think people aren't listening you really, really, really want to put down the bullhorn.

Turns out that some fuckers are listening.


So I will march on.

(Until I get tired again. And some fucker gives me a dig).


NewsboyCap said...


you know I respect you, you know I listen, but FFS from here it sounds like your shouting at the world. Maybe a slightly more subtle approach
a lighter touch would have a warmer response.
Don't be offended by my comment I get pissed when they just won't listen


Anonymous said...

You know people are listening.
For fuck's sake man, where there is woe there is also also joy. We can look at the fact that nature is and always will have its opposites.

I know you get tired. I'm tired Captain. I'm living in Dundee after London and Jerry Sadowitz's definition of Dundonians (what do you get if you pour boiling hot water over a a Dundonian's head? A new flavour of pot noodle!) is no more truer today than ever.

I am mentally caged in this city of morons, socialist fuckwits only because they support whom their parents have and their parent's parents before.

However I still keep writing and learning and writing and I know that people are reading and learning and changing their opinion and in doing so speak to others and help them change and learn.

You've a far higher readership, albeit with on average much shorter articles than myself, but regardless our messages are predominantly on the same side, albeit different tracks that may wind here and there but to the same destination.

Educate and learn as you already know. Find a release for your frustration. Take up a martial art, buy a punching bag, put up a book against a wall and punch the hell out of it until you can't anymore. You are like all men in your physical makeup, you may be stronger than most but also weaker than many. You're understanding of reality is certainly farther ahead in leaps and bounds than many but most definitely behind most as well.

Understand you are not alone. You know you are not. So take it easy relax and get on with it. This is not a job but a release, a very educational one for many.

Anonymous said...


I'm not offended in the slightest. Say what you have to and regardless what you have to say will be respected and adhered. And I am shouting at the world. Someone has to do it. Always helps to change your approach sometimes. It keeps people on their feet.

NewsboyCap said...


OK I hear you.
But this shite has been a long time in the making,and it will be a slow process to undo.


Steven UK said...

Hi CR,

This is a more up to date Alan Watt interview that I would like to recommend

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Steven.

I'll bung it on tomorrow.


Anonymous said...