November 10, 2010

The Lord James Crime Report-Exclusive

One of our regular commenters here, Mescalito, decided that he had had enough. When he read about a peer boasting of his criminal activities, Mescalito thought he would do the right thing and report the crime.

Here, in his own words, is the story of his adventure yesterday.

"OK, so I went into Medway police station around 2.00 on the 9th of Nov 2010 to report the crimes that I believe Lord James of Blackheath has committed from his own statement from Hansard which is the House of Lords official report vol. 721, no. 57 from the 1 nov 2010.

I took the whole 111 page transcript down with the statement of interest highlighted.

Lord James of Blackheaths statement goes:

"I have had one of the biggest experiences in the laundering of terrorist money and funny money that anyone has had in the City. I have handled billions of pounds of terrorist money".
Baroness Hollis of Heigham: Where did it go to?
Lord James of Blackheath: Not into my pocket. My biggest terrorist client was the IRA and I am pleased to say that I managed to write off more than £1 billion of its money. I have also had extensive connections with north African terrorists, but that was of a far nastier nature, and I do not want to talk about that because it is still a security issue. I hasten to add that it is no good getting the police in, because I shall immediately call the Bank of England as my defence witness, given that it put me in to deal with these problems."
Seeing this for what it is I thought ' that's it I've had absolutely enough now of our politicians taking the piss, acting as if they are above the law whilst they get paid fat annual incomes from my taxes, and thus this story unfolds like this.
I walked into the reception up to the desk where a young man and an older man are and say:
ME: Hello, I'd like to report a serious crime please.
SUPPORT STAFF: OK, and what is the crime?
ME: I'd prefer to speak to a police officer in the privacy of an interview room please.
SS: ok, but it will have to be when one becomes available, so you'll have to wait.
ME: gladly.
He goes out one door comes back through another behind me and asks me to come in, I enter the interview room.
SS: ok so what's the crime?
ME: I would like to speak to a police officer, it's my right and I am exercising said right.
SS: ok, tell me then I'll get one.
ME: ok
So I read him the statement from above and say is that not the crime of money laundering, accomplice to murder, and fraud, and I'm sure many more that I'm unaware of.
SS: that's not a crime as you have not been injured, you are just a 3rd party.
ME: I have been injured, it's my taxes that pay his wages and an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us as we the people are all one.
He stares at me blankly.
ME: is speeding a crime?
SS: yes
ME: who is the injured party when someone speeds then?
SS: well if you hit someone when speeding there is an injured party.
ME: but what if I'm speeding and I don't hit someone, who is the injured party? Who makes the claim?
SS: we do
ME: but you haven't been injured and you're just a 3rd party.
SS: it's to prevent accidents.
ME: that's crazy, that's pre-crime.
SS: its breaking the law.
ME:  no it's not, its breaking legislation, and by its own definition it's not law.
SS: it's an offence.
ME: and is money laundering for terrorists, being an accomplice to murder and fraud not an offence?
SS: what is your name and address?
ME: you can call me Seth
SS: last name and address?
ME: I don't want to give you that.
SS: you need to
ME: am I under any obligation to
SS: you'll need to give it to an officer.
ME: and I will when you go get one.
I must stress that this was all very nice with lots of smiles he was a nice man he just didn't know diddly squat
He then asks if I'll sit in reception while he gets an officer, I sit in the reception, off he goes, then pops his head back through the door.
SS: can I have the Hansard report to show the officers so I look like I know what I'm talking about.
ME: will I get it back?
SS: yes
ME: I hope so, it's my property and I will class that as theft if I don't.
SS: I have no intention of keeping it
He goes and 5 minutes later 2 officers come in.
1st O: we don't deal with things like this.
ME: is it not a crime then?
1st O: yes but there are certain procedures, you would need to talk to the House of Lords about this and see if they wanted to investigate this statement, then they would contact us.
ME: oh, so your all in bed with one and other.
2nd O: No, look you seem to know what you're talking about more than us and you seem to have done your research. I suggest you research into it more by contacting the House of Lords and discussing it with them.
He hands me the Hansard report and there is fresh blood on it.
ME: are you bleeding?
2nd O: No, oh yes, sorry do you want to wipe it off.
ME: I'll let you, you might have something.
2nd O: I assure you I don't.
At this point both officers are both trying to leave the reception area.
ME: did you read the statement?
1st O: yes, it's very strange he seems to be incriminating himself.
ME: And the bank of England
2nd: That's an official document, where did you get it?
ME: internet
2nd O: how did you find the statement
ME: a lot of patience. ( but that's not true, they actually point out the page on TPUC)
ME: do you think he's committed those crimes.
2nd O: it's not my place to say yes.
ME: but you're not saying no, I'm reading between your lines here.
The other office isn't even looking at me and is trying to get away so I direct all my questions at the more professional and receptive officer.
ME: Lord James of Blackheath states he laundered money for terrorists under the directions of the Bank of England, so who ever was the head of BOE at that time is accomplice to murder as well.
Then I said something about the BOE being corrupt and being a private corporation, I can't remember exactly.
ME: he is a public servant like yourself and he has taken an oath of office swearing allegiance to the queen and the law of this land, he is breaking those laws and going against our constitution. If you watch the video at this url  you will hear that he says it with a tone of accomplishment, then he says there's no point in getting the police with a tone of arrogance, as if he is above the law. Do you think it's ok that he thinks he is above the law?
2nd O: No
ME: if I laundered money for terrorists I'm sure I'd be looking at a minimum of 7 years but more realistically life.
The other cop is now opening the door half way, he can't wait to get back to coffee and donuts.
2nd O: Seth, you seem to know a lot about all this, you should contact your local MP and ask him about this.
ME: He's a nobody
2nd O: Maybe so but he's your MP, he will know more about this. Contact him, contact the House of Lords and then come back here.
ME: ok but I will have to issue a formal complaint for neglect of duty by failing to record and investigate a serious crime.
I don't think he was listening properly when I said that.
2nd O: Are you happy with what I've said?
ME: I appreciate your time, thank you, oh, can I have you name and number.
2nd O: Yes, 12345, PC XXXXX
He left, I went outside had a quick breath of air, went back in to the reception and issued my formal complaint for neglect of duty by failing to record and investigate a serious crime.
I have my crime number and am awaiting a phone call, but I am not holding my breath."
Thank you Mescalito, for sending in the report of your report that they will now criminally ignore. I think you deserve a huge round of applause for doing this. Well done.
I expect a similar reaction when I report the treason later this week at my police station. I will report back like Mescalito did, and we will see if there are any similarities. To date, the treason has been reported at 72 police stations. Five are taking the report seriously.


