December 01, 2010

My Last Post

Reluctantly, I am throwing in the towel.

For the last eighteen months I have been trying to wake up those who are comfy, safe and warm, firmly wrapped up in their fluffy duvets. I am tired now of prodding, and poking, and shaking those who do not wish to be awoken.

The hardest thing I asked was for people to send an Affidavit to the queen. To send a signal to her that her people were displeased, dismayed, dischuffed and disappointed. According to my calculations only around 12 of you did this. 12 out of 150,000 unique visitors. Thank you to those 12 brave souls.

I have sent her three Affidavits, and I am due to send her another on 28th December. I sent David Cameron three Affidavits as well. My NOUICOR went to the Home Office. As well as my little fracas with HMRC, I have been walking the walk. I pointed out the road, and I trotted down it myself, hoping against hope that many of you would shrug off your doubts and follow me. You didn't.

Not in any meaningful numbers.

So I am going to leave you in peace. You will take action only when you are ready to, and not a moment before. I am not bitter about this. It is your decision, and your decision alone. But I can tell you this: if you are waiting for exactly the right moment, you will die waiting for it to appear. You will always find a reason not to scribble your autograph on a pre-written letter to send off to the queen. Or to David Cameron. Or to your local chief inspector. Or your useless MP. You will wait, as you have always done, for someone else to do it. Even that will not make you do it. You will wait longer. You will wait until you see what happens to the guy/gal that sent off the Affidavit. And then you will wait some more. And then a little bit more, just in case.

Time has run out. No more waiting. Not for me. I am done waiting for you all to "get it". No-one is coming to your rescue. No knights are waiting for just the right moment to charge around the corner to save the day.

If you want the day saving then you'd better get started yourself. You really are the hero you have been waiting for. You just don't realise it. And that is heartbreaking for me to know. It is soul-destroying for me. I know just how powerful you are. I know just what you are capable of. I just don't have the patience anymore to wait for you to have your epiphany.

I sank a lot of energy into this little blog. And with your help we got some impressive stats.


Had I grabbed the picture yesterday you would have seen that we had less than 4000 visitors in November 2009.

In April 2009 there were just a few visitors. In November 2010 there were 18,233 visitors. That's an average of 1000 new visitors each and every month since I started. I don't know whether to be pleased or disappointed with those numbers. This blog is fairly unique in what it tries to do. I haven't found one quite like it. I like writing so this will be hard to stop doing, but there comes a time when you realise that shouting at people who don't really want to hear the message is a waste of my time and theirs.

One and a half years has produced around 520 posts, which were accompanied by nearly 6,000 comments. The Random posts (music, pictures of obscene snowpeople, etc) numbered around 100. The remaining 420 posts about Lawful Rebellion and Freeman stuff I am particularly proud of. They will stand. If ever you feel the need to research, please feel free to ferret around. There are enough links contained within the posts themselves to keep any researcher topped up with information. Everything you need is here. If it isn't, go find it. Keep your mind open and always, always, always double-check your sources. If it sounds ropey, it probably is. If it sounds logical, it probably is. Trust your gut. It will not let you down.

I will never give up my fight. My war with this pathetic government will continue until one of us is dead. I may or may not post updates. This blog is not for your entertainment. This blog was intended to catalogue the war. The overwhelming majority of you are content to be non-combatants. That is something of a disappointment.

To those who linked here, thank you.

To those who commented here, thank you.

To those who actually took some action as a result of something you read here, I thank you especially.

This post reads a little harshly and for that I apologise. I have no right to judge you, no right to coerce you, and no right to feel disappointed because you wouldn't/couldn't do what I have done. Many of you have been popping in for so long that I now feel a kinship with you. Many of you have bolstered me just when I needed it, or you have supported me in what some call an act of stupidity. You have not held back when you thought I was wrong and I genuinely thank you for that. I am also honoured to have met a few of you out there in the real world, and I am richer for having spent time in your company. You know who you are, and the beers are on me when next we meet again.

As always, if you have something to say, my house is your house.

Yer old pal,



RantinRab said...

Don't you fucking dare!

Captain Ranty said...


I have to. All I am doing these days is repeating myself.

I imagine regular readers are bored rigid.


Dioclese said...

Another one bites the dust - I hope not!

Remember, you can't teach a pig to sing because it frustrates you and annoys the pig. But then again, if no-one tried we'd still be living in caves...

TTC said...

Dear Mr. Ranty

Delete this post, have a cup of tea. Have a KitKat with it, if you like.

And then find one of the elites to take the proverbial out of.

That should lead you meatly into your next blog post after this one. QED.


Captain Ranty said...


Face it. The people of this nation are fucking terrified. They won't even write a letter to their own queen because they think the Men in Black are going to kick fuck out of them in a dawn raid.

I am living proof that saying "No" works a treat.

We will do nothing until we lose the fear. I expect that to happen around the time hell freezes over.

I continue as I begun. Alone.


Steven UK said...

I've been a regular reader for a couple of months now so I'll be sorry to see you go.

As John Harris once said of Lawful Rebellion, don't stick your toes into the water unless you are prepared to get wet. I do not yet fully understand the consequences. It wouldn't be the most sensible thing for me to start. I think one has to fully understand a very complex process before entering into Lawful Rebellion. It seems that mindlessly sending off pre-written templates rather defeats the purpose.

What would have been achieved if 50,000 people sent an affidavit?

In the meantime...

Caratacus said...

Captain - for once your imagination has let you down, your regular readers are not bored rigid, not by a damn sight.

For all those painstaking articles - thank you. They have meant a great deal to me and the first tentative steps I have taken in the direction of "freemanry" are down to you. Before that I had just employed the scatter-gun approach of "anyone who fucks with me will be cut off at the knees". Thanks to you I realise that I have to be more focussed (put a choke on it!) and organised. Without your guidance I would still be buggering about in the foothills.

Right - that's enough blowing smoke up your arse. If you can't be arsed to write any more that's up to you!! Understood. But don't think you haven't been having an effect - you bloody well have. I'll shut up now. If ever you're in Devon, let me buy you a disgustingly large scotch; Gotty has my e-mail address.

All the best.


Katabasis said...

Ranty man, you are one of my personal heroes.

I hope you just have a break and then come back, at the very least to keep us updated with how you're doing and so we know you're still in one piece!

Oldrightie said...

Blogging is a lonely furrow at times, Captain but it is still worth carrying on. have a break by all means but don't give up. Every day there is a chance of a big event and you need to be around to support that and blog on it. Such as, you may ask? Well the collapse of The EU will happen one day. We need every voice and blog to nudge away!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ReefKot said...


This is no good ! You can't just run away. You are the first in my list of favourites and I regularly read your fascinating postings.I don't claim to understand the business of affadavits etc but will do with time - something i have very little of at the moment.
You should not leave your followers until your work is done - and it isn't yet.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was someone who also tried to wake people up and tell them to do similar as you have tried doing - and this chap believed so much in the freedom of the individual to choose to live the good life, unecumbered by the political state that constantly worked 24/7 overtime to force, bully and threaten everyone into conformity with what was essentially a load of lies disguised as truth and enabled through the propaganda and enforcement of the state dogma.

