December 23, 2010


I thought we'd have a look at the concept of ownership. There seem to be many myths about it.

The biggest clue regarding who owns what depends on who or what the item is registered with.

First, let's find out what the word means.

Classical Latin-regerere-to carry back, to bear, to rule. Or registrum-to list, to record.

Some examples:

If you registered your childs birth, you gave title to the Crown and their agents, the government. If you doubt that, perhaps you can explain why the government snatches 62 children every single day, ostensibly to care for them? I have met many of those that the government cared for. They are all damaged goods, having endured either sexual, physical or psychological abuse. You do not own your children. Your job as a parent is to keep them in good health, feed and clothe and educate them until they turn into tax slaves at 16.

If you registered your car with the DVLA, you gave title to them. If you doubt that, ask yourself how they can take away a £25,000 car and crush it because you didn't buy £200 worth of road tax? You are the registered keeper. It is up to you to maintain it, insure it, tax it, and drive it according to their rules and regulations. You do not own your car.

If you registered your weapon(s) with the police, you handed title to them at the same time. They can, will, and do, turn up whenever they please to inspect them, check on your ammunition stocks, and they can and will take it (them) away from you if they so desire.

If you have a National Insurance Number you are registered with the government. They own you. If you doubt that, perhaps you should ask how they can help themselves to huge chunks of the money you earn? Try to do anything without an NI number and life will be tough for you. You need it for almost everything: dentists need it, doctors need it, employers need it, accident & emergency will need it to deal with you (although they may wait until they have you on a ward), the dole office need it, as does your bank or building society if you intend to lend money off them.

If you have a mortgage the home will not be yours at the end of the term. Check the small print. No, not in the deeds. Read the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540 and 1666. All your stuffs is belong to them. The clearest title to your home, the ground below it, and the airspace above it, can be achieved by acquiring Allodial Title to your property. To the best of my knowledge, Allodial Title is available to all in Scotland and a handful of states in the USA. If you wish to test this, simply don't pay a bill for a few months. They will come for the money, and if they can't get it, they will take your home away from you. Big surprise: an Englishman's home is NOT his castle. It belongs to the Crown.

If you have lost a loved one, their death must be registered. In some ways this is a sad day for the Crown. They just lost a taxpayer. This does not stop them from robbing the corpse though, does it? Death and taxes, the government loves both. Both are money-spinners for them.

If you want to vote, (I have decided that I will not vote ever again), you must register. Try getting into a polling station to tick a box without having first ticked all of their boxes. Ain't gonna happen.

The government (Crown) owns you lock, stock and barrel. It owns your kids. It owns your house. It owns your car. It owns your guns. It owns your passport. It owns your driving license. It owns your life.

Just out of interest, (no pun intended here), the bank owns your money. When you lodge it with them it becomes theirs. Nice, eh? If you doubt that, try popping down there today to get it all out. You have to apply (beg) for permission up to a week before you turn up to withdraw your cash.

I keep saying that the government owns nothing. They have no money. They produce nothing. They steal from those that do produce. They do not own any buildings, they do not own any land. It is (supposedly) all ours. The buildings are ours, the land is ours, every weapon the army, navy and air force have are ours. All the ships, submarines, all the nukes, all the aircraft, all the military camps and bases. All ours.

And here is the dichotomy: if the government (Crown) owns me and everything I have or hold dear, how can I, a human being, own anything at all? How can I ever be truly free? How can I do anything other than cause a ruckus? If they want to, and they do this over 100 times a year, they can end my life. They never get punished, they don't even lose those cushy jobs. Their pensions are safe while families lie in tatters with one of their number dead in the cold, cold ground.

Somedays, and this is one of them, I wish I knew nothing at all. Prior to the smoking ban arriving, uninvited, here in Scotland, I was the epitome of the blissfully ignorant. When I discovered how they lied and cheated to bring in nasty, vindictive, childish legislation to deprive 15 million people of somewhere warm, dry and safe to set fire to their tobacco, my course was set.

I started digging and I haven't stopped. Not for six years. Each "gem" I unearth shocks me. Each new revelation brings with it a rage I never knew I had. All my life I had taken people at face value, and yes, I got bitten on occasion, but mostly I didn't. I had a trust in other people, particularly doctors, scientists, politicians, even royalty, that I am now dreadfully ashamed of. It actually pains me when I think how automatically I gave my respect to these vermin. Liars. Every man jack of them.

And so my game goes on. It must. I must. Every time one of us says "No more. They win", it is a tragic loss to us. We must all fight the only fight worth getting a bloodied nose for. We must all be Awkward Sods. We must derail them. We must distrust them. We must disrespect them. We must distrain and we must distress them.

We owe it to all of those who are slaves. They will remain enslaved unless we free them.

