December 06, 2010

Bank Run 7th December

This campaign has rattled a few cages.

Look at this!

If you didn't give your bank the required notice to withdraw your OWN money, fear not. You can still demonstrate your power by taking the maximum out.

Show them exactly who holds the reins.

For hundreds of years they thought they were in charge.

Prove them wrong!


Tip of the beret to our good pal Mescalito for the reminder and the link to the story.


The Wasp said...

I will be definitely be taking out my December spending money all in one go tomorrow.

Cash all the way for the rest of the month.

It will be interesting to see how many cash machines have "This machine is temporarily out of service ... " messages displayed.

Captain Ranty said...

Good for you Waspy!

I will be going into the bank. The machines limit what you can get out.


Mr Numba Cruncha said...

I will also be paying my local licensed loan sharks a visit tomorrow. Hope those fraudsters cough up my full balance or shit is going down!!

Do you reckon they will be ready to great us with questions?

I fucking hope so!!


Captain Ranty said...

Good job NC!

They cant refuse you the maximum allowed on the day.

If they mutter and mumble it will be a sure sign they are worried.

Which is the whole point!


nominedeus said...

will be there in the mornin bag in hand to withdraw it all ...and the overdraft facility

Captain Ranty said...

Watch out for any shifty looking bastards outside.

By which I mean coppers or taxmen.


Mr Numba Cruncha said...

Mutter and Mumble......2 words that sum up RBS perfectly!!

I've managed to weed out all my direct debits, next job is to close up shop completely. Me an the banksters are going our separate ways Cap'n!!


mescalito said...

excellent smithers...

ile take out my maximum then return the following day for the rest :)

Smoking Hot said...

I don't have any money in any banks. l withdrew all of it a while back. At first they were saying l couldn't withdraw it but l kicked off and got everything. Just stand your ground ... it's your money not theirs!

mescalito said...

when you deposit your money into the banks it legally becomes theirs,as established in case law going back over 200 years, but yes, smoking hots got the right idea, stand your ground, kick off a bit if you have to.

please folks, if you unsure about sending affidavits, not paying council tax ect, ect, then this is one thing we can all do easily without fear, if you cant withdraw today, withdraw tomorrow, if you cant tomorrow, then as soon as possible.

i heard on the radio recently that more and more people are withdrawing their cash and keeping it at home.

leave in what you need to pay your bills, take the rest and run, this is our strongest and most effective weapon against the tyranny that enslaves us, today will send a message to those who think they have control, to those who think they are untouchable, today we send the message that we are not thick, uneducated sheeple,we are far from helpless, we are aware of their fraud, we are awake, we are angry and that we are taking back what's rightfully ours, we are taking back our power and our freedom!

Jacobite said...

Withdrew mine last week

Anonymous said...

Withdrew all my millions from the RBS.
Told the wifie aboot Bank Run as she did not know aboot it.

The Lizard King said...


I find myself ahead of the curve,for a change,nice!

Edo said...

With cash amounting to something in the region of 1% of all the 'money' in circulation, I don't think this action will have much effect, if any.

Remember that it's just worthless paper after all.

If anything, it gives the banks just the excuse they need to get rid of that last 1% alltogether.

IMHO, the most effective method, is not to withdraw the cash so much, as use it exclusively to pay for goods and services. Don't withdraw just what you need for your spending money and leave what's left to pay your bills electronically, take the whole lot out and pay your bills the old fashioned way, in cash.

And yes, you can pay your mortgage in cash, I had to do so some years ago.

richard said...

Today of all days, the Bank of Ireland has a computer fault across their branches which is preventing cash withdrawals. Quelle surprise.

mescalito said...

lol, sneaky bastardo's

Umbongo said...

In reality what will the banks do? They won't pay out and will ask you - politely or otherwise - to wait 'til tomorrow or whenever. Sure they've a legal duty to cough up all your current account goodies on demand but what exactly are you going to do if they don't? Sue? Oh yes - and the response will be - 6 months on in court - "well we coughed up 24 hours later so no-one was hurt!" Which is probably true so no damages - no nothing. If the worse comes to the worst the government will print up some more notes.

Captain Ranty said...

Not even a raised eyebrow at my bank when I cleaned out my account.


mescalito said...

umbongo- doesn't matter if its today or tomo, or next week, as long as people take it out.

i very much doubt they will just print more notes because people have withdrawn theirs...

William said...

Killing direct debits is the best way to go. Always pay in legal tender which is...

Legal tender has a very narrow technical meaning in relation to the settlement of debt. If a debtor pays in legal tender the exact amount he owes under the terms of a contract, he has good defence in law if he is subsequently sued for non-payment of the debt.

You have to get the supplier of service or product to produce a contract that proves that you have accepted to pay by Direct Debit. As far as I am aware I have never seen such a contract. I don't think a Direct Debit agreement counts although I may be wrong.

I am not clued up on this but I think it is in fact illegal to charge more based on method of payment. Someone will be along shorty to shoot me down or explain it further meantime I'll keep on digging.

nominedeus said...

paid me it all out no messing!

Anonymous said...

Emptied my accounts steadily over the past year, in conjunction with lowering my salary to barely realistic levels and taking the rest in cash.

Luckily I have a very open minded employer.

Never thought it could have any real effect, just hated the thought of the buggers using it via the miracle, magical, fractional reserve system.


Anonymous said...

As said before, broke till the 10th, but would have enjoyed joining in otherwis, oh and BTW Lloyds TSB are robbing bastards...

Mr Numba Cruncha said...

Took out what I could, was told I'd need extra ID to withdraw the rest, at which point I laughed and told the bankster-lady that the only ID I own is the shitty piece of plastic they issued me with and if that's good enough to use in a cash machine or in the branch itself, then what would I possibly want more ID for!!!

I intend on writing in big bold letters on each make believe note "TRAITOR" across queenies inbred that going to far??