December 04, 2010

Freeman Shafted By Clueless Judge

Having read and re-read the newspaper report, I am certain that Freeman Mark: Bond was denied both his rights and a fair hearing. Nevertheless, it was a brave stance.

I thought I'd look at each paragraph to see what went wrong. If you prefer to read your news unfisked, click here.

First, the headline:

Norfolk tax dodger arrested...after writing to Queen

The headline nails him before we even read the first word of the report. He is already a "tax dodger", a most heinous criminal. And, "after writing to Queen"? They could just as easily have said "after breakfast" or "after watching The Wizard of Oz". He wasn't arrested for writing to the queen, as the line implies.

"A council tax dodger was arrested outside a Norwich court yesterday following a dramatic stand-off with officials because he claimed he was not a UK citizen and not liable to pay tax."

Dramatic stand-off? Images of the OK Corral leap, unbidden, into my mind. None of us are liable to pay tax so Mark is right so far.

"Mark Bond owes two years’ council tax to Broadland District Council totalling £2,211."

£2,211? The Labour government wasted over £6,000 for every second they were in charge. 

"But the 44-year-old, who calls himself a ‘Freeman-on-the-Land’ and goes under the name Mark of the Family Bond, does not accept he is liable to pay the council tax."

That is ok. He isn't liable. Council Tax, like all taxes, is an illegal demand.

"Yesterday he was dramatically arrested outside the magistrates’ court building as he took a cigarette break."

Why was it a dramatic arrest? It looks pretty peaceful from the picture they show.

"Police told him that he was under arrest and that he would be detained in the cells before he was brought before the judge later that day."

Of course he was. He attempted to starve the beast. The beast does not like to go hungry.

"Before he was led to the cells, he asked police under what authority he was being arrested and handed them a notice of intent stating that he was no longer a UK citizen. He told police that the notice had already been handed to the Queen and prime minister David Cameron."

So he provided them with lawful paperwork, which they ignored, along with their oath of office, and detained him anyway. Their masters, the bullying, threatening UK government must be obeyed at all costs. If you thought they were there to protect us, they aren't. They exist only to defend the upper echelon and to ensure that the flow of money from the slaves continues, uninterrupted.

"He then told police: “I will come peacefully but it’s under protest. I do not agree to this.”"

Good man. Always, always, always get this on record.

"He had earlier arrived at court under summons to face a charge of failure to pay his council tax.
Standing outside the entrance to Court No 2, he refused to enter until District Judge Philip Browning answered his question: “Can I enter this court with my God-given, inalienable rights intact?”"

A reasonable question. One we must always ask before entering their commercial world.

"Mr Browning did not reply to the question so Bond declined to enter the court room."

Of course he did not reply. It isn't in his script.Mark was right to stay outside the judges jurisdiction. He asked a simple lawful question. He wanted to assert his rights but the judge cares not a jot for rights. There is money to be collected here today. This is about keeping the business machine oiled.

"Mr Browning then said that if Bond stayed outside he would deal with the case in his absence, and he issued a warrant for his arrest without bail."

And here we depart from common law and get back into the bullying tactics they always fall back on. 

"Speaking to the Evening News outside the court building, Bond said that he was willing to go to jail for his beliefs."

Sadly, it may take many of us to fill up the gaols until we get this mess fixed.

"The odd job man, who works from his home at Moulton St Mary, near Acle, said that he had paid taxes in the past, but had recently joined the ‘Freeman-on-the-Land’ group, which was a worldwide organisation of people who had revoked consent to be governed by human laws."

"Human laws"? This is not a term I am familiar with. Never heard of it, so I am assuming the reporter made it up.

He said: “At no time have I refused to pay the council tax. I have written to Broadland for proof of the bill, but it has ignored my request and just said that ‘You are going to pay’.

A crucial point this. Never ever refuse to pay. Always ask them to verify and validate the "debt". Ask for a bill. What plops through the letterbox isn't even a distant relation to a proper bill. We don't get bills, we get issued demands. The Bills of Exchange Act 1882 is explicit on this. Read it, and then start asking your council, or HMRC or whoever is demanding monies from you, to send you a bill. They can't and they wont. It is vital to remove controversy. Always make a conditional offer to pay.

