December 02, 2010

Back On Planet Earth.

After last nights merlot induced fugue* (in the old days they called it a "Brown Study", but mine was enhanced by the grape), I went a-wandering. My head was filled with rainbows and kittens after some unbelievably kind comments, and some sensible advice from my readers. I cannot thank you enough for bringing me back down to earth. I mean that with oodles of sincerity. I know Rome wasn't built in a day, owing to the fact that the job went to the lowest bidder, but I am now aware that I set my expectations far too high. I am a greedy bastard. It wasn't enough for me to know that the blog was growing in readership, or that what I was producing here had value, but I was almost insistent that you all do what I do, when I do it. An utterly selfish, and unrealistic demand.

*Just to be crystal clear: the drinking followed the post. Not the other way around.

Like Joe Foreman, I am back. I am still full of piss and vinegar but some of you seem to like that and my mission is not to disappoint. There were some threats (mainly from old matelots) and some efforts at bribery. Both worked a treat. I need neither, by the way. Your encouragement is enough, and it was there in spades.

I was born optimistic. I slid out of the womb on a cold January day, onto the kitchen lino, I'll have you know, and it was a nasty day. I looked out of the window and thought "Sure, it's a bit King Billy, but it's certain to get better". And it did. Before I knew it I was three and half years old and setting fire to my very first car! (If it was your car parked near those flats in Salford in 1965, I are really, really sorry. Two big boys put me up to it). Life for me has been, by turns, both ultra-shite and jaw-droppingly spectacular. Rough and smooth. Ups and downs. Peaks and troughs. And I doubt that my life has been that much different to anyone else's.

So when I got a chance to tell everyone what I was up to, I was thrilled at the prospect. More importantly, I was going to change the world! Except that I didn't. At least, not in any miraculous way. And because it wasn't miraculous, I had the cheek, the gall, to be affronted. I thought that once you guys knew what I knew, you would be right there alongside me, shouting down the establishment! And winning!

Real life isn't like that, is it? It took me many months to understand Lawful Rebellion. It took me many months to understand how serious it was to declare myself a Freeman On The Land. And like a fool, I expected you to know instantly what I knew and dive right in. It was all so simple. Lawful Rebellion takes two letters (Affidavits) to her maj. She ignores the first one, and forty days later, she ignores the second one. She will do that until she has a pile of one million LR affidavits for the corgis to piss on. Then, and only then, will she do something. I know, but failed to convey, that our LR affidavits are symbolic. If you have the sand to say to a reigning monarch, "I will play along no more, you treasonous thing", then you have the sand to achieve absolutely anything. I cannot describe the feeling once you have taken a deep, deep breath, and popped it into the mailbox. The euphoria you feel when you walk back to your house is magical. Then, forty days later, feeling much more confident now, you post the second affidavit. You don't walk home. You strut. Or float. Then you wait for a reaction, which never comes, and you are free. I never felt more alive in my entire life. I was done with her, and I was done with her government. Lawfully and peacefully, I had stepped away.

I wanted you all to feel that. That millstone slipping away. That monkey, off your back, at last!

The greatest comments are those where people relate their stories concerning the word "No". I thrive on those. They make me unbelievably happy. As William says in the comments of my last post, the power of NO is quite stunning. It fucks them up. You are meant to consent. You are meant to acquiesce. You are meant to agree to all sorts of shit that your gut is screaming "NO!" at.

Contrary to the comment at 21:20 last night, I was quite sober when I wrote the piece. (I usually delete the alcohol induced ravings). I will let this one stand.

For better or worse, I am back. I want to spend more time researching new stuff that I had on the back burner. So I may write less, but it should be more interesting for you.

Thank you once more for your encouragement, and your loyalty. It goes both ways. I understand that now.

Onwards. Let's see where the journey ends. Together.



Anonymous said...

How will we handle the CENSUS next year?

GoodnightVienna said...

Sense prevails!

Man with Many Chins said...

I was just catching up with the blogs and saw your last post. I started composing a post about your post, then saw this post saying you were staying so I had to amend my post.

Lot of fucking posting, but really glad you have decided to keep going mate!

mescalito said...

welcome back :)

Joe said...

Glad your staying CR.

I've been following you for six months or so and I agree with you 100%. Some of my slowness is waiting for the trailblazers, some of it is cowardice and some of it is just not understanding the whole process to the point where I can use it.

I have started using some of the FMOTL/LR stuff in my dealings with private companies, as they are semi-safe, for now.

Keep writing, you are getting though, it is getting close, the tipping point is coming and I don't think it'll be from where we think it'll be.


OBO 110X said...

I only just read your "last post" and subsequent change of heart. I'm glad you're staying, I can honestly say you have been one of the few that has inspired me. I am free and I have sent off those affidavits and I am passing this on. I didn't contract with the regional policy enforcers when one of their cameras got me doing 57 in a 50 zone. I will not be filing my self assessment and I am going after the bankster that fraudulently tampered with my mortgage promissory note. You are partly why I am doing this.

Please keep at it friend.

DAD said...

Bravo ! Mon Ami.

Letter started to HM Elizabeth II pointing out, among many other things, that all laws passed since 2000 is null and void.

