December 31, 2010

Ranty's Resolutions

I would like to make public my resolutions for the New Year.

In no particular order, they are:

1. To continue to say "No", politely and firmly, to anyone making "demands" of me.

2. To remain in Lawful Rebellion*.

3. To continue to live life as a Freeman and a sovereign human being.

4. To win my battle with HMRC. Conclusively.

5. To pick a fight with the local council over Council Tax.

6. To smoke as much as I want to.

7. To drink as much as I want to.

8. To eat whatever I want to.

9. To deny the government answers to their invasive census questions.

10. To not vote in the Scottish elections**.

11. To cause as much trouble as I can for any government official.

12. To continue to cause no harm, injury or loss to my fellow humans.

*Although there is no requirement to, I have renewed my affidavits to queenie. 40 days ago I sent affidavit No. 1 and just moments ago I sent affidavit No. 2. She now has four affidavits from me but I seriously doubt that she is aware of them. It matters not. They have been served and they are my shield in the days to come.

**There is no point. I have no government. I have disengaged and disempowered them.

A new year dawns. It promises to bring new challenges, new battles, and new victories.

My weapon of choice remains the humble Bic. Long may that continue.

If it doesn't, I am prepared to use something a lot sharper. "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst" seems to be sage advice.

Be well, be happy, and be safe in 2011.

Thank you all for making this blog more successful than it ought to be.



Bucko said...

Have a good one Captain, and good luck with the resolutions.

joe said...

Happy new year Ranty.

"I have no government. I have disengaged and disempowered them."

Thats two of us Ranty,keepup the good work.

James Higham said...

N4 - a dream, a dream.

Zaphod said...

I've taken a small claims action against HMRC, for the maximum £5000, in county court. They've challenged the court's jurisdiction, claiming that "the harmful event happened in Scotland".
The "harmful event" is only an exception to the general rule, A person or corporation shall be sued in the country where they are domiciled. A corporation is domiciled where it has its registered office or some other official address.
Jurisdiction hearing, end of january. I'll win that. Then the real fight starts. I think they're scared!

Jacobite said...

Happy new year capt, your blog is the best, soon I hope to be read in the millions.

mescalito said...

happy new year all.

good resolutions ranty man.

i to have picked a fight with the council by stopping my payments, will update you as the story unfolds.

safety and peace to you all

NewsboyCap said...


Happy and prosperous New Year to you and yours.

I now its early but I suffer from premature congratulations !

Sorry,I'll get me coat.

Can't disagree with any of your resolutions,lets make the coming year the one that makes a real difference.

Lets hope that the commenter's of the last two posts can open the eyes and ears of the sleeping in this nation of ours with their greater knowledge of all things,not just religion.

Just read another great post over at Frank's place, now feel reinvigorated for the fight ahead, be it with the 'pen' or as a last resort, the 'Bow'.

I don't think we will see or hear from a 'messiah' any time soon we will have to use some of that 'Free will' that was spoken of.

TPTB are not going to surrender our Freedoms,Rights and hard Earned easily we have to take them back,take them back we must.

FireballXL5 said...

Wishing a happy and peaceful new year to the Capt. all at Ranty barracks and the many contributors.

Thanks for a great blog, keep up the good work and good luck to everyone with the forthcoming campaigns.

For my part I will continue to say NO and remain firmly under the radar.

Onward and upward!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks all!

Let's all be a pain in the arse in 2011.

Now go and get shitfaced.

(After you have read my end of year rant, natch).


richard said...

happy new year and thanks. Am shitfaced and - yes -smoking. cheers!

Fox said...

Hi Captain. Ive only just discovered your site and think its excellent and full of great stuff. wasnt sure where to say this so i figured this is as good a place as any of your posts. Im in the process of doing my first affidavit to her and rung around today to find a notary. First one said he wouldnt notarise anything to do with Magna Carta as its been repealed and has no legal (sic) standing. I got into a short debate with him about it standing above legislation and that to act according to its premises is lawful. Anyhow, he ended by saying he wasnt going to get into a debate about lawful and legal!

Second one (a big firm in Norwich) was out but i got his legal secretary. When she asked what the basic contents of the affidavit was i told her it was based on article61 of MC. She went very quiet so i said, "you do know what Magna Carta is dont you". She replied, "no, sorry, ive never heard of it".

In a weird way, both idiots made my day and strengthened my resolve. I shall now go ahead and draw it up myself and use 3 witnesses. I dont care if it is not considered as strong as using a notary (im not going to chase round the country looking for one)as i consider my 3 witnesses to be equal to a notary. Sorry to go on. Was just wondering whether you knew of anyone who has still sent the affidavit(s) off without them being notarised? I assume if theyre not rebutted then they will stand as well as a notarised one.
All the very best to you. Fantastic site. "B"

Captain Ranty said...

Hi Steven,

The single most important thing to remember is that whoever witnesses your affidavit are NOT agreeing or disagreeing with the contents. The Notary should not have refused. TPUC Forum and FMOTL both have threads with "friendly" Notaries listed.

All he/she/they are doing is affirming that they saw you sign the paperwork.

They witness your autograph and nothing else.

I use three friends. A Notaries stamp, while considered powerful, is no more powerful than getting three fellow humans to witness your autograph.

I have sent documents in with just me having autographed them. My reasoning? I am one below God. Why do I need anyone else to confirm that I did the scribbling at the bottom of a document? Anyone with eyes will be able to confirm it was me. My mark is very distinctive.

But I agree that three pals as witnesses would hold more water. If they are ever called to court all they will be asked is "Did you witness this autograph?". The contents are all yours.

If all else fails, you can pop into any Magistrates Court and get them to witness your moniker for a fiver.

Good luck. If you need anything else, just ask.


Captain Ranty said...

Oh, and some elements of MC have been repealed, but the meaty section, Chapter 61, is still alive and well!


Fox said...

Hi again Captain. Thanks very much for the speedy and very informative reply. Ive not much experience yet in these matters but am learning very fast thanks to the brilliant work being done by you and LR and TPUC. I feel the same way about getting fellow "non legal" people to witness it and am really glad at what you said. I too thought that all they were required to do was witness the sig not comment on the contents(notary that is). It was certainly the case with a mate of mine who had to get something done for a will recently. Anyway, many thanks again for your welcome comments. Peace and strength!