That chap went so far as to allow himself to be humiliated and jeered and then murdered in cold blood by the brain numb morons who willfully elected to have a thief and a murderer set free and this man put to death in his place.

That was nearly 2,000 years ago - and to this day, the world has not changed much.

Perhaps there is only so much one person can do in life except go to the point of allowing the others in society to nail you to the cross for revealing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

But the truth is still the truth and in the long run, the lies tend to win believability among the masses - only because that is how the whole system is gamed from the beginning to work and short of tearing the whole system down or having it collapse to be rebuilt, it is an uphill battle the whole way to try changing the world into what it could be - if persons would only do in reality what is in their hearts all along.

Until that heartfelt sentiment buried deep inside each person's soul finds courage to do as they know they must, then the tyranny of the lie will predominate in this sad world and the thing will only get worse, slavery will only become more institutionalized and the slaves will learn to accept their masters - and everyone do as they are told.

It's sad to see you go and based on what I've read elsewhere and this other chap's odd life some 2,000 years earlier, I can't see where taking it to the point where they crucify you too going to result in much change. This other chap even came back from the dead to haunt - and yet the world still did not respond by fighting for individual freedom to live the natural life unfettered by state interference mastered through dogmatic lies.

Good will to you and I hope as a reference point, for the sake of the ones who never read this blog but might come across it sometime in the near future, you don't entirely shut it off so that articles previously posted become inaccessible, for reference purposes.

Maybe it's the kind of thing where you needn't blog daily but every so often as an occassional offense by the state against the people will surely still occur.

People are as a rule very much like sheep - and a good shepherd is very hard to find these days.

Thank you for everything you have posted here. I loved it all, very much indeed.

Cheers and good luck in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all your efforts, Captain. But do you really have to shut up shop? Your writings and advice about lawful rebellion are well worth keeping on the web. Our business pays very little to keep a website up so I'm sure it's not that. Is it because you feel the need to post so regularly? Well don't. Just post when you feel moved by a particular act of stupidity. But please keep the website online whatever you do!

JerryD said...

Come on CR - I have been reading your blog almost daily now for over a year - along with OH and GOT.

You guys are the signal lights of the future - the Paul Reveres of our time. Don't pack it all in.

You have your disciples and we follow your writings - from my own point of view writing letters to HM gets nowhere. The Queen is irrelevant - she is just a person like anybody else. Its the state thats the problems - always has been. The state needs to be shown for what is is - a mirage. Yet people think it has substance - your blogs help to shine the light of reason through it - showing people like me how things truely are.

And there will be other followers to. You cannot change the country in 18 months - but every day you blog there is another recruit to the cause. Soon enough, we will see the mirage of the state and be prepared to brush it aside like the insignificant termite it is.

Have faith good buddy. Sing your song, people are listening!

GoodnightVienna said...

This is a bad day, CR. I've heard nothing but bad news all day long and now this. I've always enjoyed your blog so much and I'll miss it. God bless and don't go too far.

joe said...

Ranty!! Calm down,have a fag and a large single malt....You know you dont want to do this.

Archie said...

I know of at least 6 folk in my circle, including myself, who have either sent an afidavit or a claim of right. At the moment I am constructing a letter to George Osbourne denying my consent to bail out the Oirish and telling him I want all the income tax back that the thieving bastards have nicked off me. I have mentioned this to a few people, and it suprised me how many want a copy, or would like to counter sign mine.
I know how you feel when it comes to waking people up to get their fat arses of the bleedin settee. But, and here's the rub,if no one goes over the top first then no one will follow. We all have to keep chipping away mate. Another success in court last week for some one who didn't bother paying the licence fee. Another I know has just stopped the bailiffe in his tracks. It's happening, just slowly.

mescalito said...

Ranty man your repetition never bores us, your blog is my favourite rebellion site, to be honest some of the other suck balls!

Harbingers right, even if everyone who visited had sent letters to the queen nout would of been accomplished. they would of been redirected to the home offices bin.

you have inspired many, and many have taken action in one way or another due to your efforts.
even if many never took action at least you made them question this reality.

you inspired me to do all sorts.

if you want people to do something you need to post a plan of action, round up the numbers, and execute it at the same time.

many feel that they cant do it just from seeing how active you are, they need a push, a leader, they need to be organised.

when i first discovered your site i mailed you and asked what i could do to help, that i wanted to join you in your crusades because i didn't know where to start, but sadly you did not reply. so i took my own path and took action with what was relevant to me, but i would of liked to of united with you, you are a hero and like others are saying, take a break, you don't need to be adding 3 posts everyday, though it is something i look forward to.

if you want action from these people then i believe you can get it with a different approach.
thank you for all you energy, its been a pleasure.

my proposal.
post a plan of action.
get a sign up of numbers.
execute it at the same time or around the same time.

warm regards...Seth

Giolla Decair said...

Well I'm certainly not all bored, so scratch that from your list of reasons. I've also got a few people that are starting to be interested in the paths you've pointed out, due to what you've said here. It's certainly been an education for me, and I expect it will be for them too.

As you say people are scared, so keep writing even if it's just to show you're still out there, that the black helicopters haven't turned up and that it's safe to do. I know you're sensibly fighting one battle at a time, I want to know how your current one turns out, and then what you say no to next.

I'm tilting at the lawful rebellion windmill, but don't expect to achieve much with that. The next steps I need to be better informed at - which sadly takes time which I don't have a lot of.

Good luck with your battles though, if you do hang up your hat it'll be a shame to see you go, you'll be missed. If you're ever round my way I owe you many beers for all you've already taught me.

defender said...

What the fuck, Ranty.
Never mind this trying to wake the sheep stuff, I have given up with them.
Wadda bout us lot, having a larf and a joke as we watch the sheep go to the slaughter.
Concentrate on those who are awake, we need tips and ideas how to go about in an age of mongs.
I can never be a slave, my head is not wired that way.
Lets write for our own survival, like how to live outside the system, how to be as free as possible of the shit storm.
The sleeping ones take too much energy to wake, I have not got the energy to do that anymore.
Please stay, dont go,

FTAC Watch said...

I hope I will follow you to declaring myself to be a 'Freeman' one day.

At the moment I am held prisoner at Mile End Hospital so cannot do much about it.

mescalito said...

lol, 'age of mongs' classic.

defenders right concentrate on those who are awake, weed out the quitters, get a real plan of action going and the awaken will follow!!!

Anonymous said...

Snow and ice got to you?

I sent an affidavit to the Queen BUT it means absolutely and utterly fuck all.

No one is asking you to take it all on your shoulders.

There are many others.

Take a break - go to the sun - Liberia - anywhere - Tahiti ............

IanPJ said...


Your stats alone prove that people are listening. They may not have the warewithall or the guts to go where you have gone...yet, but they will.

But one day soon there will be a tipping point, a trigger that will galvanise people and they will move off their arses, they will pick up their phones to see who else in their circle will join them and they will finally act.