[I had a surprise when I scrolled down to find that my word verification was "malin". In French this means "Shrewd, cunning".]

IanG said...

Blimy, I got in at 11pm last night and read your post that you were retiring and felt pretty neg'd out. Now I've just got back from a fun filled walk in the snow with my dog only to find out you were pissed!

Well, welcome back, you haven't been missed (most of us would have been asleep) - & keep fighting the great cause.

By the way, where was I until 11pm last night? At a Lawful Rebellion meeting in a pub in Portsmouth with 10 other freedom fighters - things are happening...

Captain Ranty said...


I wasn't pissed when I wrote the post. I got pissed after I published it. (Several hours later, in fact).

Glad to hear that you are meeting people. That's when all the good ideas flow.


Captain Ranty said...



I ran a post on that a while ago. I have since discovered that the rot set in way back in 1911 with the Parliament Act. The House of Lords Act in 1999 just broke the system even more.

It needs fixing.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Cap'n.

Census: If we all put religion as "smoker" they'll be well pissed off.

George Speller

William said...

But you HAVE changed so many worlds.
We all live in our own worlds as I am sure you are well aware and by 'bothering' with this blog you have changed mine and many others for the better but most importantly you are constantly changing your own.

Good to have you back but please throttle back. There is no need to run at the post a day rate.


The next time you are tempted to look at your stats to prove you are 'talking to yourself' please remember that two letter word NO!

Now your topic for December should you be so inclined is Trusts. Guy Euden posted an article about them on Lawfulrebellion and it disappeared the next day so clearly he was onto something but hadn't got it quite right.
I managed to snag some of the text and run it through my mind mapping system which I use to try and get a handle on things I do not understand (worn out is what it is) but sadly I didn't get all of it so there are no real conclusions to be drawn. It's so bloody frustrating!
I did get enough to realise he seems to be in possession of the key he just hasn't found the right lock.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks George.

That is a good idea. It will really mess them up, and we may get special status! Wouldn't that be a coup?!


Found A Voice said...


We were just being nice - we didn't really want you back! Just kidding - one of your strenghts is that you are wiling and able to reevaluate your position when new evidence appears.

I agree that we are a century into the rot - the 1911 Parliament Act exposed the central weakness of the system that was set up with honourable intentions: (the weakness being) that a PM could appoint members to the Upper House.

In the course of 100 years, I find it quite surprsing that it has only been irrecovably abused twice (the other being 1999).

Anyhow, good to have you back.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank you. Good advice that.

I will get in touch with the lads at LR and ask why the pulled it. Like you, I assumed they had found a biggie and took the post down to refine it. But it never reappeared.

I just spotted this:

1. Lottery
2. Job centre
3. Weather
4. Big Brother
5. Cheryl Cole
6. TV guide
7. World Cup
8. Train times
9. Katie Price
10. Horoscopes

No wonder we are buggered.


Captain Ranty said...


Some folks were less than nice!

They are entitled to their opinions though and I have a law of no censorship here.

I think it was John Hurst that explained the two Acts to me. The 1911 Act took power away from the monarch, and the 1999 Act stopped peers (with Letters of Patent) from taking their seats.

As you know we have a system for the way we create statutes: HoC, HoL, and the monarch for Assent.

Two of those mechanisms have been unlawfully tampered with so all the power now rests in the lower house. And no-one seems to be trying to redress that.

MPs in the HoC can effectively enact anything they damn well please and neither the monarch, nor the HoL can stop it from happening.


Mac said...

Captain, sad to see you go.
Oh, glad to see you back.

What do you teach us? Learn to say ‘No’. When you feel another ‘no more’ moment creeping up, just say, ‘No, I will not stop. I’ll keep on going!’

May I make a humble suggestion? Firstly, I realise all the information required, after all your research, is available through your site. But - would it be possible to put together the definitive, step-by-step, ‘Dummies Guide to Freemanry’? presented in weekly or monthly instalments? The word ‘dummy’ is in no way aimed at your readers - just at me ‘couse I are one.

Then, if each new section was linked to via your side-bar, new (and old) visitors to your Blog could go straight to the side-bar and learn the philosophy, consequences and read step-by-step guides to becoming a freeman should they wish to take that path.

Apart from that, glad you’re hanging in there.

Angry Exile said...

Applause from Down Under.

Seriously good to have you back at the keyboard, mate.

I am Stan said...

Aha Capita,

Last night I hit the town to drown my sorrows at your passing.

After my sixth pint of Hobgoblin I was somewhat wobbly and in my cups.

Whilst draining my seventh pint a bird approached me with a glint in her eye,she was partying with a group of students all in 118 118 fancy dress,she was a pretty thing and her tight red shorts and tshirt showed off her assets to the max.

I was a bit taken aback in the first instance,students here in snowy Nottingham tend to live in their own universe and rarely interact with working bods like myself.

Her red glossy lips were moving but I couldn`t organize her words in my muddled mind.

At one point I thought she said "Captain Ranty",I shouted in a slur "Yeah he`s packed it in aint he" she looked at me for a few seconds looking confused and rejected,then walked away over to her girlfriends and shrugged,they finish their drinks and left.

