November 08, 2010

Security Of The Person

More from Freeman Rob: Menard.

I don't believe I have posted this series before.

Check 'em out.

Be sure to watch the four Q&A sessions after you watch the Security Of The Person series.

Staggering stuff.

Ignore the fact that the videos were produced in 2008. The law hasn't changed since then. You can also ignore the fact that Rob is speaking from his experiences in Canada. You will hear him say that all commonwealth countries are essentially the same. A quirk here, a slight change there, but statutes are the same wherever you go in the developed world.

So is common law.

I will edit this piece later with some information that you really need to take on board. Just gotta cook dinner first.



mescalito said...

ranty, have you looked into this foundation x yet? sounds to me like something wicked this way comes, and lord james of blackheath boasts of his criminal activities in the video, im gonna take the transcript down the cop shop and report the crime.

mescalito said...


mescalito said...

oh and ranty, mescalito is lostatsea, id been trying to change it to mescalito and put the pic up for ages, just worked it out now.

JJ said...

Cap'n - Could this ever be applied to the smoking ban?

Captain Ranty said...


I have read like a demon since the story broke.

So far there seem to be two names being attached to Foundation X: the vatican and Prince Charles. Both have the wealth being discussed here.

Lord James certainly appears to be telling the truth.

Time will tell. As it usually does.

Good on you for reporting his "crimes". He says that the BoE was complicit. I'd like to see those events in open court!


Captain Ranty said...


The smoking ban does not apply to me. I have a document sitting in the Home Office that says so.

Just for shits and giggles, I sent a document to David Cameron as well. I told him that none of their statutes applied to me.

They did not disagree.