We cannot give up now, that tipping point cannot be that far away, and when it does, they will be looking for leaders, for advise, for guidance.

That you get so many readers tells me you have already been nominated by those, who for the time being, are silent. Have faith in them.

Anonymous said...

MR RANTY, Please do not give up the fight mate your blog which i have forwarded many times have woken a few people up and no doubt when forwarded by them do the same again so keep going remember you could just wake the right person up and cause the spark to wake the many so chin up pal and soldier on cause i bet you annoy quite a few tossers out there so it has to be worth it just for that! warmest wishes james

William said...

For myself.

I have investigated every 'route to rebellion' there is and only very recently did the truth dawn on me. I have nothing to rebel against.
I have never joined the unnamed 'society' that politicians talk about as though it is real.
I have never given my consent to be taxed, fined, penalised, licensed into oblivion by those who claim power over me.
I have never agreed to be ruled by the Queen, the NWO, Parliament or the EU.
I haven't signed over MY sovereignty to anyone mainly because I didn't know I had my sovereignty until you told me different.

Thanks to you I know I am as sovereign as you or the Queen. We all are.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to make people open their eyes. If they don't want to they won't. If they are scared shitless then they will close their eyes even tighter and most of those people of my acquaintance fall into the latter group.

It is also thanks to you and a couple of others that I now know I am not my name. I am a living breathing sovereign human being not a person. Your guidance has led me down the road of legalese (fiction writing for adults) and into the Art of No or rather the power of the word NO.

As you rightly state this two letter word scares the fuck out of the statists because they know that it stops their machine dead. It cannot cope with NO.
I too have long given up trying to open eyes and minds. Instead I have been 'doing my bit' to starve the beast of it's tax take and the word NO and a bit of resolve is all it takes. I deliberately ignore as many statutes as possibly an and probably ignore many more unknowingly (there are so many it is impossible to keep up).

If you would take some advice from a long time reader and occasional commenter who will be eternally grateful to you for taking the time to 'bother'. Don't disappear instead throttle back, reduce your output.
Focus on a one thing and when you get the understanding post it on here.
You waken far more than you realise. Numbers are fine but they are not always the best measure of success.


vervet said...

CR - all above comments seconded, and particularly that from IPJ - "Your stats alone prove that people are listening."

You have a popular 'brand' here and it would be wrong to discontinue it as a result of your frustration. Can I suggest that you grant posting rights to a select few like-minded souls ? It would take the pressure off you to deliver daily posts, but maintain the site and continue to provide guidance.

I very much hope that you will consider this option.

Found A Voice said...


You sir are an inspiration; you've changed my thinking and that of my family.

I set up my own blog entirely because of you. The education and example you have given and set makes me feel very humble.

I am now producing an affadivit; I wouldn't be on this path without your inspiration. When the police stopped me for no reason last week I knew how to tell them to get lost (politely, mind - I wasn't dragged up). When those around me at work accepted the right of the European Arrest Warrant I was able to inform them about the our Magna Carta (etc) rights - and all were angry by the end of it.

I really feel the tide is turning; people know something isn't right and are begining to listen. I would suggest that's one of the reasons that your site has seen such impressive unique stats.

So what I'm saying is, your work certainly hasn't been in vain.

If you do choose to hang it up, then the blogging world will be poorer in the future. However, having only starting a blog two weeks ago and already had to stop posting for a week owing to the my employment / family committments for the period, I can fully understand the demands on your time and the effort it takes for what (as you have stated) feels like little return.

My advice would be to cut down on the amount of posts - perhaps to a weekly post. Ease the burden that you have set yourself and start to enjoy it again.

Oh, and have a stiff drink too!

Finally, whatever you decide (and it MUST be right for you) don't be a stranger. You know where to find me.


I am Stan said...

What the fuck!,




Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"I imagine regular readers are bored rigid."

I'm not.

"I continue as I begun. Alone."

You may be blazing a trail, always a lonely path, but one thing you are not and never have been, is alone.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

U.S.A. blogger here and I just arrived at your site, don't quit now as we on both sides of the pond are making a difference!

Linked to you by way of Grumpy Old Twat and if he says you should not throw in the towel, well thats good enough for me.

Following as of today!

Anonymous said...

Ranty, my friend ...
I know exactly how you feel.
It's hard work.

Personally, I think you have made a huge contribution to the blogosphere and still have plenty to offer us all in the future. Even if it's a swift kick up the arse to all those who would rather bury their heads in the sand in the hope that all the bad stuff will just 'go away'.

It won't.

Please re-consider.

Sean O'Hare said...


Please don't give up. You nearly have me on board. I'm a coward when it comes to the Lawful Rebellion as I fear what might happen to me and mine. However, as I see it things are moving on apace. Since Lisbon the anti EU feeling has grown considerably and I think we can still win without the majority refusing to pay council tax etc.

If you feel that you are repeating yourself on libertarian generalities then change tack and target specifics.

I have been coming here every day for the past year. My day would not be complete without Cap'n Ranty.

Joanne said...

I do hope that you will carry on with your blog Captain, each time I see another post from you I cannot wait to read it, of all the blogs yours is the first I turn to. Your posts are so well written and interesting I never get bored with them.

I have been in the process of preparing my affidavits for a while now, something I would not have considered without reading your posts, I hope to be able to follow this route sometime soon.

My feelings are much the same as many have already stated in their comments. I really hope that you will reconsider and carry on this essential quest for which I am truly grateful. CR if this is to be your last post I can only say a very big thank you, we will miss you greatly.


Mr Numba Cruncha said...

I got to say Cap'n, every comment above mine here is spot on. We have all learned new things coming on here, we have all gained a better understanding of how much we are being fucked over. Maybe we could of sent affidavits, but surely any form of non compliance is a step up from sheepledom.

I think it was Mescalito who made a great point a few months ago, not everyone can instantly turn to lawful rebellion, sure we can try and work on how we can escape from the "vast machine" but ultimately those of us who are stuck paying PAYE are going to wonder how we can become instant rebels. So as Mescalito stated maybe we should look at different levels of non compliance?

I know if i had sent affidavits declaring my status as a freeman i'd be living a lie!! Until i can become cash-in-hand-man i'm stuck in a job paying tax. Thats why i am with Mesc on this, i can still play a part, i can refuse to cough up for there pathetic fines, i can refuse to acknowledge there jurisdiction/pay tv licence/vote and play games with them over my council tax. Plus i can still email my fuckface of an MP every week with questions regarding him being a traitor! His name is David Crausby by the way and he is a National Socialist cunt!!

Ranty my man you have enlightened us all, you have never bored us, you have given us inspiration. My TV went in the trash once i had discovered the likes of you and Harbinger and Ian PJ and TTC, infact all of those on your blogroll. Think i need to show you lot some more appreciation in the future, as typing costs fuck all!!!

V4V said...

We took 3 months out and it did us good, please don't go, just take a break and relax over the christmas period.

You have a massive influence on so many people, I personally look forward every evening to listen to your banter. You have raised my awareness of so much and made me re-examine my core beliefs and reajust my stance to a more libertarian perspective.