Ah well at least your back,just don`t do that again eh!,I`ve got enough to worry about.

Sue said...

I think we have a few battles to fight together. The most dangerous enemy being the EU. Once that has been won, we can see about getting our rights returned to us. It's going to be a long haul but it's a fight that the British are used to and if we don't do it, who will?

Captain Ranty said...


I would never stop doing what I do. I was about to stop blogging about it, or more accurately, I was going to stop the one way harassment.

I wouldn't allow myself to be shoved into these decisions yet I expected all my readers to do just that. On my say so. It was arrogant and unrealistic.


Captain Ranty said...


Thank YOU.

I wobbled. I am okay now.


Captain Ranty said...


You are absolutely right.

One war at a time. When we defeat the EU a lot of the confusion will melt away.

Then we can concentrate on fixing our own nation.

I think that is why I blog so much about the EU. It has an inherently evil feel to it. Nothing good will come from its continuation.

But I did think that starving the government here would force them to stop sending our money over there. The new boss simply gives the EU the account numbers and says "Help yourself", like the old boss did.


NewsboyCap said...

What's going on? something happened?
who won? no? whatever!!!
Ah well back to sleep nite nite!!

Captain Ranty said...


No promises! I am human after all.

I do not doubt my commitment but I did worry about charging over the top and being alone. I don't think that way anymore.

Kind people made it all better...


Captain Ranty said...


It was just a burp.

We all got over it.

Don't you dare go back to sleep! Too many of those as it is!


n said...

Not a chance the fun's just begun
I have the same (waste of space)MP
as Mr. numba cruncha WE love him, he's in for some serious questioning
on the 17th.Hope the police are in attendance we may get the cock arrested for his treasonous ways since 1997.Oh what a tangled web they weave....... something like that.

defender said...

Whatever else you do today, watch this:

Jacobite said...

Great news capt, count me in as one of your troopers. I know I am an apprentice to your wise words but I think at heart I have always been a libertarian.

Anonymous said...


I missed the announcement last night or I too would have added my pleadings. Thank fuck you were persuaded to stay.

I am one of the watchers using your site as a learning tool. I don’t comment, apart from when you say you are packing it all in.

However you and your mates have given me the enormous power of using the word NO in my day to day life.

For that I thank you.

Keep on Ranting!

richard said...

Cap, glad you're still here. And thanks, especially for what you said when I commented on 16th october "unchained, released, free". Meant a lot to me, more than the cash I've saved by asking for lawful contracts. So don't think your words have been ineffective, because they haven't. Thank you again.

IanPJ said...


Good to have you back in the land of the living.

We all have a duty to uphold our common law, you show the way more than most. Well done.

If I may, a Quote:

The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.
Winston Churchill

Caratacus said...

What Mac said at 10:32...

I can lift heavy weights but am stricken in the grey cells dept. All properly laid out and I'm OK!

ReefKnot said...

Great news Captain,

I can continue to read your excellent postings ! Welcome back !

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks all.

It is good to be back after my extended break!

This.....blip caused me to do some heavy thinking, so it was helpful.

I am back in the groove.

Your support is fantastic. Thanks again for that.


Happy Hengist - in lawful rebellion said...

Good stuff Cap'n - good to have you acknowledge you just needed a good talking to by the peeps who love you!

Not really bothered if the "system" isn't fixed; probably best if it just commits suicide. Something it seems to be capable of doing itself just like the rapacious but inherently doomed dinosaurs of old.

Real life for many of us goes on without the "system" and those of us who are working earnestly (and it is not yet possible to be completely free of it shackles on this tiny overcrowded island) to be less affected by the system and all its insidious works are feeling quite chuffed by having a bash at the system when we can. We are but ants on the t-rex's back at the moment but we will soon terrify and bring down the stinking beast. That's enough zoological figures of speech for one posting!

Let's all keep doing our little bit of rebellion and keep persuading others. Don't waste time on the sheeples!

DAD said...

Does anyone know the exact title of the 1911 act?


DAD said...

No worries. I've just found it.

Anonymous said...

When I said "Same time tomorrow then Cap'n", I wasn't meaning it quite so literally.... I wasn't expecting a couple of postings right away, I would have understood if you had taken a week off, you wally!

I'd like to say good to have you back, but then, erm.... you didn't really go away, so fuck it.

Sleeves up and back to work! Onwards, as they say.


PS. It is good to "have you back" though.... just waiting for the missus to come home and say "so, he's back then?"

banned said...

Welcome back Captain, all present and correct.

@Defender, great link, 14,00 views, up from a few hundred yesterday.

Fatmanchris said...

Cap'n, so glad to see your not gonna stop, tptb wont stop and neither will we! i first found your blog a while ago after reading penguins and tax collectors HMRC battle, I am in LR and i have met many others on my travels through Europe, Asia, and now Australia, word is spreading, people ARE waking up, many are just scared, the conditioning is huge, breaking the spell is a massive feat but it is the snowball effect. Whatever you decide to do your rants have been inspirational to many, thank you.

Autonomous Mind said...

A very sensible and welcome decision. Up and at 'em Cap'n.