December 05, 2010

Britain Has Fallen. The USA Is Next.

One of our most eloquent speakers, and brave defenders, explains:

Part two is as fascinating and as scary:

He speaks so calmly.

Yet what he speaks of is the death of a nation.

Whatever you think of the US and A, it was built on foundations of granite wrapped in iron and then encased in titanium. Those Founding Fathers knew their onions. Be proud of that, because we taught them all about onions. Back when integrity, honour, trust, and yes, even public duty meant something. Politicians today have debased those words. They have reduced everything to me, myself and I. You will hear the CamerCleggoroids start to talk about their legacies in just a few short years. I hope they all burn in hell for eternity, or perhaps longer, for selling our nation so cheaply. They are merely completing Labour's work. If you want to watch Labour MKII in action, watch PMQ's. Nothing has changed apart from the colour of their ties. Such a disappointment. Such a shame. Such treason.

The US Constitution was every American's guarantee that the government would leave them alone. Like our own constitution, spread across several documents, but there all the same, it is being shredded by shallow, greedy, inept and corrupt politicians. Politicians who seek favour with non-entities on the European stage.

You know, those household names like Ashton, von Rumpoy, Barosso. Real leaders. Leaders with a mission.

Sadly, the mission is to fuck us up.

But we are too wrapped up in shitty TV shows to notice. We are distracted. We are misdirected. We are misinformed. We are kept terrified of.....well, I'm not sure what it is that I am supposed to be terrified of. I just know that I am supposed to be terrified of something. I know that I am terrified of my own government. I never expected to say that, but there it is. We should rename the House of Commons. I suggest we call it Fuckwits Galore. They are not there to help, but to hinder. They are not there to clarify but to obfuscate. They are not there to demonstrate transparency. They specialise in the opaque.

Which, as we are learning, but far too slowly, was the plan all along.

That we keep falling for it is something that I find amazing.

Listen to Daniel speak, then tell me I am wrong. Tell me he is wrong. Tell me, for the love of God Allah Yahweh Gaia [Insert Deity Here] that I am wrong and that all is well, and that all is well, and that all is well with the world and I can go back to sleep.



BTW, the videos above were located here. They are reproduced with Christopher's kind permission. Gracias, amigo. (Sorry, I was just practising your new language!) Or should that be Merci, amis?


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Captain, I will stick with the language I was born into until the day I die, that being English in saying you are more than welcome.

You can save the French for Canada as well.

You folks in Britain are very fortunate to have such a man as Daniel Hannan in your midst and we here in the U.S. are fortunate that he visits here and lends his voice of reason to the very concept upon which our nation was founded.

Daniel gets it BIG TIME!

TTC said...

Captain, we agree. Every word. 100%.


Anonymous said...

It's all just a game Captain and it's really all about wanting to participate or not.

With every choice there's a consequence. It's a tired old euphemism but nonetheless true and always straight to the point.


a. Play the game, receive all the bonuses, have that luxury apartment, but be controlled with no freedom.


b. Don't play the game, become a pariah, live scraping an existence finding it ever harder to live a life while the system shuts you out of existence, but be the master of your own destiny with no one pulling the strings.

Now what would most people choose Captain? Would they choose to be plugged into a fake reality or real life? I suppose when one thinks of fake breasts, there's your answer.

It's conditioning and nothing is as it seems. The founding fathers were all freemasons, all heavily involved in secret societies and they continued to today, from centuries ago.

Daniel Hannan will continue to speak out against the situation but look at reality, does he care? Does his income of £400k+ a year really worry him for his future?
He's merely one of the acts in the circus. He may look like he's batting on your team, but then so does everyone. That's the grand illusion.

Xen347 said...

If Hannan is so concerned with what the EU has done/is doing to the UK then why is he still a member of the CONservative party?

How come he can tell the Americans what their future will be, whilst at the same time representing a Europhile coalition that is happy to bind our chains ever tighter?

Maybe he's in the party but not run by the party? Reform from the inside?

Yes, that must be it.

Or maybe he speaks with forked tongue.

Captain Ranty said...

Chris, thanks again. The vids are a great find.

TTC, thanks. I am merely echoing others' thoughts. A kind of parasite, I am.

H, I dont give a fuck. Double the mans wages. As long as he wakes the comatose, I am happy to pay him. Besides, I believe him to be genuine. Some of them MUST be. Don't, for the love of Christ, take that away from me.

If they are all lying, all that remains is the 12 bore side by side.


Captain Ranty said...


I hope not. I hope he is for real.

If not, we are well and truly bollixed.


Anonymous said...


"I believe him to be genuine. Some of them MUST be. Don't, for the love of Christ, take that away from me."

Well, let's just say that he's in the system, one of the 'programmed' good guys to make people think at least there's someone batting for my team. Like I said, big salary, going places, just won't be doing anything for the British people. Who knows, future PM, as if that will really matter.

"If they are all lying, all that remains is the 12 bore side by side."

Been there Captain, wrote the book, but obviously never pulled the trigger and I'll be fucked if I'm going to get banged up for one of those cunts.
5 stages of grief - Kubler - Ross. It's what happens when reality hits you like a freight train.
You'll get over it and then you'll move on.

Captain Ranty said...


That means I must suspect everyone's motives. All the time. Forever.

There must be some cunt we can trust.


Bucko said...


"That means I must suspect everyone's motives. All the time. Forever."

There certainly are some cunts we can trust, however, a good dose of suspicion is healthy too. Keeps you on your toes.

I think Daniel Hannan is one of the good guys though.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


""That means I must suspect everyone's motives. All the time. Forever.""