“Today I asked the judge to walk into the court under common law and not commercial law. If I had entered under commercial law it would prove that I accepted its law. I was denied my rights to go in there. All councils and courts are private, profit-making organisations. and it’s all a money-making scam.” Bond said that his partner, Beverley Clarke thought he was “mad” when he first told her of his new beliefs, but she had now accepted his views."

Another reasonable, and lawful, request. He was denied his rights and the judge decided to play the game according to their rules.

"When he appeared in custody later in the day, representing himself, he accepted “under duress” that he owed the council tax money, but said that he had no income and did not claim any benefits, as he was no longer a UK citizen."

Duress is a powerful word to use. He was forced to admit that he owed money that he did not, nor never will owe.

"He was handed a suspended three-month jail sentence on condition that he pay £20 a week off the debt."

I hope he appeals. This is an abomination. I have seen murders get off with less punishment. See what happens when you hang on to your own hard earned money?

"A Broadland Council spokesman said afterwards that Bond had sent several letters to the council asking for information about why he was liable to pay the council tax."

We call them "Notices", because they are notices. They are not letters. They have legal and lawful weight. But the council lawyers either do not know this, or they ignore the law.

"The council said that written replies had been made to all these letters, apart from the last, which was received on Tuesday. Because of the nearness to the court date, an officer telephoned Bond.
There were previous, preliminary court hearings in March and September to establish that Bond did owe the money, a council spokesman said."

And yet you did not establish that Mark owed you anything. You dragged him to court anyway, knowing that old judgy up there would do exactly what you wanted.

"Broadland’s local taxation manager, Simon Quilter, who prosecuted Bond in court, said: “Several officers have spoken to Mr Bond and explained the help he could re-ceive if he has trouble paying the bill, although we are not aware that this is the case. We will always try and help people if they have difficulty, but at the end of the day, if they choose not to pay, they will end up in court.”

Of course they will end up in court. You cannot justify your illegal demands for money so you resort to force. When the only tool you have in the box is a hammer, all you will ever see are nails.It seems to me that he merely asked you to prove something. You couldn't so you reached automatically for the hammer.

"According to the website, being a freeman means freedom from police intimidation and harassment, freedom from law courts, and freedom from tax bills, etc."

Fair enough so far, but it would have been even fairer if you mentioned that it is a two way street. Freemen do not want to contribute but neither do they want anything out of the system. It's supposed to be an amicable split from the state.

"It claims that a Freeman-on-the-land isn’t someone who remains outside the law, so it is not a proposition for anarchy."

In actual fact, we swear an oath not to cause harm injury or loss to other humans. Parking on a double-yellow line causes no loss to another human, nor does driving at 60 in a 50mph zone. We take full personal responsibility for our actions. This is taboo in the nation we inhabit today. It's always someone else's fault. Not in the Freeman philosophy it isn't.

"The website continues: “But - it all depends on what is meant by ‘law’. And that’s the catch. What you have grown up to assume is ‘the law’ is not, in point of fact, the law. That’s The Grand Deception. Once you know the deception, and what the law actually is, you’ll realise how the wool has been firmly and deliberately pulled over your eyes.”

All true. They have taken this from the website Veronica: Chapman created. Go find it and read everything in those introductory pages. It is deliberately basic. There are no bells, no whistles, just the plain truth. It will mess with your head for a while. The task you take on is to remove one reality and you need a new reality to replace the old one with. Approach it with an open mind and you will be just fine.

"Freemen-of-the-land have previously challenged court cases across the country and some have even videotaped proceedings, posting the results on YouTube."

Yes, this is true. And we have had some great successes. They don't get quite the coverage that the failures get. But as I keep saying, this movement is crawling. Watch as we learn to walk, then run. It will be amazing.

Still no word from HMRC on my case. I fully expect to have to go through the charade that Mark just went through. I am looking forward to it.



Angry Exile said...

Also another example of a lazy and/or ignorant journo confusing anarchy and chaos. It's like the way the meaning of liberal has been twisted to refer to people who are frequently highly illiberal. It really pisses me off when they do that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Council Tax Section
Broadland District Council
Thorpe Lodge
1 Yarmouth Road
Thorpe St Andrew
Norwich NR7 0DU
tel: 01603 430600/430601
fax: 01603 430531

Anonymous said...