I would like to greatly thank you for your link to our blog. Look after yourself and have a good long think about the comments that have been posted, hopefully you will change your mind.

Best Regards, Vendetta

sike said...

I read your useful and informative blog everyday and use the blogroll to read posts on other blogs. Since you started it is very noticeable that there is a slow shift to a more general awareness in the country of issues like Europe and lawful rebellion. I think you do not fully realize what a catalyst this blog is.
I have not sent an affadavit to the queen because I do not believe she gives a fuck .I never pledged any loyalty or fealty to her anyway and I was never asked to be a part of the European Union either.

James Higham said...

I think it's an error, just when we are getting to the sharp end, Cap'n but there may be cogent reasons why.

If so, then you were greatly appreciated by freedom loving people and you showed we are freemen and women - yes, it did take you to do that.

mescalito said...

the people have spoken, its decided, ranty stays :) he he he...

Captain Ranty said...

Fair enough then. I will go and have a think. Mr Merlot will assist.

Couple of points:

1. I am not quitting. I am unable to do that now. Also, I don't want to quit. Not ever.

2. The blog will stay whatever happens.

3. The queenie affidavit is meaningless. To HER. To you and me it is symbolic. Your affidavit becomes your talisman. It was never about her. It was and is about you. Always.

4. Those of you that have said you shunned the paperwork are absolutely right. No fucker reads it and if they do, they certainly don't understand it. Again, that is not important. All that matters is that YOU understand it and crucially, believe in it. If you end up in the kaka it is nice to be able to point at a lawful document. I know we real humans don't run on bits of paper, but the fuckwits down at the courthouse do.

5. I produce some shitey posts when I can't get my head around some of the meatier stuff. I have some great stuff lined up but the research hoovers up my time.

Also, I started paying attention to the stats and I really worried that I was just trying to be a "hit". This blog was never about fame and fortune. It was supposed to be a release mechanism. Initially for me, then for you guys. And I mean "release" in every sense of the word. This was where you got your chains removed. (I even paid for my little broken chain avatar! $4.75 from some US site).

Thank you for all the really nice things you all said. It means worlds to me. This is not a "down day". We all get those. I am actually quite happy. I just really felt that I was screaming at the deaf. No-one likes that.

But really, I do feel like I am repeating myself. Repeating myself. Repea...see what I mean?

I'm off to cogitate.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Come on, Cap'n, 18 months is a short window in a long-term game. As IanPJ said, don't you want to be around when the head of steam blows?

Please keep on keeping on, we'd all miss the quality of your writing if you don't.

mescalito said...

yey! wore him down, rub, rub , rub. :)

you should allocate posting to others ranty, then you don't have to constantly find something new, let us give something back to you :)

Jim said...

Dear CR, Keep going, if only to document your path along the road of freedom. You cannot expect people to suddenly switch 180 degrees and buy into this stuff just like that. They need to see a real person doing it as an example. No preaching, just you relaying the facts of what happens to you in your daily life and interactions with the so called authorities. As someone else said these sort of movements seemingly get nowhere for ages, but then reach a tipping point where everyone climbs on board. You documenting your life will accelerate the arrival of that tipping point.
Whatever you decide, all the best, Jim.

Barking Spider said...

Don't do it, CR, take a break and recharge your batteries, then see how you feel. As Vendetta says above RFB had a three month break and then came back all the better for it. I'm sure your just suffering from temporary burnout and need a well-deserved rest, mate.

Spidey ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well, yesterday I came across you and bookmarked you (h/t Witterings from Witney). It's a shame, but today, in around 45 seconds, you get the deletion.

My memory is not what it used to be, but I think that really is a record.

Best regards (really, in whatever you choose for your future)

Richard said...

CR, some of your readers may have failed to follow instructions on the Lawful Rebellion thing for good reason - we're not all brain-dead morons or timid collaborators. Personally, I don't feel it's the best way forward, and it wouldn't suit me and my current circumstances at all. So I won't be sending off any pre-written letters any time soon. That doesn't mean I don't read and enjoy your blog, and feel you have something - a lot - worthwhile to say. Have a think, have a break, and then come back fighting. Just don't assume that anyone who doesn't agree with you in every detail is the enemy.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

This is my first time here. I hope I'm not too late. Rants are great, but try a mix of silliness to break it up.

Twisted Root said...



No plea to do more from me.

Your point about running dry of things to say is a valid one. I know you're leaving the site up so just post when you have to get something off your chest and don't get seduced by the stats.

William said...

Was searching for this to end my last comment with but braincell distracted by much fuckwittery emanating from Russia and some mad local 'anti burglary initiative' called 'Streetsafe' but here it is...

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.
Lao Tzu

That is how I see you dear friend.


granny not said...


totally agree with reefkot: you can't jump ship now ranty, you old sea cunt - i only just got here!

Smoking Hot said...

Your last post will be at your funeral ... and not before!

Right ... carry on. :)

jacobite said...

I am a recent convert to your blog it is my first view every morning. I know you are an inspiration to many a beacon of light and truth, your ratings show that you are making a difference people are shaking off the propaganda that they have been fed by the elite who govern us. If you go I can only respect your decision but I for one will be gutted.

mescalito said...

lol smoking hot has got it right. :)

FH said...

Nearly 20,000 people looking up to you and following you. I agree more should be done by everyone and perhaps a meeting of minds and some real plans are past due, But a bulldozer ain't much good without and engine and YOU Mr Ranty are that engine. Like the man commented earlier, have a fag (or 2), neck some hard stuff and have a good think about it, you are making a difference, even if it is to us near 20,000, who in turn can enlighten others.
Whatever you decide, thanks for all you have done so far!
Would a fucking bribe help?

Sackerson said...

Cap'n, the MSM journalists also repeat themselves - it's called having a theme.

Well done for getting so many reading you - I never came a third so close.

Don't despair, and don't think that ceasing to be active makes what you want less likely. (There is a sect of Communists that say you shouldn't even try to help the Revolution along, because that indicates heretical doubt that it's inevitable.) Same here: the system as it is can't continue forever, even if it can go on a long time.

Best wishes

microdave said...

Am I the only one who noticed you quit earlier this year, and returned! I see you've already had second thoughts due to the mass of comments I've just read.

You may only be a small voice in the wilderness that is 21st century Britain, but every little helps, as a certain conglomerate says. And should you feel that the battle is never going to be won, just look at the global warming scandal. In the last week even the notoriously pro "Green" Germans have started openly doubting. WUWT maybe a far larger site than yours, but he had to start somewhere.

Yes, I may be one of those who don't feel able to tread your path at the moment, but I regularly show the contents of blogs such as yours to my elderly parents. They probably thought I was crazy a year ago, but it's finally dawned on them that reality is very different from what is shown on the Beeb.

Don't you dare take the blog down, and please carry on, even if you cut down the rate of posting.


The Filthy Engineer said...

In my short blogging time you have been one of those bloggers, that has quietly persuaded many of us to have a little stand against the state.