Well, if everyone thought this way in life we wouldn't be in the fuck up we're in today. In fact had people been this way in the past we wouldn't have to worry because the shite would already have been taken care of long ago.

In the political system I don't think there's anyone. Remember the G.Carlin video - "It's a big club and you're not in it!"

The system selects and takes care of its own. Those who are there that can help are in positions where they can't do jack and when they're found out not playing ball then promotion terminated.

The solution to our problems will not come from the political fraternity. It's simply too corrupt.
What's the answer and who do you trust? Well, if I knew, I'd have told you and everyone by now. I simply don't know but I'm still thinking about it.

Caratacus said...

I used to work for a boss who was a fount of good sense. If you had a problem, he had a way of cutting through the crap and letting you see the truth of things in a very simple and elegant way. I was young, looked up to him and still think about some of the truths he came out with even today.

Turned out he was shagging the MDs wife AND their daughter and had had his hand in the till for years.

So - he was a less than reliable human being! But however fallible the man, it did not (and still does not) lessen the truths he came out with all those years ago.

Trust in Allah but tie your camel...

Snakey said...

Cato Institute

Initially funded by Charles G Koch. CEO of Koch Industries Inc (funders of the Tea Party movement), the second largest privately held company by revenue in the United States.

Corporations do not get as large as that without being in bed with the State.

The Cato Institute bills itself as Libertarian even though Cato received support from 20 corporations in 2007 including:

Altria Group (Formerly Philip Morris), American Petroleum Institute, Comcast, FedEx, Microsoft, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Visa Inc, Wal-Mart Stores Inc and a number of foreign and domestic car companies.

At one point Rupert Murdoch served on the boards of directors of both Cato and Philip Morris.

I distrust Mr Hannan simply because of the sign on the podium in front of him and the fact that he's a politician, and all politicians lie 100% of the time.

Is Mr Hannan unaware that Koch and Big Corporations are behind Cato? I find that difficult to believe.

"You are extraordinarily fortunate to have a system that puts you in the driving seat," says Mr Hannan, referring to "voting" in the upcoming elections.

What utter rot. Hannan clearly wants people to still believe that candidates are chosen by the people when no such thing occurs. It has been proven over and over again that Big Corps pay for senators and congressmen via the revolving door and massive political campaign donations. Sure, you have a couple of candidates to choose from, but in the main they are all bought and paid for and you simply have a choice of which puppet to vote for.

Hannan clearly believes in Government. He may be a minarchist but he's still a believer in some kind of authoritarian state.

There is a fundamental difference between those of us who want true freedom and people like Hannan, who clearly wants us to continue to have governments and people like him in charge. Sure he wants duly elected ones and not unelected ones (EU), but the whole thing is bollocks anyway because the whole "democracy" meme is a scam.

Jacobite said...

You have got to have faith and belief in people of like mind, I know that you have to be enquiring into maybe hidden motives especially since being a politician today is the road to enriching oneself. I do like Daniel Hannan and douglas Carswell they seem to talk the talk and walk the walk, so for me for now I will live in hope that maybee from within the the system there are those who are prepared to make a stand.

microdave said...

Sorry Captain, but I'm with Harbinger on this one. Yes Dan is an eloquent speaker, but why is doing it in the US? If he really feared for his country he would be speaking at every town hall up and down the land.

I have met, and had a brief chat with my recently elected MP. I keep meaning to visit one of her "surgeries" and put my concerns again , but from previous emails and the replies I've received, I really don't think it will make the slightest bit of difference.

I do tell others what's really going on (I'm past caring what they think of me), and many are aware to some degree, but as noted above we are dealing with the X Factor generation, and until such time as a real life version of "V" for vendetta interrupts their nightly viewing I fear we are, to put it bluntly, "Fucked"

I will keep up the battle, though...

Anonymous said...

I'm about to say something highly controvertial; the EU is not a nascent Evil Empire; never has been, never will be. Its actions lead to evil, and the higher echelons are evil and corrupt, but at no time was it actually planned as an Empire of Evil.

The clearest proof of this is the Euro. If you are planning a vast empire that controls its citizenry for the benefit of the few, then the one thing you want is an internal currency that holds its value and which doesn't encourage destructive behaviour inside the empire; you the Evil Overlords want to get rich out of the proceeds of your empire.

The formation of the Euro was basically only really useful to Germany, as it gave the Germans an artificially weak currrency and fostered their commercial export profits. Everywhere else, it caused a vast credit-fuelled spending binge and the central controllers didn't even try to put the stops on this binge. That's not evil, that's gibbering idiocy.

This is the overarching description of the EU: idiocy. Everything about it only evil incidentally, mostly it is just bloody stupid or worse. The way this one's going to go is downwards; successive cowardly and moronic measures will only dig the EU and Euro further into the mire, until it finally collapses. We don't actually have to do very much (apart from avoid Euro-backed investments and EU zone government bonds); the whole thing is too big to stop now, and heading for the cliff edge too fast to stop or even divert now.

It'll crash, burn and we'll all be the better for it.

Ampers said...

Christopher - you have such a man, Ron Paul. Problem is his voice is ignored by those who matter and he is getting on a bit - my age I believe!

And as for Hannan and Carswell, as long as they remain in the Conservative Party they will continue to be neutralised.

And as for all the speakers at functions who are Conservative MPs and say how terrible the EU is and their numbers are growing - I don't really believe them and think this is something they are urged to do by CCHQ to stop Tories defecting to the UKIP.

There are Lies, Damned Lies, and Politicians promises.