Videos at:

Anonymous said...

TUPC Forum thread

William said...

Small victory
United Utilities imposed a 41 day hosepipe ban on my home.
United Utilities didn't offer any discount for failing to supply unlimited water to my home and sent their demand for the second half of the water rates charge.
I calculated my own discount and sent the payment in net of the discount and along with an explanatory letter showing how I'd worked my discount out and asking for 'proof of contract' between United Utilities and myself.

A week later a letter arrived from United Utilities. They accepted my payment and although they do not 'normally' allow customers to calculate their own discounts in this instance they 'magically' credited my account to make their numbers add up although they made it plain it was a 'one off'.
This is proof that money isn't real and credits are created out of thin air if you have the right computer!

Interestingly they ignored my request for proof of contract so I am presuming that the same applies to gas, water, telephone, broadband and even council tax and income tax.
The signed contracts simply don't exist and therefore these 'companies' have no standing in a commercial court because they cannot provide proof that I or anyone else has signed a contract and all the commercial court has left is threats of violence or imprisonment with the caveat of 'cough up and all will be well' and of course a complicit media to write it all up in 'the correct manner'.
Never mind starving the beast stop buying newspapers and if you are in business stop advertising in them!

2011 is going to be very, very interesting.


nominedeus said...

sounds like commercial lien time!

Anonymous said...

Well I've been reading that darn old Bible again - but I'm not posting this to preach. But, I do find some interesting things in it and it really follows the same presentation made above, the same theme, throughout, particularly in the new testament, where this reference to "the mystery" being made known comes up a lot.

It seems there are two sets of laws. There is law of man and law of God. Law of God says you are free to do as you please as long as you do unto others as you would have them do unto you (do no harm) and hold only the one true God as God and worship no false idols (false gods of government, politics, MSM propaganda, etc.).

It sometimes also breaks it down between "living by the flesh" and "living by the spirit". Living by the flesh means living by the laws of man, which only concerns the material establishment of the physical world, and thus the state apparatus as government prevails, the proverbial hammer and nails, everyone enslaved by the material/worldly government by force, by "rule of man". Where-as living by the spirit means by the laws of God, the opposite of those of man, which says do unto others, no harm, and abide in the one true law, which is "God", the concept being what is rightfully yours, by matter of birth - which no government can rightfully take from you, except by force or by clever use of propaganda to create the illusion to make you believe you must obey, which is usually pretty much the bulk of the population on the planet earth at any given moment.

I hope this man can find the spirit to defend his inalienable rights, under God, under freedom instilled by birth, against that imposed artifically, materially, by earthly rulers who only know power of force, lies and propaganda.

I could say "Amen", but I promised this wasn't to preach or convert - but "just saying", this theme, it's very much at the core of what I'm reading in this book I was talking about.

Also, if this is a very valid theme and classical, in the sense ageless, then it might explain why over the course of history, government powers wax and wane, why large numbers of people remain sleeping, consciously unaware of their rights under "God", but then it is the "spirit" that awakens when enough is enough, and the idea of no longer accepting it descends upon a large number, eventually everyone, and a revolution or major historical change, takes place.

Again, I'm "just saying", it's in that book, this same theme and I think it's a valid, moral and upright way of thinking, what is described above, what this man is going through - he is justified for doing so - and something unfortunately if you look to the religious leaders of this day and time, they all seem to have fallen asleep and aren't teaching what they could be teaching to help enlighten more people to the facts as outlined in the very books they claim give them the right to shepherd their flocks.

Just my opinion, ignorant though I may be or sound.

William said...

Is bloody blogger playing silly buggers with comments again?
Posted one earlier today, said it had been recorded even showed a page with it on and now it's vanished!

Pesky Anonymous said...

To look on the bright side, all publicity is good publicity.
I don't think the journo did a bad job myself. Overall he seems to have put both sides of the story rather than a positive slapdown. Who knows, he may have had the reaction of his editor to consider.
Either way, there's a few more folks in Norfolk who will now know of FMOTL, and that there is a website. And of those, who knows how many seeds will grow?

