December 06, 2010

John Hurst Interview Tonight


You may wish to hear John Hurst speak tonight on the radio slot that Scottish Sovereigns run regularly.

They have some great speakers on and much can be learned from those fighting on the front line of freedom.

Most of us here are familiar with John and Tina's battle with the courts concerning their council tax demand.

Tune in here for an update tonight at 9 PM.


PS-no "tuning in" is required. It's just an expression us dinosaurs use. Just click the fricken link. M'kay?


mescalito said...

crap, i wont be around to listen, do they keep it fro download???

Captain Ranty said...

Yeah. There's usually a link a couple of days later.

mescalito said...

cheers ranty... tomorrow is the run on the banks,

you should remind people, this could be the start of something beautiful :)

Steven UK said...

@ Mescalito...

There is an older interview from Oct 18th on the site that's really good.

I'm currently listening to another interview at the moment.

Thanks for the link Capt R. I've not seen this site before.

Steven UK said...

Sorry forgot to add currently listening to Karl - ex police officer.

I wish I could get out of this Country like Karl did.