November 05, 2010

History In The Making?

We sure hope so.

Today John Hurst takes his fight to a higher court. The outcome could change all of our lives. This post is to remind people of the event, and to wish John and Tina all the very best as they continue the battle.

This is from IPJ's blog last week.

"Now John is preparing for the next part of this battle, as the reconvened administrative hearing moves to the magistrates court in LLandrindod Wells.
Event Date: Fri, 05/11/2010
Start Time: 10.30am

Llandrindod Wells Magistrates Court

High Street
LLandridod Wells Powys

There will be a static protest outside the court, as John Hurst attempts to make use of the protection of Article 61 of Magna Carta to enforce his council tax protest. It is his view that the magistrates will ignore the law in this case, which will result in his pressing for a judicial review by the Supreme Court.

Everyone welcome.

Note: It is not a trial, but a hearing before an administrative court which is hired for the day by the Council, including the magistrates."


UPDATE: Ian has more news here. Spoiler alert-they brought in a more "powerful" judge!

UPDATE 2: Bad news. Go look over at Ian's.



mescalito said...

whoop! whoop!

this is it balls of steel and all that jazz.
Good luck to a good man. the cracks are getting bigger and the wall is soon to be coming down.
keep us posted as soon as you know more aye ranty, this one is exciting.
with every thing going on today the authorities will for sure remember remember the 5th of November.

Daniel1979 said...

Good luck John & Tina

Anonymous said...


For a minute there I thought you were talking about the slime John Hirst, the axe murderer!

I was beginning to think the Cap'n was losing it....

IanPJ said...

I am still awaiting an update from John and Tina this morning.

Will post as soon as I have any new information.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Ian.


Captain Ranty said...


I think I lost it years ago!!


Captain Ranty said...


This could be a huge day for us.

I've got all sorts of stuff crossed.


Captain Ranty said...


They shouldn't need luck but with the people they employ in the courts these days.....


dangermouse said...

Waiting with great interest over here.

Being totally inspired by these events, I have cancelled my TV License and Council Tax. These gangsters will have to now resort to their usual terrorist activities and bullying tactics.

I will remind them that it is my money and not theirs for the taking. And being the assuming, arrogant bastards that they are, I will probably need to repeat myself like 50 times.

Anonymous said...

Most crossable body extremeties are crossed.

Captain Ranty said...

Good stuff DM!

You don't have to say "No" anymore, just ask "Why?".

Watch them stutter, stammer and bluster.

They cannot tell you with any conviction that you MUST pay.

Have fun while you're at it!


James Higham said...

We'll stay tuned.

Captain Ranty said...

Ian is trying to reach them at the court but is not getting a reply. They must still be at it.

If I hear anything I will let you know.


FireballXL5 said...

What's happened to the other post Capt??

I was just adding another comment when it went AWOL!

Here's the crux of it:

I came across this earlier Capt. and it is relevant to one of your earlier posts re. the Barons:

"In 2000, Ashley Mote drafted a Petition to Her Majesty under Article 61 of Magna Carta, which was later signed by 28 peers and taken to Buckingham Palace by the Duke of Rutland and others. The petition asked Her Majesty not to grant the Royal Assent to the Bill to ratify the EU’s Treaty of Nice – an appeal which reports suggest came close to success."

Found on this website

Note it says "came close to success", maybe if HMQ had adhered to her sworn oath then it would have been successful.

To my mind these are things we stand a good chance of success with, as we know for sure treason was committed. Non payment of taxes etc. is the other weapon we can hurt them with.

Captain Ranty said...

I pulled it, FB.

I re-read the document while pretending I was an MP. There are too many distractions in there and the message loses its potency.

You guys were right. We'll think of a new campaign.

I will check out the Ashley Mote site. Thanks for that.


Underwhelmed said...


Just seen that you've pulled the other post - as with FB, my post went AWOL - luckily for me, but perhaps not so for you, I always copy to clipboard that which I'm about to issue, having lost too many posts in the past...(not on this forum though). I believe it is a measure of man to reconsider upon new evidence. I hope it's not patronising to say 'well done'. Anyway, my post, FWIW:

I mentioned on a previous post that I am still reaching a conclusion on what I believe and the actions to take will follow thereof. And I am a man not to sit idle.

One of things that I have learnt and believe to be true, is that whatever I decide are my principles, I must stick to them without compromise - otherwise my reputation and 'soul' will suffer.

To that end, this David Icke campaign is beyond my will and to tailor it to my beliefs would be premature at this stage.

Still, I really do appreciate your efforts in bringing the full range of items that you do to our attention - after all, the pursuit of one's truth will uncover what one DOESN'T believe in, as well as what one does.

Finally, I agree with your central tenet that a tsunami is coming. I will, without doubt, contribute with that in my own way – as I’m sure your other readers would too.