And full marks to Mark:Bond for having a go.

@ William

I saw your comment, and wondered why it had vanished.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Crikey! So not feeding the government is now considered crime #1 in our society?

It seems the idea is catching. Watch commenters here call for 'unhealthy' people to be deprived of treatment without any corresponding refund of the insurance they paid to expect it.

I'm sometimes staggered by the ignorance inherent in my fellow man.

Lock your doors people, it's going to be a rocky ride.

mescalito said...

denying us our minimal rights, tsk, tsk.
the finish line just got a few more steps away!

well done to mr bond though, hope he does enforce liens on the mo fo's.

Zaphod said...

The report in the newspaper was surprisingly good! A lot better than we've come to expect from them. It must have made a few people think.

Anonymous said...


What makes me laugh is that the newspaper article is obviously trying to make him out to be a crook as you know. After all that's what the media does. It's no longer there (was it ever there other than a propaganda promoter for TPTB?) to there to be impartial but merely to, well, continue to play as the fence, herding the sheep ever onwards.

What makes me laugh even more is that people who read this will say:

"Typical isn't it? Look at this bum, trying to get away without paying his taxes. How on earth does he expect the council to pay the staff to look after our city, such as the police, binmen, roadsweepers, garden workers and other council employees? Why should he get away with paying taxes when we have to?"

and yet they are oblivious to the very fact that this man is actually trying to tell them all, by his admirable actions, that council taxes and taxes are illegal, in that they can only be enforced by the consent of the people and is actually trying to help them all to see they don't have to pay a penny to the government of their hard earned money!

This is why I got the way I did yesterday, angry and the such. The very people who are making our lives a misery are the people, not tptb, for tptb are not working for the council; they are not working as police; they are not working as lawyers and judges; they are not working as social workers to take away our children; they are not working as politicians in government. They are merely telling them what to do and if these fuckwits had any morals, any love for their fellow man they'd tell tptb to to fuck right off!

It makes me laugh when I think that within the Broadland District Council, Civil court, it will have been filled with a judge, clerks and security who are happy to prosecute a man, who is telling them they don't have to pay the council tax because it's 100% illegal and if they showed some backbone, they could rebel and win against their controllers and have a far better society.

People in life Captain want to be oppressed. This is why I think fuck 'em. Ok it takes time for people to wake up but come on, the FMOTL movement is all over the internet and I know that people are talking to one another about it and yet people still look at you as though your mad when you try and tell them they can have their freedom from authority control and yet still choose to go back and sit in their fucking cages, to be abused some more.

When are people going to wake up? I don't think they will. People have come throuhout time to warn them and they still don't listen.

Anonymous said...

William, it's the SPAM filter kicking in. All posts are posted, but then removed if believed to be SPAM. Captain will put it back up when he looks in his folder.

Anonymous said...

Dora the Explorer says :-

Reasonably presented news article but how funny is the comment under a photograph of two uniformed policemen surrounding Mark Bond.

"Mark Bond(centre with glasses"

How dim do they think their readers are ?

mescalito said...

harbinger- what is the answer to the sheeple when they ask... ' well if we dont pay our council tax how will we have the services it provides, like bin collection, police ect, ect???'

English rebel said...

So it seems that sending people to jail is the ultimate sanction but while many people understandably fear imprisonment is it really THAT bad? Note that Mr. Bond reecived a suspended sentence probably cos they can't afford to actually jail him! It costs the State about £1000 a week to keep a prisoner inside so I reckon that 3 months inside (probably serve just have that) is good value for money. Not only would the council tax rebel not be contributing lets so £1000-£1500 to the pockets of the State but cost the state £6000 in the process plus court and police time. I dont really want to lose my liberty for 6 weeks but if that is the worse the State can hand out then so be it. There is free use of gym, SKY tv, workshops, library and free dentist. I'll way too old and ugly to worry about being someone's bitch BUT and here is the rub, I work for myself and there will be the slight problem of not having any income for 6 weeks - that's a lot of lost income. Anyone know if you can get an insurance policy against losing income while in jail?

Anonymous said...


