November 12, 2010

The Taming Of The Shrewd

Things are getting a little messy, aren't they?

This week some unknown, unliked, unelected grey Belgian dictates to us all. This odious little toad tells us that we have no right to stand alone. In his twisted opinion, no nation does. Team up, or die, he seems to be saying. I'd prefer death to the slow infection that is the EU. The Gollum also tells us that we should not, we must not, criticise the EU and its' bid for global control. We must not ask about its spending. It's a variation on the US military "Don't ask, don't tell" ruling for gay people in their armed forces.

Revolution Harry has more details. Read the comments too. Follow the links if you have time. If you don't have time, make some available. The only way we can beat these freaks is to know what they plan for us. Without our consent, and without a popular mandate from the 500 million that they seek to control. This is the Fourth Reich in all but name.

The Boiling Frog has a nice article on how the House of Commons, and the world class inepts within, are trying to bamboozle us. Rushing through badly thought out legislation (nothing new there then) with unseemly and indecent haste. Always a clue, that. We've seen it before: when they were debating taking us to war in Iraq (affecting all 60 million of us) they discussed the matter for 40 hours. When they debated the hunting ban (affecting less than 100,000 people) they discussed the ban for 400 hours. The smoking ban debate, by contrast (also affecting the whole population) was discussed for.......4 hours.

Meanwhile, the mind-controlled zealots, those self-appointed guardians of the planet, are losing badly. As they should. Our antipodean friend, Real World Libertarian, has more. And it makes for a fascinating read. I have been praying for the downfall of these liars and thieves ever since they appeared on the scene. I saw it for what it was: a money making scheme on a global scale. Carbon credits? No thanks, say our cousins across the pond.

The theme of this post is that these would-be controllers, these usurpers, these manipulators of public opinion must be stopped. They must undergo a reality check. They have no support other than that of their sychophants and toadies. The lickspittles that grovel at their feet with a wrong-headed and misplaced awe. Not to mention those Merchants of Greed who stand to make billions from these insane ideas. They will fall.

They must fall.

The onus is on us, the bloggers of the world. Many have quit in recent months and I for one, wish that they had not hung up their keyboards. It is we that keep them in check. It is we that dissect the spin and tell others what they need to consider in order to make an informed decision. Until they shut us all down, and they have plans to do just that, we must shout. We must shout loudly, and we must shout often. The MSM are "guided" by their masters, but to a larger extent, they are driven by their advertisers. Their stories don't sell newspapers, but the full page colour spread does. Their stories are irrelevant. More so because the writing, the fact-checking, the due diligence, will not stand up to scrutiny.

The main stream media used to lead and shape public thinking. I do not believe that to be the case today.

Keep going bloggers. Keep at it.

We really are making a difference.

We really are taming the shrewd*.


*for the avoidance of doubt, the word shrewd is used sarcastically.


nominedeus said...

Late to the fray maybe but I am here now, we must let them know how we the people feel, we must make our fellows know what is wrong with this system,uncover what is hidden, digest the unpalatable truth and change it to make ours an equitable society fit for all!

Captain Ranty said...

Well said.

If we all fell by the wayside people would get one point of view only.

That is nowhere near acceptable.


Trooper Thompson said...

We're all little gun boats in the freedom flotilla. FIRE AT WILL.

Remember '1984' - 'Ignorance is Strength' - our ignorance is their strength, so they are racing ahead to put in place their grid of oppression before enough of the people awaken from their slumber...



dangermouse said...

From my small viewpoint, I've seen a lot of people waking up to what is going on. Some just dont know what to do about it, but would act in a heartbeat if they were backed up by more and more people doing it. It will happen. No way will they get away with taxing us to death and telling us what to do, how many times we should breathe every minute etc.

The information on the reality of their evilness is available for all to see on the internet.

But Captain, I really recommend you have a look at this. Entertainment and education rolled into one.

Captain Ranty said...


Amen to that.

We should roar like the lions we are!!


Captain Ranty said...


I am no fan of rap but I enjoyed that!

Thanks for the link.


TheBoilingFrog said...

Thanks Captain for the link, as you say we bloggers are making a difference though at times any progress seems depressingly slow.

FireballXL5 said...

Good post Capt. don't let up and thanks for the links - looks like I've got my evening reading sorted!

If it really looks like the internet might go down or be heavily controlled we must have lines of communication in place in order to mount the uprising that would surely come at that point.

OT but any ideas how to get round the need for a passport Capt.??

The Lizard King said...


I suspect if they do fall,they`ll fall hard and will try to take as many of us with them as they can.

Make preparations to be out of reach!

Captain Ranty said...


Slow is okay. Not shouting is not an option.

We'll get there.


Captain Ranty said...


That will be a nice problem to have!

They won't find many willing to stand with them, will they?


Captain Ranty said...


Without communications it is difficult to revolt. We need to think about a different means.

Regarding the passport: several people have had success by writing to the countries they are intending to visit. Most allow you in without a passport. Also, the World Freeman Society are coming up with an alternative document.


FireballXL5 said...

We'll have to resort to old fashioned methods such as real meetings as opposed to virtual, until they ban assembly, and telephone calls. I've just switched from a contract to a PAYG mobile both as a means of keeping under the radar (and a protest against 02's 10:10 campaign). My new modus operandi being not sign any documents and follow most of the ideas outlined in Ians excellent piece at PJC re. ways to combat the database state. PAYG phones may be one of the things to go soon disguised as an anti-terrorist measure so it may pay for us all to get tooled up with one or more before they're banned.

Look forward to more news on the Freeman "passport".