December 12, 2010

Hear Not The Message

Hear instead, the messenger.

This kid is mighty impressive.

For a 15 year old he speaks remarkably well. Incredibly well, in fact.

If he isn't a leader of something, somewhere, in another ten years or so, I'll eat my own swedes.

Let's just hope he is on our side, singing our song, preaching our message.



Anonymous said...


I just watched this video about an hour ago Cap'n. We must be linked telepathically. LOL

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say though that I'm not to sure about the organisation he belongs to It does seem somewhat Marxist, with essays by Trotsky and Georg Lukács.
However fair play to him standing up to the system, but I fear another socialist on his way amongst a rather large following within our younger generations.

GoodnightVienna said...

It's a shame he allies himself to the left & trade unions - he speaks well but still has a lot to learn.

Jock Coats said...

He's 15. Apparently he set up a group called "School Students Against the War" when he was thirteen. Judging by his Facebook Friends he may very well be a pupil at Cleggie's alma mater so he should likely have some very good training by the time he gets to university in both speaking confidently and in capitalism :-)

Here he is again on getting out of Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...


I have to say I'm not impressed. I really think that people of his age, at 15, getting politically motivated, when they're still blissfully ignorant on life is a worrying sign.

The biggest problem we have in life today is the fact THAT ALL WE EVER FUCKING HEAR ABOUT ARE BLOODY KIDS!!!

The voting age should be upped to 30, as by that time, the socialists will have developed some grey matter and realised that Marx was a knob and his ideology was the worst to ever hit humankind, after socialism. Watching him speak on the link on Afghanistan, it appears we have a politician in the making, there to enforce the multiculturalisation of the UK and the obliteration of the indigenous, in a lovey-dovey one world people society BOLLOX.

I think he's a danger in the making and kids getting politically active at that age, when many are completely oblivious to reality is not good but incredibly bad. It just shows that the Labour, Liberal & Conservative parties will have yet more sheeple that will support them in the creation of a one world government.

Bottom line - children should be seen and not heard. At 15 he should either be playing with playstation, Warhammer, another girl's pie or himself. He should leave politics until he's far older to understand him, instead of parrot the politicians and copy their every move. He even has the gesticulations and microphone cues to go with it all - frightening.

Anonymous said...

By the way guys, do some research on this little cunt and you'll find that he's not only a Socialist but he's also a supporter of the UAF. Charming.

So you see, when I see any little cunt like this imitating his superiors in the Labour party then I get a little concerned. I've also heard that Barnaby Raine is also a Jew, so fuck me, there you go - A Jewish socialist, UAF supporter. Well, well, well.....

I wonder what his thoughts are on the enforced multiculturalisation of the UK? I wonder what he thinks about the rise of Islam and of course the Islamisation of Bradford? Well the link above is the answer to that. This is the reality, young socialists. The fucking UK's full of them and they crawl out of every nook and cranny of the most heavily ethnically populated areas of the UK - the cities.

Like I said, our own people are the enemy. While he may be against the Afghanistan war, he's without a doubt a fucking globalist. Fuck the little cunt quite frankly. Sorry Cap'n, he's a wank, and little UAF Anti Fascist, fascist. In other words the NWO's wet dream.

Trooper Thompson said...


regarding raising the voting age to 30, I've said the same myself in the past, but don't think so now. Whilst it's true that these youngsters simply haven't lived long enough to learn the complexity of politics, unfortunately the majority of their older peers have lived long enough and still don't know jack shit.

Round my way the people are revolting against council/government cuts. So we have a struggle between the socialist laity and the socialist/interventionist hierarchy.

DAD said...

My old Dad used to say, "If you are not a socialist when you are young, you are hard of heart; but if you are still a socialist when you are middle-aged then you are soft in the head".

I have memories of another young turk who spoke well at a Consertive party conference - William Hague. He turned out to be a 'bit of a prick!'

Zaphod said...

Angry young uns tend to be socialist. It has appeal. It seems right then. (Exception- remember how creepy the young, right-wing William Hague seemed in that old vid?)

You can't be angry and right-wing, until you're a net contributor to the economy.

This kid has talent, and also has studied or been trained. There is a lot of technique there. He's not gonna shut up just because oldies tell him he's wrong! He obviously enjoys it.

Everyone below my current age has not learned enough yet to vote. And everyone older has forgotten too much. I've always thought that, always will!

CrazyDaisy said...

Capn, H,

He looked Jewish as I watched, speaks similarly to Ed Milibland and has Tony Bliar's mannerisms and diction. U seem to have done the research to back up my perceptions, I feel that my instincts are getting honed to seeing clearly who are these lying parasites. Preaching like sermon on the mount, I wonder how stupid the audience feel...what a precocious little wanker.