I would never have dared to write to the Chief Financial Officer of Kent County Council and take him to task over the £50m lost in the Icelandic bank crash. You gave me the courage to question government.

Don't give up. You are needed.

Happy Hengist - in lawful rebellion said...

BS- you are NOT alone - some of us just wake up at different times to others.

In the past 3 years I have had £1200 worth of parking fines quashed thanks to my ability to research and brass balls to say "no". I have beaten two bailiff firms into cringing submission just by saying "no".

I am flying by the seat of my pants but look to other fellow rebels like yourself for ideas, morale and in this strange world of cyberspace a degree of distanced camaraderie.

Don't give up and by the very nature of our activities we tend not to broadcast or even identify ourselves but rest assured not every English person is a sucker for Corrie/X-Factor and paying up just because the f4ckers send demands through the post.

But if you do go then there will be others who will follow in your footsteps.

take care


nominedeus said...

Well if he really is going youre all welcome over at mine you know...
Hey Cap'n the one link you put up for my blog led to 393 people visiting it, did you hear that?... 393 people came to see what you recommended, since that day my daily views have fallen to the 50's-60's, without people like you saying "have a look here..or there".. how will anyone find their way round the twattin blogosphere, what I am trying to say matey is in a lot of ways (to your faithful readers) what you say and do is a leading light, it is a way forward in our darkness! not sometimes...most of the time people need to be told again and again and again, there is no one here who has got 'bored' of what you have to say, there are many here who are working on their own ways of sticking it to the system, ways that coincide with yours, directions that you may never have dreamed of...yet they are travelling roads which will join and cross yours, they will continue if they have to alone, but it would be so much better to have the touchstone of 'your way' to refer back to...eventually we will all be on the same path and singing the same song, the song of freedom...
but think on this Cap'n yours is one of the (if not THE) strongest voices in this wilderness, only a dozen or so sent afidavits?... think Cap'n how many will give up if you are gone eh! how many will be lost to the cause for lack of the guiding voice that you many Cap'n, how many?
and of the newer blogs which seek to emulate yours and flesh out other will they find a readership...393 new people, 393!!! I have never seen so many visitors and without referrals, from people like yourself, may never do so nomine deus do not fall from the fight, please!

Xen347 said...

'I am done waiting for you all to "get it".'

"And how should we fuck off, oh Captain?"

What would have happened if Brian had said, "Twelve of you! Only fucking twelve!! I'm wasting my time here so I'm off into the wilderness again for a fucking long holiday. You lot can fuck the fuck off."

For a start there wouldn't have been the persecution throughout Euope or the kiddy fiddling RC priests or the burnings, the ducking stools... wait a minute... these may not be the best arguements.

No, Brian would've said, "Well twelve is kinda disappointing but no matter, the only way is up from here. Course in two thousand years or so we'll number millions."

Brian would have mused on this some more, "Mind you, that'll be the peak of our numbers, From there on it's all downhill."

"Right", said Brian, "What do you twelve want to be called?"

"Apostles!", the twelve shouted in unison.

"Apostates! Fucking apostates, you bunch of stupid cunts!", Brian shouted.

"No Lord, Apostles. You know, we have seen you... well not seen as such although we did once see a picture of a squirrel in your teachings which we took to be you."

"Oh right.", Brian said. He muttered to himself, "I must get my ears syringed, must be all that sand from my first sojurn in the wilderness."

"OK.", said Brian to the twelve, "I've thought about this all day and I fail to see any coherent reason to carry on."

"But it's only been a day, you said so yourself!, the Apostles cried.

"One day is a lifetime if you're a Mayfly.", Brian intoned mysteriously and left them disguised as a small dust devil.

The twelve stood and watched the rapidly disappearing dust cloud for some time.

Eventually Peter spoke... "What the fuck is a Mayfly?"

Captain, take a break. In three months time things will look a lot worse, err better... no worse.

Ripples on the water Captain. They spread far and wide and the stone that cast them knows not the extent of their reach.

Xen347 said...

That's 'Europe', for fucks sake.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog. Why because it chimes with my weary perspective on things.

You like many bloggers are like a breath of fresh air, informing, probing, challenging; being arsey, funny,and in the faces of the corrupt and perverted.

As others have said, have a break, come back refreshed, but know that whatever the participation and reciprocation, what you do is appreciated, and is part of the rich tapestry of the blogosphere that franky puts the MSM to shame.

DAD said...

Be like Arnie:-

"I'll be back !"

Don't let those buggers grind you down.

See you soon.

Rebellious Englischman said...

Except in very extreme geological or weather extremes will a stone cause ripples on a pond/lake. In most cases it is the force of one person who throws the stone which causes the ripples.

QED.....Ranty and his ilk are the stone throwers but each and every one of them need to be replicated 2-3-4-5 fold. It's quality more than quantity that matters.

The sheeple who watch Corrie-Easties and X-Factor are not worth saving but those who have doubts jolly well are. They are a significant minority who will bring about change. Revolution is NEVER brought about by majority action but by a handful of well informed, articulate, dedicated and selfless pioneers with big ideas, energy and endless optimism.

microdave said...

I'm sure I left a post half an hour ago - fuck knows what's happened to it?

Rather than drone on again I will simply say DON'T DO IT!!

Derek said...

61+ comments, and all saying much the same.

People are waking up, and it's due to blogs like this one that they are. If all you guys who bother to write didn't, where would the rest of us be now? I'll tell you - listening to the BBC, reading the tabloids, and basically pissing in our beer.

The frustrations of beating shit out of the government bulldozer with three sheets of bog roll, will seem pathetic. But like anything that is worth doing, if you believe the end result is worth the effort, keep at it. Take a break, re-charge, read other peoples blogs, branch off into some methane ice energy resources, Tesla 'powered from air' energy karts, but don't slash our wrists just yet. Three sheets of bog roll in the right place, and the dozer will choke and die.

Blogs like yours are not just wanted, they are needed. (No pressure).

perfidious albinoni said...


ftac, mile end hostipal seems as good a place as any to declare unilateral independence. i did it in 1965, and despite international ostracism, and getting shot down a few times, i jumped back in the cockpit and flew a straight-course directly into the damn sun. no more excuses.'re the sane one and everyone else in the world is bloody bonkers...get your own head in order and let the rest of the buggers sort themselves out. that's right, old girl, you are their problem (if that's how they wan't to play it), not the other way round. lock the doctors and nurses up in the dispensary, nail your bed to the floor, and stick two fingers up to sigmund freud. perhaps grow a few rows of veg in the infirmary cloisters as well. you know it makes sense. geronimo!

Sue said...

Please don't stop. You're one of my MUST READS!

We need you :)

Angry Exile said...

Christ. I woke up, checked feeds and almost immediately my first thought is, "Oh no, there goes another one." Hopefully your comment of a couple of hours or so ago means you might not, but in case you're still cogitating and digesting here's my 2¢ on a few things.

Reader stats - I never look, never. The only reason I've even got counters on the blog is to help identify comment spammers by IP. If people read and take something from my MA+ rated rantings then goodoh, but I'm usually too busy working up the next head of rage to start counting.

