December 17, 2010

European Dissent Is Spreading

Short video from RT jammed full of news you probably won't see in your Soaraway Sun.

It's getting messy in Euroland. People have had enough.

Just this morning we learn that Ireland's credit rating has been downgraded to...Chav.


"Moody's cut Ireland's rating to Baa1 with a negative outlook from Aa2 and warned further downgrades could follow if Dublin was unable to stabilize its debt situation, caused by a banking crash after a decade-long property bubble burst."

FFS. Even I am a better credit risk than the Emerald Isle. I feel for the people there, I really do. Like us, like all 500 million of us, they are victims. Their politicians, like all politicians, are inept parasites. The sensible amongst us know that it is the banksters that caused the mess but they control the politicians absolutely and simply order them to pay bailout money. The Spineless Ones shake, grovel, and roll out the dosh. It's embarrassing to watch. Even more embarrassing when you realise that they do this with our consent.

Still, we are a simple people and we can be suitably misdirected with much more important issues like Julian Assange being forced to stay in his 10 bedroomed mansion set in 600 acres, or the snow, or the fact that petrol now costs £1.22, (£1.22? I dream of £1.22. I pay £1 fucking 26p!), or if all else fails, Strictly Come Eastenders Farm Street will be there to anchor us to reality. Praise be!

It will kick off soon. The anger is growing.

I'll get me quiver.



Oldrightie said...

Bit like OR wrote recently. Vive la revolution!!

Autonomous Mind said...
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Smoking Hot said...

Sorry CR, but l find it hard to feel sorry for the lrish. They had a vote on the Treaty and said No, Government said they'd respect the vote and then didn't and had another one. The lrish then voted Yes.

The people got what they voted for.

lt was in their hands and they blew it.

Captain Ranty said...


I think it is just a few short months away now.


Autonomous Mind said...

And the laughable thing is, the political class is surprised and shocked by it all.

Their ignorance inside their self regarding bubble defies belief.

Captain Ranty said...


If defies belief doesn't it?

It's like an arsonist, smelling of petrol and with a box of matches in his hand, watching a burning building asking himself, "Now how did that start?".

I changed your name. Had to manually edit it.


Captain Ranty said...


You are quite right. Although I do recall some shenanigans with voting boxes.

But, when you look at it all, we are to blame. For everything.

Remember the maxim: he that does not disagree, agrees.


Dioclese said...

It's getting painful being right all the time. The master plan of the master race seems to working out quite well. Soon the only people with any money will be the Germans. Job done...

defender said...

Public info for those who have credit cards.

Watch out-There's an electronic pickpocket about

Angry Exile said...

The Irish will find things improving as soon as they default on the loans. Bugger for the creditors, of course, which thanks to Cameramong includes Britain.

Smoking Hot said...

CR, not all of us are to blame. There are some who fight tooth and nail ... and against the odds.

You know that myself and Zaphod are forever in their faces. lndeed in our next audio release it will show that the police threaten to arrest us but when pressed on what charge it would be ... they have no idea! ... and openly admit it!

We fully expect at some point to be incarcerated illegally. You'll know when this happens as comments and posts will cease. :)

Captain Ranty said...


Their government is in a mess and I have seen that there is some appetite for default.

Just not hearing it from the Chief Lickspittle, Brian Cowen.

Who is, as we all know, a cunt.

Michael Martin looks set to take over from him but sadly, Michael Martin is also a cunt.



Captain Ranty said...


I know, I know.

But there are nowhere near enough of us who will even say no.

This needs to change. People need to change.

We have a choice.


Angry Exile said...

A cunt called Michael Martin? What a coincidence. What are the odds of two neighbours bother suffering from a cunt with the same name?

defender said...

Ranty, perhaps we should look abroad for some ideas, they are people in many other countries who are having the very same difficulties as we are. We are all trying to slay the same dragon. We will all have to fight the same enemies, at the same time (broadly), and we are all seeking pretty much the same thing.

Anyway, I was reading this earlier,

"So, what do we do as citizens to change the political course in America, and the Western world? Where do we start? How do we end the Banking Security State and The War on Terror? We should start in the beginning. We should begin by stating the cold, hard facts. We should stop lying to ourselves about how the world is currently governed. Many of us have already started on this journey, but the entire culture and society must now do the same, and enter the process of education and renewal.

Letting go of myths and false historical narratives is psychologically difficult, and in some cases impossible, because the stories we tell ourselves shape our personal beliefs and guide our actions, but learning the truth about the depths of modern political corruption in America and other Western countries is a matter of changing the course of human civilization so if we don’t grow up now then we may forever be stuck in a dark wonderland, cursed with a false historical consciousness."

James Higham said...

Keep your eye on 2012 - it was always going to be the biggie.

Anonymous said...

"All 500 million of us"? No wonder we're in debt! Immigration really has spiralled out of control!!

Captain Ranty said...


I was talking about all the good folks of Europe......


Michael Fowke said...

I'm still upset the Irish voted for that Lisbon Treaty nonsense. For centuries they wanted their freedom from Britain - then what?

Just Woke Up said...

Fowke. I was living in Oirland at the time of the second referendum. Only two out of the dozens of friends and work colleagues voted YES to the EUSSR. Only two...and they were fucking nonces. All my mates over the water know that the referendum was a scam and the real vote was an emphatic "No"!

Democracy? hahahaha

William said...

Nearly choked when I read the 'down rated to chav' comment.

Barking Spider said...

I think I'll be getting me a quiver too, CR, I've already got all the other bits and pieces! ;-)

I am Sick said...

The European wide unrest is characterised by one striking factor. They are all reacting to the removal of the state teat, at which they have been suckling for the last two decades. What they fail to realise is, the removal was always going to happen. Once the deals were done and the EU spring trap closed, the comfy times would inevitably come to an end. There was, after all, no further reason to bribe the gullible with their own money any more.
The EU wide police state was built entirely with the coming storm in mind, they have planned for just such an outcome. Civil unrest will be their legitimate excuse to shut down any remaining dissent to the regime and their backers, the international globalist corporations and banks.
What irony then, that all the people behind the orchestrated unrest, are far left anti-capitalist, hard line communists, who want the very same outcome as the globalist cabals. The end of democracy, individual liberty and the imposition of state controlled economies.
The fools 'rebelling' now are nothing more than Stalins useful idiots and the globalists biggest allies.
For them they could not care less who constitutes the 'government' all they care is, the 'government' does as it, and thus the population, is told.
Those throwing firebombs are unwittingly creating, the very monster they believe they are destroying, totalitarian undemocratic government, who will bring calm, from their very own created chaos.
The money has indeed all gone, to the banks and they will never give it back, unless and until, they come under direct threat.
Smashing up Millbrook is symptomatic of the stupidity of the baying leftist mob.
They are attacking the servants quarters, not the real ruling elite and face it, that is just what the elite want. Want to set yourself free? Attack those who really oppress you, people like Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, BP, or any of these cocksuckers,

They all want you either dead or enslaved. Their servants, of course will build the framework, however these guys pull the strings.