December 23, 2010

Say No. It Works. Every Time.

I am several days late with this fantastic story.

A few weeks back we were treated to a show of defiance that was a joy to listen to. On the face of it, all was routine. UK Border Agency drones just "doing their job". It was anything but, as our hero demonstrates by asking a few simple questions. You can listen to the UKBA automatons making a right hash of things here.

Three days ago Smoking Hot treated us to Part Two. Do listen to the exchange here.

What you are hearing from Zaphod is what we should all be saying, all the time. Zaphod has researched his subject and he knows his rights. You will notice-pretty damn quickly-that the UKBA bods are clueless. They bully, harass, cajole and threaten. They do not even know what the legislation says. Which is all the more embarrassing for them. You'd think they would know it inside out. Apparently they don't. They slip on the uniform in the morning and assume that they have unlimited powers to mess people around. They do not, as you will learn when you listen to the recordings.

Kudos to Zaphod for doing the right thing. It is always right to question their authority, their motives, and their depth of knowledge on the statutes they are attempting to club you over the head with.

Thanks to SH for putting up the second part so that we could all discover what happened in the end.

Go find out!!



Jacobite said...

Very inspiring and couragous.

Captain Ranty said...


Another 5 or 6 million like him and we are home free!


Wiliam said...

2011 the Year of the NO
and if Richard North gets his way the year of the MAP (Million Angry People).

Whatever 2011 is shaping up to be very, very interesting indeed.

Currently trying to get my head around the trusts and the Ecclesiastical Deed Poll and still struggling. Not that that is a problem. Struggle is good as it focuses the mind.

In early 2011 I will be asking all utilities and the local council for proof of contract. I will be taking a bank to the county court as they have failed to provide me with a signed copy of a credit agreement so by their rules the agreement does not in fact exist so I want my cash back.
I am dealing with two debt collection agencies using NO as the defence.
In recent months I have impolitely shut the door in the face of the Capita TV licence salesman and he didn't like it but there was nothing he could do about it. I didn't ask him to knock on my door so why on earth would I want to speak to him?

I will also be refusing all requests for my personal details and my overall aim for this time next year is to become as anonymous as is humanly possible.

In the world of work I will be requesting payment in cash or in kind. Either way I aim to starve the beast from as much tax food as I possibly can.

Finally I am determined to reduce consumption to a level that keeps me and my family in good health and allows us to enjoy every day to the full. This one will be harder to achieve because there are four of us to consider but we are all up for it.

So why not make 2011 the Year you started to show the state who really is boss with a two letter word?