Repetition - humans learn by rote and so repetition is sometimes the way they need to be taught something new. Like freedom for example.

Regular readers getting bored - can't speak for anyone else but I'm not remotely bored. Fuck, mate, you've got a couple of good battles going on and I for one am cheering from the boundary every time you score a run. I'm especially waiting to see you hit the HMRC fuckers for six, and it would be maddening not to see the rest of the innings.

Repetition - humans learn by rote and so repetition is sometimes the way they need to be taught something new. Like freedom for example.

The Lawful Rebellion thing not sinking in - okay, we know you're both passionate about LR and a worthy advocate for it. And we know that it must be bloody frustrating that people are coming here but not hearing the message, or at least not acting on it. But you're something else as well: a pioneer, and for the overwhelming majority you're exploring completely unfamiliar, even unknown, territory. People are cautious and conservative and even a little afraid, and despite your successes so far they're not all going to follow right away. Not until a few more feet have worn the path so it's a bit smoother and easier to see. But consider this: you estimate you've encouraged about a dozen others to follow. If they can do likewise that's over 150 of you. Another iteration and it's more than 2,000. Another two and it's well past 300,000. After that you're in the millions and only two iterations would be more than the population of the UK. It's your decision to make but I'd suggest that LR will grow better if it's earliest practitioners carry on yelling encouragement and telling everyone how good it is where they are.

Repetition - humans learn by rote and oh fuck it, you've got me at it now.

The Underdoug said...

Promise us at least that you'll keep us posted on your dealings with HMRC. Please.

nil carborundum said...


exactly, dad, you quote my family motto (just not in strict anglio-latin). cap'n ranty freeman's a fucking hero 'round these a constitution comprising of 99% grog and 1% pure unadulterated catspiss...if the old bullshitter thinks he's gonna walk the plank, he'd better think again...coz we're gonna truss him up with a running bowline. let him chew on that one.

i think (to make it realistic) he should return minus a body-part each time he goes awol said...


Am I the only one who noticed you quit earlier this year, and returned! I see you've already had second thoughts due to the mass of comments I've just read.

well spotted micro, the silly old tart's had more come-backs than frank sinatra - and it did't do 'old blue-eyes' any harm, did it? as far as i'm concerned ranty can fuck-off and crawl-back half-sober as many times as he damn well wants - all power to the weird squawky bird that writes most of his crap when he's pissed.

Anonymous said...

First time here.
Can you tell me what was repeated, hang on, I haven't read anything yet, so how the fkity fk am I bored.
What about the people that look in for the first time tomorrow or the next day or the next...

Zaphod said...

Captain, you may not have taken a lot of people all the way, but you've taken a helluva lot of people further than they would have been. And there are millions who haven't found you yet.

You can't expect to achieve a revolution single-handed, you're not the bloody messiah! But you are very effective.

You don't have a duty to meet any targets, just rant as and when you feel like it. We'll be checking.

Pesky Anonymous said...


Buddha said: I don't see what I have done. I only see what I have to do.

Certainly true of me. My life seems an endless sea of chores. I rarely consider my achievements and successes. My friends remind me of those when I grumble too much.

I reckon you don't see the encouragement you have given, the actions you have inspired and the seeds you have sown.
I hope the scores of fine comments from friends above may enlighten you.


Angry Exile said...

"'re not the bloody messiah!"

He's not the messiah, Zaphod. He's a very naughty boy.

great philosoher confoundus say said...


this so true, perfidious my accordance with ancient age-old chinese adage, fight for physical and political freedom must always to begin with revolution of innermost mind-thinkings...however there also exist eternal paradox that, upon achievement of ultimate spiritual and mental liberation, emancipated man usually find himself fitted with attractive straitjacket and bunged directly into nearest loonies-bin.

Captain Ranty said...

I hear you all five by five.

The mission continues.

With less whining from me.

Your encouragement is just incredible. I are humbled.

Thank you.


selsey.steve said...

Please don't think that the limited up-take of your invitation to write to HM is in any way indicative of the attention your blog receives.
I, for one, have become desirous of becoming a Free Man. My present occupation will not permit that so I decided to start spreading the rot from the inside, from within the corpus of the Establishment. I have had some remarkable successes but, like me, they cannot yet make themselves known.
You are NOT preaching to the choir, you have a fairly large number of unwillingly anonymous followers who cannot comment, respond or identify themselves. The pernicious reach of the State has honest men and women that frightened.
Ha! w/v + werse

bofl said...


However looking at your own stats why dont you look at how succesful you have been?

you cannot expect everyone to throw off the conditioning of thousands of years almost overnight........

the internet is allowing the world to see what a sack of shite our 'leaders' are+the system that supports it...

take the wikileaks scandal.......
like we are all surprised at this?
and all of a sudden mr.assange is wanted for rape.........oh really?

keep going........the message is getting through.......

look at what happened in communist russia,romania,east germany......

good luck!

Harry J said...

It could be much worse CR, you could have my stats.

I suspect the price of having a popular bog is that you feel the need to post regardless just to keep the ball rolling. Instead perhaps you should just post when you feel the need or you have got something fresh to offer. You've certainly got a way of expressing yourself that others haven't and for that reason alone you shouldn't give up yet.

The deeper down the rabbit hole I plunge the more I realise there's more to the 'agenda' than meets the eye. There's still much work yet to be done and we need someone of your calibre on the team.

If your efforts haven't reaped rewards so far that's all the more reason to keep on trying. We truly face an incredible evil at the capstone of control and all of us must do whatever we can to defeat it.

As I said, perhaps less is more.

Dangermouse said...

I haven't read through the comments so far - +73 at the last count. I, for one, am learning through you to have the courage to say no. I have learnt so many things recently - through you and the links you provide.

You have to realise, you HAVE TO FUCKING REALISE, that what you speak of is an entire mind reboot. It is almost beyond comprehesion to the populace of this county of what is happening.

You say you have no impact, but you have to realise that people are scared. They are scared of saying No.

I have learnt from you - and others - and seen that it worked. That, to me and I suspect like others, is a "Fuck me, hang on a second..." moment.

People are scared. The majority will go with the herd, and the minority will fight.

Did you not see the momentum built up over bank charges and credit card charges? One letter sent, and I got 5k from that. That moment set me wondering. That was my "Fuck me, hang on a second..." moment.

You are a Pathfinder right now.

Recognise it. Do not get disinheartaned.

For the record - am ex Army, 11 years, 216 Para Signals etc, etc.

microdave said...

Thanks for dragging my earlier comment from the spam bin - perhaps Google have marked me like they have Alex Jones and Prison Planet....

And just consider that a sudden drop in visits doesn't necessarily mean people have lost interest. Regulars know that you don't always have internet access on your African jaunts, so I for one, don't check in so often when you're away...

Olly said...

Fucking hell mate fuck 'em. Don't let the cunts get you down. Your blog is one of very few I keep an eye on every day. Looks like you've had a change of heart. This is good news.