Like I'm bothered by what he had to say, giving the vote at 16 yo, madness they can barely write their own names!


will said...

as with all the 'anti-cuts' protests i admire the sentiment of standing against tptb but cannot agree with their money grabbing socialist thieving motives.
all this talk of voting ages is irrelevant. it merely tinkers with who can legitimise your slavery. yes we might get a less socialist state and be permitted to keep a bit of our own money but we will still be someones little tax slaves.
democracy is merely a question of who is pointing the gun. who has the coercive power over you. does it matter if its the blue team or the red team managing the slave farm?
democracy is a myth. even if it were true it would be a freedom fucker. mob rule. the ignorant masses voting in whatever forked tongue power hungry villain convinced them he was an angel.
democracy is the god that failed. i dont want to be ruled by this kid and i dont suppose he wants to be ruled by me. i dont want to rule any of you lot and i wouldnt let any of you rule me.
rather than trying to get our guy into coercive power over them and avoid them having coercive power over us why not stand against the idea of coercive power. democracy is wrong and so is the state.

Jock Coats said...

Fortunately Zaphod, I don't think that's necessarily true. There are a number of very good libertarian bloggers who are yet younger than this chap and can explain the economics of Bastiat or Hazlitt as well as any. And while precocious, they are not precious the way young Tories tend to be.

I'll await The Angry Teen's or Obscene Dilemma's take on this very privileged young man.

And I do *think* there are more like those two. Certainly on the message boards at the UK Libertarian's blog I am sure there are more very young ones too, who have all found heterodox opinions because of access to the web and so on.

I think there is some hope there.

Anonymous said...

Socialism tends to attract the young simply because they are on the whole skint.
As they grow older and accrue they very often become more conservative.

Derek said...

This young man is political fodder.

This young man reminds me of Hitler addressing a crowded stadium of followers seeking to follow.

This young man has little knowledge of the way of the world and admits such in his short speech.

And there above we have precisely one of the key indicators to political aggrandizement - repeat repeat repeat. Repeat often enough, and whatever you say will be lauded and followed as it builds repeatedly upon itself. It doesn't matter what he says, he is saying nothing that has not been said a thousand times before over centuries and longer when people are suppressed, and their plight in danger.

This young man reminds me of a teenage William Hague declaring at a University meeting in which Margaret Thatcher was present, and stating he would one day be where she is now (then).

He's gt a lot to learn.

Dioclese said...

I agree with Derek - chillingly, his delivery reminds me of Hitler.

Undoubtedly a first rate speaker. Politics definitely Old Labour so should do well under Miliband.

Whatever he says, allowing under 16 year olds to go on a demo should result in action being taken against the parents. A 13 year old on a demo? Preposterous and irresponsible.

Content? Well lots of word saying nothing on order to rouse the rabble! Typical niave student.

defender said...

He is good, unfortunately, at his age, he will proberly go full on socialist before he grows up and have to earn a living. I would class him as an upcoming month on the tit.

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Anonymous said...

if we are going win this fight against the NWO,im glad we have got him on our side and the rest of the seems this 15 year old has left some people feeling a little bit inadequate,a threat to ego.

Anonymous said...

Tony Blair was probably like this guy when he was 15. The WAR CRIMINAL Tony Blair.

The trouble with people in Politics is that most of them start with an idea when they are young (particularly Socialists) to the detriment of all others.

Being Marxist is the exact opposite of being Libertarian. Marxism and Capitalism are both Statist ideologies. Which is why we don't have a genuine free market.

When you can buy a firearm or an ounce of Weed in Tesco, then we will have a free market!

Sorry son, but you don't know shit about anything.

You can judge any Politician on their actual life experience.

This twerp will likely spend his entire life in the Public Sector, and will learn nothing about reality.

non jew with a view (njwav) said...

Yet another ideological Jew attempting to subvert an overly impressionable crowd with his Marxist overtures.
Sorry, not impressed. Yes in ten years time we will hear more from this Judaic, but only because his tribal members will be preparing his seat of power.

FireballXL5 said...

A gobshite student who naively shouts about fighting the cuts whilst at the same time thinks it ok for other less privileged taxpayers to pick up the tab for his university "education".

Looks like a clone of that hideous cunt Millibrain, god help us.

No way will he be on our side Capt. your swedes are probably safe although you can bet your bottom dollar he'll never have a real job creating wealth or employment for others. He'll be on the state teat cradle to grave, all be it a well funded (for him) teat.