P.S. I’m much better after caffeine!

P.P.S now off to check that Ashley Mote website out.

defender said...

On another matter;

John Harris informs us that is now unavailable.The web host has been pressured by the private company/charity 'Common Purpose' to suspend the website without any prior warning, the host cannot be contacted, access is denied to John and the team.
Please pass this email far and wide.......


Underwhelmed said...

There's been an update at 17:30 on the link...

(not such good news)

defender said...

TPUC, is working, I just checked again and there it is, I have no idea whats going on there.

IanPJ said...


It was working when I was told of this at 10.30 this morning as well. Not sure whether they have just locked out the admins, but the site is certainly there.

IanPJ said...

It is a sad day today in that I have to report that John Hurst lost in court.

I have updated the site with the few meagre details that I have availble.

Twisted Root said...

I don't know if history was made today, but there was poetry at Llandridod Magistrates Court when John was outlining his arguement the clerk asked him to slow down as notes needed to be taken. He did and read out each phrase with a pause. As he did so a stillness decended and the gathering became a tableau whilst the dead began to speak in the language of treaty and ancient statute.

FireballXL5 said...

Just read the details on PJ's site. Not unexpected but from what I read in to the attitude and demeanour of the "court" officials I think they know the game is up but can't admit it. Lets face it, if John had won it would have meant the whole house of cards coming down.

I fear it could come down to civil insurrection, it's not just us freeman types that's had enough.

What with this and the news on Common Purpose trying to close down tpuc, a depressing end to a miserable day.

Bollixed said...

Like many other individuals, I travelled down today with friends to show our support for what John, Tina, and team are doing for those British people who treasure our national identity and freedoms. Unlike previous Lawful Rebellion cases I have attended recently, this was carried out with a facade of dignity and courteousy.

John provided an impassioned, eloquent, well constructed, and downright powerful case for his retention of money from a corrupt regime. I’ll leave John to offer his own explanation of his case and legal/lawful summary of outcome.

In my own view the ‘hearing’ contradicted itself, openly espoused treason, made a land mark ‘decision’ regarding Common Law, and the only politics in that room were on the other side of the bench.

Let’s get this in perspective… IF the hearing had decided in John and Tina’s favour:

1. It would have set a precedent that Magistrates Courts did not have sufficient authority to deal with Council Tax cases
2. It would have confirmed superiority of Common Law over statute and EU Directive
3. It would have confirmed we have a treasonous government of “evil wrongdoers”
4. Ditto a treasonous Monarch
5. It would have ended a rather lucrative commercial venture between local judiciary and local authorities

Yes, this was a political hearing and not one concerned with actual Law or custom. There was no way the bench would have risked career and reputation by finding in the Hurst’s favour.

I hope those persons present who were paid by the local authority count out those 30 pieces of silver very carefully!

Cries of “treason, treason” by many witnesses present in the court followed the actors as they rapidly exited stage right.

I have to add that the police behaved impeccably throughout and were an example for future hearings across the land. I’m sure they found it as educational and inspiring as the rest of us present. Thanks guys!

I made new friends today. Expended my own network. Learned a great deal. Galvanised where I should focus my own personal Lawful Rebellion. Worth the tortuous drive there definitely.

Today was a victory. A victory in that we had a commercial hearing offer that Common Law has no place in their kangaroo courts. Reeeeeallllllyyyyy???? The ‘boos’ and cries of ‘treason’ as the Magi’s rapidly shuffled off – looking very uncomfortable and red faced – spoke louder than the political ‘decision’ of this hearing.

Thank you again guys for what you are doing for the rest of us mere state assets! :) I will drag my scrawny backside down to be there for the next stage of this skirmish too.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks to you TR, and you, Bollixed, we get a good picture of what went on today.

I was especially pleased to hear that those standing in our way were suitably embarrassed.

They know we are right, and they know they are all the way wrong. The outcome was probably predictable given the sweeping changes it would have brought.

No matter. The fight goes on. We lost a skirmish but the war is far from lost.

Onwards and upwards!!


FireballXL5 said...

So we know from this judgement that the Bill of Rights has no legal standing and that common law is superseded by statutes in all cases??

Can this ruling be appealed?

Where do we go from here?

Are we fucked :-(

mescalito said...

we all knew the outcome, seems its gonna end up with violence in the streets in the end if we want our freedom.

tpuc is working im watching a video on there now.
where did that info come from about common purpose closing it down?

mescalito said...

and if common purpose are gonna shut down any site they world start with brian gerish and his web site common purpose exposed.

Captain Ranty said...


There is a comment thread on TPUC about the interrupted service. CP called the hosts and said that there was some "...questionable material..." about Common Purpose on the site. The host responded badly and pulled the plug. John called them and got the service reinstated.

