December 04, 2010

My Sacrifice


I was 17 years old.

I left my one true love to go and defend the realm from attackers foreign and domestic.

It broke my heart to leave my girl, but knowing I was dressed in olive green and doing something worthwhile meant everything. I was on the front line. My life expectancy was 26 minutes, if the brown stuff hit the twirly thing. I stood within three feet of a thermonuclear device. I stood on the line. Ready to die, if need be. More than ready, I was willing.

If only I knew then what I knew now....

Seven years I gave to the queen. And to my country. And to YOU.

And now?

She doesn't call, she doesn't write, and I have been forced to swear allegiance to the Barons Committee.

Wake up, Brenda, for fuxake!

Before you lose all of us.



sike said...

Any news or more infomation about those elusive Barons?

Anonymous said...


How do we change society when people continue to promote the following:

"Seven years I gave to the queen. And to my country. And to YOU."

You were lied to. You weren't fighting for me nor anyone else within the UK, doing their average 9-5. You were fighting for the bankers, the gun runners and arms manufacturers, the oil barons and drug lords, the MI5's/CIA's/FBI's and Mossads.
You were told you were fighting for us yet you weren't. Who's going to attack Britain Captain? Think about it? I'll be the thorn in your side on this article and I really don't care if it means we don't ever speak again, but who is going to invade us? Italy? Germany? France? Sweden? Spain? USA?.....

No one is, well tell a lie, I have a feeling that someday the Armed Forces will be called out to enforce martial law and those whom they signed up to protect they'll be killing.

If no one joined the armed forces, or the police services, what power would the NWO have then? What sway and control over the public would they have? They'd have fuck all, no more bullying, no more controlling. The people are fucking up society for one another, being the useful shills for the idiots, believing their lies and nothing more. They have forgetten how to think. They do the job. They get paid. Life continues.

There are no heroes. Those coming back in body bags, driven through Wooten Bassett have given their lives for corporations and bankers and all the other controllers in life. They haven't died for me. They're murdering Afghans and Iraqis, who are defending their lands from the lands they've invaded. They're no different to the nazis who invaded Poland and Czechoslovakia, or the Russian who did the same not long after. They're an invading force and they're continuing to do the will of those who send them off to their deaths, while the MSM continues to paint them as heroes. Heroes to who Captain? Tell me who? Would they still be heroes because they're killing Britons when they're told to patrol the streets and kill terrorists/dissidents who disagree with government/EU/World government policy, that is killing those who don't want to be controlled by unelected bureaucrats, obliterating their culture and traditions?

Face it Ranty, joining the army is the same as the police. You're all nothing but controlled automatons, trained to murder those whom your controllers wish to kill and the MSM promotes the propaganda that you're all fucking heroes, when you've invaded foreign lands, left children orphans and parents childless. What's it all about Captain? Time to take off the blinkers and look at reality. The British Army is as what it's always been a mercenary army for the NWO, as it carves up the world for monetary gain and world control. Nothing changes, every war was created on purpose and our armed forces are the bloodiest of the lot. There is no honour amongst our armed forces. They've killed millions in their time and will continue to do so until people say enough is enough.

Captain Ranty said...

I cannot disagree with a single word.

I was that idiot. I was sold on the idea that I was a good man, doing good work, for good people and for good reason.

I wasn't, and I wasn't, I wasn't and I wasn't.

It was a sham.

But, the world looks clearer when you are looking over your shoulder. Hindsight, they say, is 20/20.

No regrets. (Although the posts' theme was one of regret).

Onwards. Upwards. Fuckwards.

My job, which they trained me well for, is obstruction, destruction, chaos and disorder.

I am up for it. I will be all I can be. This time I will do it for free.


Anonymous said...

And full respect for you honesty. Guaranteed though, you most certainly won't be alone. I've certainly got a fuck of a lot of scores to settle with those who choose to control me. And no doubt where I have, many do also.

banned said...

Reminds of that old spoof poster

Join The British Army
Learn New Skills and Get a Trade
Visit Exotic Countries
Meet New People
And Kill Them.

Anonymous said...

Malvinas son Argentinas

I expect the Argies to invade as "our" "heroic" troops are getting the drugs from Afgunystan for the CIA

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Well Captain at least you got good training to fight back and the fighting spirit to do so and guess what,,it is still for the people!

God Bless and keep it up!

Jacobite said...

Capt like you I served in the army I to enlisted as a young chap. At the time I thought that Britain was the most democratic and free nation in the world. As my forefathers did I served in a Highland regiment.Serving in the army did open my mind to questions like what is war, why do we fight wars, I seemed to go through an internal conflict being trained in the art of making war I think most free thinking soldiers face this dilemma.My old boss David Blair was blown to fuck at warrenpoint, what a waste.Harby's post is on the money when you can see the big picture,although I think our lads in Afganistan are victims too

microdave said...

@ banned - I had the Tee Shirt (or it might have been an RAF version, my memory is failing). Anyway, I was wearing it one day when I had to visit some military married quarters to effect some repairs.....

Suffice to say the (fairly senior) occupants of the property were not amused!