December 11, 2010

Australia Is STILL A Colony

So is Canada and so is New Zealand.

We have had some bold claims on here.

Some examples:

1. We own the USA.

2. The Vatican owns us. (And the rest of the world).

3. Our parliament is illegitimate. (Has been since 1911).

4. Our monarch has committed treason. Repeatedly.

5. We are all dead. (The Ceste Que Vie Act 1666).

6. We are obliged to lawfully rebel. (Magna Carta 1215).

7. Giroslips can be transformed into cheques. (The Bills of Exchange Act 1882).

8. The City of London is not part of the United Kingdom.

9. The Vatican City is not part of Italy.

10. Washington D.C is not part of the USA.

Here is another jaw-dropper. Listen as Wayne Leonard (Australian lawyer) explains. (It's in two parts).

Huge tip of the beret to our good friend Mescalito for another terrific find.



Harold Thomas said...

I'm not sure what you are referring to about items 1 and 10 (Being American, I'll leave the rest to others).

Great Britain ceded ownership of the U.S.A. with the Treaty of Paris in 1783, in which King George III ceded each of the Thirteen Colonies individually and severally for himself and his descendants.

Constitutionally, Washington, D.C. is part of the USA, but it is not a state and cannot send representatives or senators to Congress. The U.S. Constitution authorized the creation of a district for the purpose of being the seat of the federal government.

References available upon request.

Harold Thomas said...

And #9. True. Vatican City is an independent nation (Lateran Treaty 1929).

Anonymous said...


All above points are 100% correct. You can quote as many treaties as you wish but they are only pieces of paper.
The three major controlling areas of the world and all completely separate parts of the land they are in, having full autonomy are:

1. Banking - The Crown/City of London, UK
2. Religion - The Vatican/The Vatican City, Rome Italy
3. Armed Forces - Washington DC/Washington State, USA

It is these three 'sees' that control the world, with the head being the Vatican.
You need to take your first tentative steps down the bunny hole. And I really hate to say it to you but everything you know, that is what you've been taught in school and by the MSM is nothing but lies.

The Captain is 100% correct in his summation. All points above are completely correct.

Anonymous said...

To further add Harold,

Although I have been reading a lot lately on the Vatican and Freemasonry, fellow blogger Revolution Harry has been unlocking that particular branch of the NWO for a while now. The Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church, The Holy Roman Empire, I'm beginning to see are one of the major players in the control sphere. They are very near the top, if not at the top of the pyramid power structure and have been responsible for the creation of all that has gone on within society. I am also beginning to see that the Vatican (Roman Catholic Church) has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity whatsoever and is behind the creation of the Religion we know as Islam.

Trust me when I say this but had someone told me what I've told you three years ago, I'd have laughed. I now see how stupid I was to have believed what I did but only through conditioning, that is indoctrination.

Captain Ranty said...


Perhaps you can tell us who dictated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles in 1783?

It was the British.

You lost that war. The victor dictates the terms, not the loser.

Perhaps you weren't aware that Americans pay taxes to the monarch. You should be aware that the last time she raised taxes (her portion, at least) was in 1997. Check your tax returns. A percentage comes over here, my friend.

Sorry to rain on your parade. We own the USA. Well, to be strictly accurate, we own 18,000 shares (from a total of 25,000) in your country. We have done since 1776.

Don't be blaming me. Blame King George III. America needed money, Georgey provided it.

Actually, don't blame Georgey either. Blame your history teachers.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

By the way Cap'n, you know that I did reply to you on my blog on your reply to my article on 'There's nothing you can do I'm afraid to say?'

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Anon.

See my new post.


Captain Ranty said...


I read your reply, and all the other responses. You have some great minds visiting your blog.

I'm heading back to your hoose to reply to your reply to my response to your scary, but honest piece.

Is this a "good cop, bad cop" situation we have here? :)


Anonymous said...


We both have great minds following the blog and the more we write articles and engage in debate the more will come. And as more will come more will learn and put finger to keyboard and continue to write what they have learned, educating yet more who will continue to do the same.
As with the likes of you and I we will become intermediates and advanced in our articles, that those stepping down the rabbit hole will find hard to fathom, you know talking to a 5 year old about algebra and trigonometry isn't going to have much luck is it?

Is it good cop/bad cop, well, let's just wait and see. What I've just read this last minute has pretty much shocked me to say the least about the Queen, Jesuits and the Pope. All will be revealed in due time.

Now you see that what you write is getting through Cap'n and you are gaining new visitors all the time as well as encouraging more and more to follow, or should I say, find out for themselves.

P.S. Now I know you'll disagree with my article on Charlie, but I make some important points. He is unknowingly promoting the NWO agenda as you will see what I've written.

Harold Thomas said...

I am not as naïve as you think. I heard arguments like yours held by American Freemen movements and unorganized militias in the mid-1990s. I looked down the rabbit hole and found two Brits chasing their tails pursuing far-fetched legal theories based on a twisted interpretation of statutory and case law. With this in mind, I would commend to your reading "We Ain't Brits by Larry Becraft, a trial attorney specializing in libertarian causes. I would also recommend another of his pages, Destroyed Arguments. His research is thorough and his reasoning sound.

A far better use of our time is to work on our MPs, Congressmen, and state legislators to support measures that strengthen freedom; and to prepare for the revolution to come.

Anonymous said...

Most intriguing. Where may one find the second part of the radio interview?


Uncle Nasty