Does that sound like a worthy way to complete a life? I was an ignorati for 44 shameful years. I intend to make up for that. I intend to fight for change.

For fundamental change. For life-altering change. Historic change.

I'll do it for you, I'll do it for me, and I'll do it for the countless numbers of ignorati to come.

Because, and here is the point, someone has to.



Caedmon's Cat said...

I fully agree with your analysis. This is what is described in the Bible as Babylon. It never went away - through the Roman Empire and so-called 'Holy Roman Empire' it just transmogrified into a global monster rather than a Middle Eastern empire. It demands everything - and gives nothing in return except slavery, misery and poverty. Its days are numbered and its doom is already mapped out in Scripture; I'm glad I'm a Christian - we're on the winning side.

James Higham said...

Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540 and 1666

Ah yes - have just been looking at this one.

"The second Crown was created in 1481 with the papal bull Aeterni Regis, meaning “Eternal Crown”, by Sixtus IV, being only the 2nd of three papal bulls as deeds of testamentary trusts.
This Papal Bull created the “Crown of Aragon”, later known as the Crown of Spain, and is the highest sovereign and highest steward of all Roman Slaves subject to the rule of the Roman Pontiff. Spain lost the crown in 1604 when it was granted to King James I of England by Pope Paul V after the successful passage of the “Union of Crowns”, or Commonwealth, in 1605 after the false flag operation of the Gunpowder Plot. The Crown was finally lost by England in 1975, when it was returned to Spain and King Carlos I, where it remains to this day. This 2nd Crown is represented by the 2nd cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is born and, by the sale of
the birth certificate as a Bond to the private central bank of the nation, depriving us of
ownership of our flesh and condemning us to perpetual servitude, as a Roman person, or slave."

Interesting huh?

catmar said...

Thanks Cr, every word a gem and I entirely agree with every word you have written.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The whole concept of 'ownership' is down to commonsense.

I'm a Georgist, so my philosophy is, things that you create yourself belong to you. This means the output of your labour, skills, intelligence, luck etc. The fact that some people are born with more innate talent, luck etc than others is just the way things are.

Profits that you make from exercising your own skills and efforts by trading them for things that were produced by other clearly also belong to you - these are purely private contracts.

So things like income or profits are output are not suitable subjects for taxation or confiscation - not to mention the dead weight costs of such taxes.

On the other hand, there are 'social contracts', things which are only under your control because of societal norms, because the government protects your rights and things which require no effort to produce, they are just there.

Things that fall under 'social contracts' and which therefore you should pay rent or taxes on are primarily government-protected monopoly rights such as the exclusive possession of land, but also exclusive right to use a certain radio frequency, patents and copyrights, drive round with a particular number plate etc.

Remember that while the right of individuals to exclusive possession of land is vitally important (and society could not function without it), it is primarily a 'social contract' - one man's gain is another man's loss.

So the best way of levelling the playing field is for the government to charge rent or tax on the value of the land you wish to occupy (or the radio spectrum you wish to use etc), to use the proceeds to defray the cost of the core functions of the state and to dish out the rest as a Citizen's Income (to compensate those who are being excluded).

defender said...

Very good post Ranty, there is one discription you used, "awkard sod", I have been discribed as such on occasion, lastly by the council.
It absolutely pisses them off having to deal with an arkward son.
Great title for a blog.

William said...

Ownership is a daft concept in my humble.
At the end of the day we are all born and we are all going to die. It is impossible, as far as I am aware to take anything physical from this world into the next if there is a 'next world' so what is there to 'own'?

Even if there is a 'next world' it seems that all we can take with us is maybe our experiences which together form our intelligence and are unique to the individual.

Ownership of anything is impossible. It is simply a man made invention designed to keep a small clique of humanity in control and the majority of humanity 'happy' as their slaves.

I no longer care about ownership. All that matters is I can use everything at my disposal to get through every day and try and make it better than the last for me and my family because one morning I will wake up dead of that I can be sure.

George Speller said...

. . . and to think it all started with the smoking ban. Me too, in small way.

Anonymous said...

Woodsy42 said...

The most depressing feature of this post is that you are absolutely right.
I tolerated it for somewhat more years than you, but to be fair it was never so overbearing and unreasonable as it has become now. Paying towards co-operative social needs is not of itself wrong or unreasonable. Nor is conforming to social rules that benefit everyone in the group. Human social groups have always done so one way or another.
It only becomes unreasonable when, as now, we become increasingly bullied into paying for stuff and submitting to rules that are so blatantly against our interests.
So yes, I am rapidly becoming an awkward sod.

Anonymous said...

To be a King of free men, rather than a master of slaves. Equality is a coming together of minds, not a suppression of thought..
Jockland is my second home, sad fucker eh.
Be of good cheer my friend, peace and love to the ranty family this christmas.
Be well.Morgan...

richard said...