I'm not going down the Freeman way, I'm going down the awkward mother-fucking bastard way. I feel that's best for me, that said without your posts there'd be no motivation for people like me...

Vok voort my maat!


Woodsy42 said...

Bloody Hell Capt, you can't stop now!
I'm one of the semi-newer readers and your blog is important.
I started reading blogs like yours a while ago because I was dissatisfied and didn't really know how to define or fight against what bothered me.
In the past months I have learned what the problem is and you are a key person further along the path of action who I am learning from to help me decide what to do about it.
So OK. I admit I have not (yet) written to Lizzie. But please believe I am moving to a position of non-cooperation and encouraging others to do the same.
Your readership figures prove that I'm not alone, there are plenty more people who feel the same and also read your blog for guidance and ideas. But you must remember for most people it's a gradual process of learning and absorbing new attitudes, not an overnight revelation.
In a sense this is still the 'phony war' phase, signing up recruits and polishing the intellectual and legal armoury, the real fight is only just starting, so you shouldn't be discouraged.
please reconsider, even if you ease back with less frequent postings.

Manoftheworld said...

Ranty you are a good sage but did you really expect one blog to change the world? The whole system needs to change not just the people within it. Not until people are dying on the streets will this even start to happen if it does. Materialism and morality are the on the scales of heaven and I'm afraid it's not tipping in the right direction. I will sorely miss you. Peace in eternity for you and us all in these dark days

plodinus said...


But you must remember for most people it's a gradual process of learning and absorbing new attitudes, not an overnight revelation.

my personal view of the situation (and i'm sure that ranty shares my opinion thereupon) is that this interminably elongated philosophical revolution is very much integral to modern politics...coz otherwise there'd be sweet fuck all to blog about.

nominedeus said...

¡¡¡ƃuıʎɹʇ dəəʞ puɐ ɥʇıɐɟ əʌɐɥ oʇ əʌɐɥ ʇsnɾ noʎ udɐɔ sƃuıɥʇ ʇɐ ʞool oʇ ʎɐʍ ʍəu ɐ sʎɐʍlɐ səɹəɥʇ

sir arfur onan boil said...


This blog was never about fame and fortune. It was supposed to be a release mechanism. Initially for me, then for you guys. And I mean "release" in every sense of the word.

you're not wrong, sir - i had a serious wank over the snow-shag installation yesterday.

monster said...

C'mon Capt'n,

Your one of the shining lights, I visit your site daily and am certainly inspired by your posts!

Your stats and the comments here, show that you have a real following and that is growing by the day, it is important for the sake of freedom to keep that momentum going!

Keep that light shining, and people will flock to it in ever greater numbers!

bats-eye botham said...


either a rest-day in the ashes or one case of fosters too many. fucking aussie twat.

Anonymous said...

After reading of your {cough, cough} retirement and posting my 2 pennies worth earlier, 2 things happened today that I thought I'd share....

1. Mong "You've stopped sending me emails with all the news articles you've been reading."

JB "Well, that's cos I stopped sending them to you."

Mong "Oh, we thought it highly entertaining."

JB "That's why I stopped sending them. I didn't do so to "entertain you", I did it to try and wake you up. The game has now changed. It's now about keeping me the missus and the kids safe and informed along with others who were paying attention. You're kind of on your own now."


2. The Missus, on returning from the daily grind, before even noticing I'd bothered to do the fucking washing up for a change, belts out.... "I see your Captain Ranty is packing up. What the fuck is that all about?"

Which, I have to say, was a bit like being smacked in the nuts, as I had no idea she even read your bloody blog!

Oh well. Same time tomorrow then Cap. See ya then!


queen lizifah i and i said...


3. The queenie affidavit is meaningless. To HER. To you and me it is symbolic. Your affidavit becomes your talisman. It was never about her. It was and is about you. Always.

ranty, one simply has to take issue with one on this one. one should inform one that one has sent an affidavit to oneself and one feels a great deal better for having done one. the prince of wales is quite impressed with what one has done and is thinking of doing one too one - although one suspects that charles is under the misguided impression that it's some kind of alternative polo play. what a one he is too. one must therefore thank one for relieving one of the burden of being one big tourist attraction amongst all the other ones. i owe one one. one love.

one's royal highness queen elizabeth the one one.

time for one to spark one up

nice one cap'n

William Gruff said...

Some rebellion. Some Freeman. Some blogger.

No one reads my blog and I've been in a slough for three and a half years but I keep posting even though all I can post is crap.

Fuck off you gutless, whining, self-pitying fucking wanker and talk to the walls, and while you are indulging in masturbatory introspection ponder why it is that you are not as big as you would be while you do so.

queen lizifah i and i said...


ps: one believes that the corgis are each planning to do one too - but hopefully not on one's throne, one's just had the velvet done, and it cost me a big one.

one's number one fan

banned said...

Captain Ranty, National Treasure, baby please don't go!

Groompy Tom said...

I'm in shock.
I mean it CR, I have actually gone into shock.
I've read it, read it again, walked outside, lit up a smoke and paced aimlessly in circles.

But pacing aimlessly in circles is going to achieve nothing. As will you by closing this blog down.

And you're way wide of the mark if you think your rants are having no effect, in fact you're being stupid now and one thing any reader of this blog will agree on is that you are not stupid.
This was one of the blogs that got me started and I'm only a young fella. I now have years of playing the agitator ahead of me and I've already managed to wake up a few close friends, these are young men, under 30, they too now have a life's work ahead of them and this blog has played no small part in that.

Stay the course, stay strong.
Men have given their lives for causes less than yours. Men have suffered violence and war and blood and guts and tanks and bombs and poisons and all other manner of things that have no business being part of men's lives.
They gave up their time on this Earth so that others may enjoy theirs. If keeping going for the living is not motivation enough, then keep going for those who have passed.

By all means, take a break, blog less but don't stop.

Think about it mate.

subrosa said...

Come on now CR, don't let the weather get to you. :)

It's essential you continue to repeat yourself you know. Shows how committed you are. And I certainly never get bored reading it.

So, I do hope you reconsider when you've so much to give.

mavis: product testimonial said...

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errr...ooops sorry...wrong site

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd have negativity towards you, but William Gruff's hit it on the head.
I recall a post like this a couple or so months back.
Think about it?
There are many people having a really shit time of it of late 0 myself included, yet we trudge on.

You've been to Africa and other exotic places of late and yet your whinging on about this and that?

Trust me, if you'd been through just a fucking 1/8th of the shit I've been through for the last ten years you'd be trying to find the rewind button to this post you've printed. It really is self pitying shite and I really thought you were made of stronger stuff.

It's fucking hard for us all. I know that if I'm having a shit time, accepting the shit dystopia that is, having fallen out of the false reality constructed by our controllers, then I damn well know there are others as well, also in a worse position than myself.

You're not going to change this situation overnight. Think about it for a minute. There is a fuck of a lot of reprogramming to do to people's minds who have not just been brainwashed and indoctrinated but also genetically altered from food, water and medical engineering of them through medicines over the years.

How in the fuck do you expect to change this? Are you bloody stupid?

