December 17, 2010

Democracy Is Dead

I have written many times on here about the utter idleness of the Westmonsterites.

It seems that even listening to new European legislation is far too tiring for the lazy fuckwits. Something had to be done.

"How can we do even less for the staggering salaries and perks we get from the gormless, uncaring, comatose taxpayers?", they asked themselves.

The answer came sharply enough.

"We won't bother reading all that guff from the EU. We'll just cut & paste it directly into the rolls. No point reading it anyway. It doesn't affect us, just the terminally stupid out there".

And so it came to pass. Uncle Bill has the details.

Dear. Sweet. Fucking. Jesus.

Why do we allow this? Why do we just take this shit all day, every day? Why hasn't there been a massively increased demand for piano wire?

What will it take, your humble Captain asks, for us to rise up?



mescalito said...

RANTY MAN, and everyone else, have you read this its about courts and the cestui que vie trust.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Mescalito.

I was going to do that tomorrow. I have begun writing the post. (I started it earlier this week when you left the link).

Too much other shit going off....


William said...

There is no such thing as democracy. Voting is a sham. IanPJ has it all covered on his blog and I am 100% with him.
It's impossible to put a ciggie paper between any flavour of Westminster politics. It's all a massive charade that is only now revealing itself in its true colours.
We have a blue and yellow government implementing the real blue and yellow governments statutes. Brazen aren't they?

Still it's snowing now and every paper is 'forecasting' a ten inch covering for the whole of Britain so even if they are half right it will dominate the 'news' for days on end which will guarantee that by the time the inevitable thaw comes along this 'cut & paste' news will be history.

Anonymous said...


So, as I've always maintained, voting changes nothing.

It baffles me, why the people of Ireland, on finding out last week that AIG were paying out bonuses after being bailed out, didn't simply down tools and tell all employers to get fucked. "We're not returning to work until this is sorted out." Simple. Hard, but simple.

This is what "worries" me about some of the comments from your other post "Stupid No More", when people say we're not there yet.

Where? Where is this destination, this "place" where we're going to be "ready"?

If you didn't think the time was when you were being lied to, sending your children to war....

If you didn't think the time was right when YOUR money was being handed left right and centre to banks, especially now it's being shovelled out the back door as bonuses....

If you don't think it time when to fly anywhere, my choice is to have my son and daughter x-rayed, of which no amount is safe, whatever may be said, or have their genitals groped, by persons with paedophile tendancies (Ex-TSA Worker Faces Porn Charges, for fucks sake, I don't fucking grope my daughters vagina, why the fuck should I allow someone else to?

And if you don't think the time is right when an illegal immigrant with "previous" for burglary not to mention numerous car offences can kill a young child and in effect get out of it....

.... then get real. You're never going to do anything.

I'm more convinced than ever, that it doesn't this place, this time, exists. You're either ready or you're not.

Either way, the time is now.


PS. Sorry if I went off topic, I'm a bit pissed off at the moment. Can you tell?....

defender said...


defender said...

Ranty, perhaps we should look abroad for some ideas, they are people in many other countries who are having the very same difficulties as we are. We are all trying to slay the same dragon. We will all have to fight the same enemies, at the same time (broadly), and we are all seeking pretty much the same thing.

Anyway, I was reading this earlier,

"So, what do we do as citizens to change the political course in America, and the Western world? Where do we start? How do we end the Banking Security State and The War on Terror? We should start in the beginning. We should begin by stating the cold, hard facts. We should stop lying to ourselves about how the world is currently governed. Many of us have already started on this journey, but the entire culture and society must now do the same, and enter the process of education and renewal.

Letting go of myths and false historical narratives is psychologically difficult, and in some cases impossible, because the stories we tell ourselves shape our personal beliefs and guide our actions, but learning the truth about the depths of modern political corruption in America and other Western countries is a matter of changing the course of human civilization so if we don’t grow up now then we may forever be stuck in a dark wonderland, cursed with a false historical consciousness."

Witterings from Witney said...

Cr, I have just offered Uncle Bill all 600 odd of our Cameroonies and Huhnies for free! Not too sure though that he will accept!

NewsboyCap said...


You could have read my mind. Just back from questioning my local trougher. Treasonous bastard admitted he has never read any treaty since 1997,never read The Bill of Rights,
to busy down there, WTF IS HE DOING
Would not answer any question I put to him. Thinks that every single one of us would have been unemployed'the next day' if the BANKS had failed.Thinks that public sector workers 'pay tax' rather than recycled private sector tax.
The man's an idiot he has to be removed one way or another, preferably the other way, the time is NOW, HEADS ON PIKES. NOW,NOW,NOW.

Anonymous said...

Nail the fuckers up.
Easy to say but we are all too frightened of losing what little we have in the innevitable chaos of a world without (incompetent and corrupt) government and the banksters that support it. We will, therefore, cling to the wreckage of an imperfect system in the hope that we can recover what we thought we once had.
Mostly, we are all sheep, ne lambs.

catmar said...


Firstly let me thank you for listing my bad attempt at blogging on your blog roll.

Secondly democracy has been dead for quite some time I believe, but it has over the last ten years or so got in your face, anyone with a modicum of active brain tissue can see that.

In my previous comment to you I had said that we are not quite there yet and I will stand by that statement. We as awake individuals are at the point where we would take sterner corrective action, but the vast majority of our brothers and sisters in the UK are still sleeping and will only awaken when they get kicked out of their stupor.

I would like to stay with plan "A" for a month or two before reverting to plan "B" just so we have a greater chance of getting a few more people aware of what's going on around them while they were watching fabricated news bites or watching the latest TV craze.

I have made a suggestion on my blog if anyone is interested in taking a look.

When things go pear shaped and I am sure it will then we can say we gave it our best but violence is the only way we have to correct the situation, then I am with you as I would rather die on my feet than grovel around on my knees as a slave to rich psychotics who believe they own us just because they are good at stealing and conniving like a common criminal.

mescalito said...

nice one ranty, look forward to the post and your thoughts on it....