Common Purpose-cowardly fucks who want to be seen in a good light, all the time. This is impossible of course, so they will settle for whining and bleating.


bollixed said...

Fireball. The Clerk of Court (seemed like a very nice lady) admitted during the hearing she'd never read the Bill of Rights. Make of that what you will but for a woman nearing retirement to state this shows it hasn't been an issue till now. How she then can advise the magistrates on matters of Law is a question for others to ask.

bollixed said...

CR, I would posit that CP have messed with the wrong bull this time.

mescalito said...

we need to burn all these fuckers out, some-things gonna break soon and we will have to take to the streets draw our swords and slay these criminals. :) and by sword i mean light saber, and by light saber i mean lots of toilet rolls taped together.

Rantys right, the loss today changes nothing, cause we all knew the outcome, we know the courts are corrupt and ignore our words, we continue as we are, they are fucked, either we succeed peacefully, or die fighting, im not becoming more of a slave then i was 1 year ago.
peace to you all.

FireballXL5 said...

"The Clerk of Court (seemed like a very nice lady) admitted during the hearing she'd never read the Bill of Rights"

This is the problem it's been neglected, allowed to wither on the vine, overridden by parliament and the people in their ignorance have been robbed of their rights. No way would the yanks have allowed this to happen. It beggars belief that what should be our inalienable birthrights have been stolen and been replaced by political diktat. We get what we're given, like it or lump it.

How about "government of the people by the people". No fucking chance. The political elite care not one shit for the people of this country or it's ancient laws and traditions but they can't shovel the money and their lubricated arses fast enough over to Brussels. Quislings, lickspittles and traitors the lot of them including the judiciary who I would have expected better of.

If this country's going down then at least we should go down fighting rather than this pathetic capitulation we are currently engaged in.

Twisted Root said...

"The Clerk of Court (seemed like a very nice lady) admitted during the hearing she'd never read the Bill of Rights"

Only seemed like. I'm seethimg about the way she spoke to a gentleman who was too slow to stand up (we only went through that charade out of respect for John who didn't want them to have an excuse for halting proceedings). "All stand, that means everyone! You!", she shrieked, pointing when he didn't immediately respond because he was arranging himself. I won't give full vent here in Ranty's comments, but whilst everyone else conducted themselves in a dignified manner it came across as shrill, disrespectful and quite frankly insecure. Mind you, she was so preoccupied she didn't notice an old gentleman with a walking stick who never moved.
Old guys with walking sticks are a brilliant secret weapon."

Dangermouse said...

Update two leads to "blogger not found" ??

As at 01.03 GMT 06/11/10

Indyanhat said...

have blogged the whole thing (mostly) over at mine Cap'n, last post and goodnight been good knowing you .I will stay in touch


FireballXL5 said...

Thanks for the excellent report at your place. What a shocking day, confirmation that freedom and individual rights do not exist in this country. We are under a tyranny.

Capt. this must put your tax battle in doubt also, the courts are ignoring our fundamental rights, MC, BoR and common law. We have to find a case that can win on that basis or by mass protest of some kind get the proper law of the land upheld.

Mass protest would need more organisation than our fractious movement has got. I suggest a non-payment of taxes as the best option if we can get enough people on board. They'd have a hard job processing 100,000 through the courts. But where to find these people and how to organise it.

I am utterly disgusted and repelled by the scum that runs this country, those magistrates should be hanging their heads in shame until the day they die.

This case confirmed we have no inalienable rights. We have been traduced in to serfdom and are nothing more than a state owned asset to be plundered and abused.

Griblett said...

We are not going to find a case we can fight and win within their corrupt system. It's never going to happen.

You are attempting to get them, effectively, to admit they are wrong. They won't do it. There's not one member of the judiciary with the front/balls to stand in defiance of their masters.

Unlike the Captain, I don't believe anything will change without violence. If 5 million people marched on Wastemonster and hanged the traitorous bastards from the lamp-posts maybe then there would be a chance of change.

Until then it's softly, softly, catchee no monkey. We'll be talking until we die in slavery and servitude, ignored and unrepresented.

It's a depressing day.

defender said...

There was a very small but significant rebellion last Christmas, here was the No 1.
It put Cowell and the music elite in there place.

RATM -Killing in the name

mescalito said...

Griblett: i too believe it will end something similar to the brixton riots 1981, its a shame it has to go that way but you can push people only so far, but yourl never get 5 million people to do that.

so whats the remedy???

FireballXL5 said...

I think Gribletts last paragraph is the way to go, every man for himself really, stay under the radar, pay them nothing, keep the state off your back and your head down.

I'd love a better more revolutionary solution but I can't see it.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt it be nice if dozens of magistrates found themselves with burnt out shells where there once were courthouses.