December 07, 2010

Another Tax Rebel!

Goan yersel! (As the locals would say).

Like me, David: Bark has asked a few simple questions.

His local council have not answered a single one. They are all important but you think they would have an answer for this one, wouldn't you?

"Is council tax lawful?"

Fairly fucking straightforward, I would have said. But it is far too tricky for Redhill Council. They told a Redhill Magistrate to issue a warrant for his arrest instead.

Read the whole thing here.

Well done David.

Keep asking the same questions until you get an answer.


Source: Old Holborn via Twitter. Thanks Holby!


mescalito said...


Captain Ranty said...


I was about to write up a post on that.

I saw the Tax Rebel story and went with that instead.

Wheels coming off, do you think?

I really, really hope so.


Woodsy42 said...

And interestingly a straight write up by the local paper - they clearly don't understand, but didn't make fun either.
Sadly I don't think the wheels are coming off yet Capt. It's very easy to forget the huge inertia of people's drive for comfort and security that will continuously drag things back to the status quo.
And that our politicians and EU overlords will be out there nailing the wheels back on and gluing things together until they can only skid in a straight line, and they'll do that as long as they can.
But for what it's worth I honestly do think the bearings are getting noisy, and they can only get worse. There is hope.

Captain Ranty said...


Noisy bearings are a start.

And I thought it was fairly written up too. No leading headlines like the last one.

The follow up story I could write myself:

"Judge Ignores Freeman, Fines Him Anyway."

But at least we are getting written about.


Anonymous said...

This is something all of us should do. It's ironic Cap'n but I did exactly the same when living in London. Not only did I ask for a breakdown of where my money went to the council tax, but I also asked where does my money also go in the tax that I pay for?

Upon asking these questions over the phone I was laughed at. I stated simply that it was my right, as a member of the public, being told I had to pay 'x' amount of cash, to know just where my money was going. I proceeded to tell the agent on the phone, Would she go to the supermarket and get just a 'number' when her goods were added up and not instead a breakdown? I then said would she accept just a number when she put her car in for a repair, especially when the bill was a very large one?

Of course she laughed and said this is different. Can you believe this shite? We are living in a society where people have gladly accepted 2+2=5. It's as though they go to work ad as soon as they get in they drop their pants, while their boss, whaps out his dick and proceeds to fuck them up their arse, just that they believe he isn't actually fucking them up their arse.

This is the reality. A programmed society that has now accepted the lie they're living in is the truth. How on earth can you get through to these people Cap'n when they are too stupid to realise the truth?

Snakey said...

Councils don't want people to know what they spend their money on because basically it's a bottomless money pit. Every council has a huge sickness payroll and inflated management wages.

I speak from experience having worked 4 times for a council. The sickness levels are unbelievable.

There was a report on the BBC a while back stating that council sick levels were on average 14 days per worker per year. Yeah, and the rest.

What the BBC didn't report on was that most councils have it written in to your contract that after 5 years' service you are entitled to 6 months off sick on full pay, followed by 3 months off sick on half pay and 5 weeks annual leave. 0-5 years you are entitled to 4 weeks sick leave on full pay and 2 weeks sick leave on half pay. As a friend of mine said (who works for our local council) - half pay, it's a great healer, because everyone goes back to work when their full sick pay runs out.

If you take more than 10 working days off sick you will be referred to Occupational Health who will check your doctor's notes and then send you back to work with their approval. As long as there is a sick note, sickness levels, as far as I could see, were never questioned and no-one was ever "let go" because they weren't fulfilling their contract due to being off sick all the time. This would not be tolerated in the private sector.

Councils also spend a stupid amount of money on agency staff. This is especially prevalent among Social workers.

As the recent reports have shown - you are not allowed to question councils. David has every right to question the theft of his hard earned money by the council! More of us should do it and more of us should question the "entitlement" to ridiculous levels of sick pay within councils.