Now pull your head from your hands, grow a pair and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Fuck petitions and letters to whomever. They'll only go in the bin. Better to save the paper and use it for something more constructive.
If you truly fucking think that the Queen's going to give a shit what you think or will actually start trying to change British society for the better then go and bang your head against a brick wall until you knock some sense into yourself. She's one of the reasons our society is as fucked up as it is. She doesn't give a shite about you, me or anyone, other than her own.

Now come on Captain, snap out of your melancholy for goodness sake!

JJ said...

Sorry but you must continue

‘This blog is not for your entertainment’ Oh…and why is that. I like being entertained…and I suspect you do too.

So, why not be just a little silly from time to time. It breaks up the monotony of acres of writing.

Last week I printed off one of your posts and thrashed myself senseless with it…once before breakfast and twice after tea…that was silly wasn’t it? Why not throw in a couple of pictures from time to time to illustrate your points…it makes things more interesting and…wait for it…silly…if appropriate that is.

What you have to realise is this. If we didn’t have blogs of different kinds…then two things, the world would be less informed by information that you can’t get in the MSM and life would be very dull.

If fact whether you like it or not you have a duty (if you are capable) and a responsibility to write your blog…like the majority of bloggers you have added gaiety (I’m NOT gay) to someone’s life, and of course it helps us let off steam.

Now then…enough of being sensible…time to get silly.

Strange but true

Artist, ‘Dingbat’ John got his wife to bite off all his toes so that he could decorate a dung pile – he won the Turner prize for £20,000. He says he will use part of the money to go private and have his toes sown back on. Sadly…gallery staff, say his whole art piece was thrown out with the rubbish.

That’s enough…just too silly I’m afraid. This is why I had to abandon my blog it was OTT.

So, if you refuse to post anymore I shall have someone tickle the soles of your feet with a good quality highland thistle – so there!

Now - get back to posting and err...STOP BEING SILLY!

JuliaM said...

Whew! Read this over at 'Fuel Injected Moose' and thought 'Oh no! Another one!' then found a 180 change of direction.

Nice to have some good news! :)

Mental Crumble said...

The half-life of bloggers has collapsed this year....... buck the trend; not your friends.

The concern for law abiding citizens is what do bloggers do when they stop writing; how do they then vent their frustration and irritation? With what will you replace this cathartic effort?

Do the neighbours and yourself a favour and keep at it; think of it as a sort of Care in the Community programme.......... or join the students in Whitehall, at least they're standing up.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

It's ranters like you, that make ranters like me harangue my local council and my MP.

Keep at the bastards Ranty - you're not alone, not by a long chalk, and you provide motivation to loads of us who don't have the time - nor perhaps the ability - to blog.

Caedmon's Cat said...

The fact that most readers of your worthy blog haven't taken out affidavits against Brenda is no reflection on you, CR. I haven't done so myself - although at times I've been sorely tempted to, believe me. I get so angry at times. But why take out one against an authority that's based on historical illusion, paper and pretence? I would only be playing along with a mirage; I'm more concerned with real reality - not some virtual equivalent designed to get the Great Unwashed to toe the line and quake in fear. I am a freeman in my head; I am only accountable to my Creator and to those I love; the statist drones and illusionists and their costumed thugs will never change that. They simply can't. And until the time when they come and get me, I'll say my piece and in my own gentle way I'll take the piss. Keep on keeping on, my friend.

Richard said...

I think Caedmon's Pussy has it right. I have no interest in declaring anything or posting letters to anyone. To me, it seems like pissing in the wind. But we can disagree as friends on that one, CR. That doesn't mean I don't enjopy the blog or that I'm not glad that some fucker is making waves. hat's all to the good.

Having lived a life of playing by the rules, keeping my nose clean and being a Good Citizen, I find that I am shat on just as heavily by the society I profess to support. So I have taken a similar line to the Anglo-Saxon feline. I am free, and in my head I can do whatever I wish. I also accept that I live with other free people, and that sometimes my actions will have consequences for me, according to their majority wishes. So I carry on in my own way. To take a trivial example, I drive/ride at whatever speed I think is suitable for me at the time. I accept that on occasion I may fall foul of the other people's rules and get a punishment. I will pay this, like I pay my taxes, because there is no realistic alternative - it's force majeure, a bit like a caveman deciding to live with the predators that surround him and watch his back, rather than try to have them legislated away. But the difference is, for me, that I no longer feel guilty about doing my own thing. In my head, I am free to do as I wish, as long as I am prepared to take the inevitable social consequences sometimes.

That is not to say that I don't follow your doings with interest, and one day your approach may be suitable for me. Time will tell, but at the moment I think we are banging the same drum from different angles.

Anonymous said...

thanks mate well done and fuck offO)))
do you know fanfare for the common man ELP(bernstein)
build me up and tear me down
fuck off and crawl under a stone and leave us in dog shite

Angry Exile said...

Er, Nonny, you did notice our host has written three more posts since his abortive exit? Or his comment here saying that he'd continue after all?

Cedric Edwards said...

Hey Captain, yeah sure we will miss you but your complaint about people not following you as the reason for quittting is the reason people don't follow people like you. I hope that made sense. Too foten we see people stand up, take astance, do the affadavit thing, tell us about common law and tax, then 6 months later they get into some introspective bullshit(like the guys at lawful rebellion and John at TPUC) then quit an leave us people who have een following the leader in the lurch.

We need good solid leaders who bwlieve in what they are challenging. William Wilberfiorce never gave up <arting Luther King never gave up Emeline Pankhurst and Chritabel Pankhurst never gave up. Their actions leads me and other to think they actually believed in their cause.

If you like so many others just give up after having fun playing the rebel, it leaves many people in doubt as to whether you were genuine in the first place or just another wealthy(relatively speaking) white guy(an assumption) playing rebel because you can afford to.

I agree you dont have to die for your cause but `i think people who are genuine often will do. But take a break then come back butplease don't just roll over and die.

Cedric "Freeman" Edwards

Cedric Edwards said...

Forgot to say. Please keep repeating yourself. It is not a problem for me and `i hope not fopr others. I despise looking through the archives anyway. Sometimes we have to stress the point so that people have an understanding.

if you leave I WILL find you and feed you alcohol until you concede. Even when you are not talking about lawful rebellion you have posted 'stuff' that is worth reading or viewing. keep up the blog or the puppy gets it.

Cedric "Freeman" Edwards

Anonymous said...

Capn, more than happy to help you as much as I can with your research.

Anonymous said...


I've been following you for some time now. The problem is what you're explaining is:

- very fucking complicated
- very poorly documented
- not proven to work

As soon as some better explanations are out there, more people will follow suit.

Personally, I'm a student - don't worry, I take a real subject ;) - so I'm better off with my strawman than without for the current moment.

Captain Ranty said...

I agree. But please remember we are taking baby steps here. Everything is new.

So hang on to your strawman and use it to your advantage.

You cannot participate in commerce without an artificial construct.

You don't have to.

But if you thought leaving it behind was complex, wait until you research how you retain it, and make it pay all your bills!