Anonymous said...

By the way people,

I thought I'd say that the NWO love him because he's young and easily manipulated. This is the direction that society's going in. TPTB are creating a society that is 100% the opposite of how it's been for thousands of years. Whereas in the past it was the elders of every tribe whom they looked to for guidance, society now creates teen celebrities (Willow Smith) to promote society and this New Age Agenda. They realise that if the Orwell's 1984 approach fails then the Huxley's Brave New World scenario of love your slavery will be.

They are creating a society that is terrified of growing old and putting power into place of removing old people from society via Euthanasia in hospitals (Logan's Run people never grew old). Older people now do their best to keep young so much to the point that not only do they physically alter themselves (face lifts, collagen and botox injections, fake tits, biceps, calves etc) but they get into what children like and talk about, if it means following 12 year old popstars and playing video games.

It's a paradigm shift, creating an old young and a young old. A truly fucked up reality.

Zaphod said...

Wow, that post tapped a lot of anger! I think some people want to lynch the kid now, before he says anything dangerous.

Because he's a Jew? Because he's like Hitler? Because he may be a Marxist? Because he's articulate?

What is it exactly, that you people want?

Anonymous said...

bravo,well said.

Anonymous said...


Because he's a Jew? Because he's like Hitler? Because he may be a Marxist? Because he's articulate?

What is it exactly, that you people want?

Now let's look at things in reality shall we?

1. A 15 year old getting into politics? Have you been reading up on anything regarding the powers that be and their new world agenda? Well in a nutshell, regarding the youth that is as I'm not going into a full explanation on the NWO, but they want the children to take control because it turns the adults, once fountains of wisdom into nothing but envious "I want to be young again" followers of their ignorant younger generations. Thus the likes of Barnaby are the NWO's wet dream. And they'll do everything to promote the likes of he.

2. He's a Jew (Oh fuck, here we go another anti semitic...). On my travels into Judaism and more importantly Zionism and their history, I have found one thing prominent within them. Apart from the fact that they all believe they're God's children, they are THE MOST POLITICALLY ACTIVE of all people and thus, reason why they've been removed from almost every land they've ever been in. And here we see the same situation playing over and over again.

3. Now I'd be quite happy to have some youngster looking out for me but his little shite isn't. He's a socialist (young and understood), a supporter of the UAF and no doubt SWP to boot as well as a Zionist. In a nutshell that spells danger I'm sorry to say. But of course he will rise and once he's left Uni, it will be straight into the public sector as a trainee politician, where he will continue his Marxist/Huxley/Adorno ideology of destroying Capitalism and creating the all powerful state.

Oh, Mr Harbinger, are you not being somewhat pessimistic? He's only a young lad, hasn't lived yet....blah, blah, blah...Well Zaphod, I value my skill at being incredibly good at judging people's character and this kid's got TROUBLE written all over him. He's a Jew, a socialist and a supporter of the UAF, no doubt Labour as well, 15 years old and out on protests? Does that not send the warning bells ringing? I can think of another like he, his name was Lev Davodavitch Bronstein and he kicked up such a stink in Russia....

Anonymous said...

To Harbinger: You have written too many comments here and you are still have the wrong views. Isn't the meaning of U.A.F. 'United Against Facism'? Any person who is against fascism is sound and good. It is the myth of these decades that socialism is a vice when WWII was started by fascists. I am a Muslim and we oppose the following ideologies in no particular order: zionism, communism and fascism.

You are a fool for thinking that older people are less brainwashed than younger ones.

Anonymous said...

You guys are crazy listening to what jews say and hanging on their words. They play you all like fools. NONE of them are on your side. A jew for the freeman movement? C'mon.....can't you see they infiltrate and then dominate ANY movement and in the end it gets bogged down and goes NOWHERE. Do not allow these creature any voice! If you can't see what Im saying, then you need to learn more about how they operate, and why they do what they do.

Zaphod said...

Captain, am I out of place here? I have nothing in common with these people.

Jock Coats said...

Zaphod, you mean anti-Jew? No, I'm not either.

Jock Coats said...

Not that I have much truck with Ayn Rand in general but she did have something interesting to say about racism:

Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man's genetic lineage -- the notion that a man's intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry. Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors...[more]

mp4moviemaster said...

Quick question. Is this Ms Salomon his handler?

Zaphod, please spare us the anti-semitc cry thing will you?

Tom Sullivan said...

I can only assume those who criticise this kid's socialist perspectives align themselves to the other side of the manufactured left-right illusion. If you do, you really are just as deluded.