William, if ownership is impossible, would you disregard a burglary? I see your point but it's wrong. The right of property is axiomatic. I own the stuff I've bought, and it's mine til I sell it. Having said that, I admire your disregard for mere "stuff".

William said...

You do not own anything you have bought. How can you?
All you have done is exchanged some worthless promissory notes for some solution you needed at that moment in time.
You may want to sell it but if there is no-one in need of what you have for sale then 'it' is worthless and useless.

Whatever you have when you die is left behind. You enter this world owning nothing except your mind and body and you leave it as you entered owning just your mind and body.

If a burglar gets in and snaffles anything in my home then as long as he doesn't kill or maim me or any of my family there is nothing in it that cannot be replaced .

Admittedly there are things that have some connection with people no longer alive but even these will be left behind when I am dead so if someone 'steals them' whilst I am still alive it's not really that different.
It wasn't so many years ago when doors and windows were left unlocked. The reason we are wrapped up in a cosy fake world of locks, CCTV, alarms etc is because the state tells us the world we live in is far worse than the reality. People will steal simply because the state tells everyone it is their right to own things. Most people trade some people steal its the way of the natural world.
If a lioness kills an antelope then a lion will think nothing of stealing her kill. The lion is much more powerful so the lioness will not defend her gains. She will have to either wait and steal it back when he is full or go and hunt again. To both lions it's just the way of things. They have no concept of ownership and theft. Ownership and theft are man made concepts.

The best way I can sum it up is my accountant can go anywhere in the world with a passport, a credit card and the clothes he stands up in and have a truly fantastic holiday that may last a few days or a few months. He then leaves everything behind and returns to Britain with his passport, his credit card and the clothes he stands up in or he moves on to another destination in exactly the same fashion.

One final thought Richard. If you dropped dead tomorrow (and I hope you don't but hypothetically speaking) what would happen to everything you state you own?

Everything, literally everything, would be dispersed amongst any family that survive you, any cause they see fit to help, any charity they see fit to benefit. You would have no say in what they actually do with the things you 'own'. If you left a will so Uncle Bob gets your deerstalker for example. Uncle Bob is free to give it away, wear it or throw it on the fire.
Ownership isn't real. Buffet, Gates, Branson, Rothschild, Windsors, Bushes, Obamas, Cameroids, even St Bliar all leave everything they think they own behind when the reaper comes a calling. Stepping outside of what you are being told by the state you live in is scary but it is only a means to see through their flim flam sham. But don't believe me either everything I have written may not be true. You have to come to your own position on ownership.

richard said...

William, you are correct when you state that ownership isn't real. However, the few items which I purchased are real, as is the labour I provided in order to obtain them. I am an exponent of thrift. I don't see any neccesity to subscribe to the "it's bright and shiny and I must have it" commercial trap, and realise that - for instance - Gandhi's posessions when he died were very few, but he was not a poor man because he had all he needed and wanted. But stealing is wrong, ergo the right of property must be of value. Interesting topic, though, and perhaps a minimalistic approach to material goods would make people less fearful in the current economic assault engineered by the banks.

William said...

Please go here and have a read to Veronica's take on stealing amongst other things. It's quite an eye opener, at least it was for me.

I also have the specifics on stealing in mp3 form. This MP3 is no longer available on her site, sadly.

Basically Veronica argues that stealing isn't real because every living thing on the planet takes things without asking.
As she points out every living thing uses the sun to warm up and nobody asks the sun if it's OK.

She also suggests that we humans are born takers because if we didn't take the air that is part of the earth we would die.
The same is true of every air breathing organism. All they do is take, take, take.

If you have already visited Veronica's site and her forum then please accept my apologies but if you haven't I heartily recommend you do. It beats Christmas 'telly' hands down.

As you are well on the way to living with less or rather just what you need to enjoy life then I suggest you head on over to here and devour everything this guy writes.

richard said...

William, I've read Veronica's "breaking the chains" book which has, along with the good Captain's revelations re: contracts, allowed me to put proof of claim on my creditors and has helped me considerably in my monthly budget. I'm getting a lot of barking but so far no bite! As far as the non-reality of stealing goes, yes it is a concept within the mind of man, but nevertheless it is not ethical and it is illogical to submit to unethical treatment. I'm reminded of the assertion that the Apache indians had no sense of right and wrong, to which the reply was "try wronging him and see what happens!" So in this case we must agree to differ, although I might change my mind after reading the Veronica link which you kindly provided. Cheers.

richard said...

Nah. Bollocks. Of course you own things, both material and intangible. If not, Vikingesque rape and plunder equals (ethically speaking) a romantic weekend with the missis and halving the bill. Pah!