"what is the answer to the sheeple when they ask... ' well if we dont pay our council tax how will we have the services it provides, like bin collection, police ect, ect???'"

The answer to the sheeple is a simple one - how on earth do you think the council managed before council tax? Again nothing but propaganda. They did the same with the immigrants coming from the West Indies on the Wind Rush. The tired old excuse was of course - "The W.Indians did the jobs the British wouldn't." and everyone has bought it. Marvelous what MSM indoctrination does eh? After all, how on earth did Britain manage before all those waves of immigrants? Who, after all, did ALL THOSE JOBS the indigenous wouldn't if there was no one but indigenous to do them? LOL

mescalito said...

of course, of course....

my partners Slovakian her family pay 10 Euro a year council tax and their roads are spotless when it snows, we pay on average a 1000 a year and the fuckers don't even have enough salt for the roads.

i was only 9 when they tried to introduce poll tax so it didn't concern me as i was to busy making my teenage mutant hero turtles gang bang barbie while ken was made to watch crying in the corner. i only have the memory of the riots connect with poll tax, i must read into it more.

Anonymous said...

I was a bit older than you Mescalito. When the Poll tax riots hit I was 19.

I remember it getting so cold in Dundee, where I grew up, that in the late 70's the River Tay froze over and you could skate on parts of it. It was bloody freezing. The difference then compared to today? Well, all of the streets in the city were cleared by manual council workers, who then salted them. All the roads were clear and we're even talking in the schemes around abouts. The City of Dundee never stopped. There has been no snowfall for a couple of days and the streets are piled high with snow. There are no council workers sweeping the snow of the streets and the snow plughs/gritter only come around once I day I reckon, unlike every hour when I was growing up.

Who do I blame - guess? Not the councilors, but the people again. They accept this shit service and worse still condone the behaviour of their own elected elites. I'm rapidly falling foul of people in the UK. They are fucking sheep and I'm now seriously pondering the idea of letting them drown in their own shite. The more I find out about British history, the more I find out about the British playwrights, authors, scientists etc etc, those whom I used to speak highly of, the more I am abhorred by their actions. For the more I find out about them the more I realise that these cunts, these socialist fucks are responsible for much of the problems within this world. Sure, many of them are all connected to secret societies, but nonetheless, they're not good people. I see myself, as soon as I can get work and save some money up, leaving this god forsaken shithole, whose history is not built on integrity but the exact opposite - the continued persecution of people, not just around the UK but within its own borders.

Britain is not great. It never has been. We have all just been programmed to believe so and yet, many people continue to champion this land when they are oblivious that the people whom they believed championed them, did nothing of the sort. It was a free-for-all and the person who got to the top of the hill first, could shit on everyone else below.

mescalito said...

i agree, thanks for the history lesson.
im of to Slovakia in the middle of next year, easier life style, i do believe England can be great but its a fucking mess at the mo and it is the peoples fault for bending over and taking the shafting without even questioning why.
what will it take to get people of the bench and into the game????

Anonymous said...

I called and explained Coooncil Tax to a charming young lady at:

Council Tax Section
Broadland District Council
Thorpe Lodge
1 Yarmouth Road
Thorpe St Andrew
Norwich NR7 0DU
tel: 01603 430600/430601

Captain Ranty said...

What did she say?

William said...

From my research which isn't deep more 'inside knowledge' from a couple of friendly real prison warders you know those not employed by Group4 or Reliance is that it costs in excess of £3K a week to keep a human being in prison.

Compare this against how much money it costs you to live for a week and you begin to get a grasp of how much taxpayers cash is transferred into private hands by 'state services'.
Tip of the bloody iceberg.

English rebel said...

" costs in excess of £3K a week to keep a human being in prison."

Blimey!!! It would be cheaper for the tw4ts toput me up in the Mayfair Hotel where a week's stay in a "superior room" is just £1,827.12.

What the feckers playing at giving all this (OUR) money to their pals in the private sector?

If 100,000 of us were willing to be sent to prison and every single one of us were to demand our "rights" as prisoners wonder where they woud send us all given that the prison capacity is about 85% and pretty close to full at any given time? Maybe they will open up the prison market across the EU and British tax rebels end up in Greece or Romania?