mescalito said...

Cheers Ranty, and thanks for posting it.

wow i didnt realise the treason had been reported to 72 stations. i will be reporting it next week also.

with regards to contacting my MP as adviced by the officers, i did it this morning, he turns out to be a she, tracey crouch is her name. i will send you a copy of my email and when she replies, ile send you hers.

Snakey said...

He is simply going to say he mis-spoke and that he was involved in anti laundering. There is a piece on Znet where he says this.

"James' express instructions were to run the companies down and liquidise the assets, he said."

Captain Ranty said...


It was a pleasure and a privilege to do so.

I cannot say this often enough: if we had more brave souls like you reporting these crimes, crimes which shock and appal us, the UK would be a far better place.

It would be great to do a follow up using your discussions with Miz Tracey. Let's hope that she does the right thing too.


mescalito said...

snakey- yeah, thought as much.
but thats not the only thing he mis-spoke about, he has alot of explaining to do.

ranty- cheers, your making me blush. its not much really, it was easy and fun. something has got to be done, but with all our efforts being ignored i suppose ile see you all on the front line.

FireballXL5 said...

Brilliant effort mescalito!

This bit was interesting: "that's not a crime as you have not been injured, you are just a 3rd party."

So is that confirmation of the law as we believe it to be? If so, at a stroke it must write of thousands of so called "crimes" from the statute book??

mescalito said...

exactly, but he was just a receptionist and didn't seem to have much knowledge on the law at all.
when he said ive not been injured, i used speeding as an example, and of course the main point of his argument against it was like a child saying, but its the law.
the more i spend time in that place the more i see its a revolving door business that doesn't want to deal with crime that doesn't create revenue for them.
as soon as i went in there and said i wanted to report a crime they should have been, 'yes sir, certainly sir, ile get you an officer sir, 3 bags full sir.'
but its instead its like 'sorry we cant make any mon, i mean we can investigate that sir.'
the 2nd officer did seem interested in it all and you could see he felt undermined by lord james's statement, he just felt he couldn't do anything about it as its not the way the operate any more.

I am Stan said...

Stimulating stuff Mescalito,I doff my cap to you sir! *doff*.

Perhaps a citizens arrest posted on utube would be in order if TPTB do nothing.

mescalito said...

thank you :) i like it, does anyone know what sort of powers we have with regards to a citizens arrest?

Caratacus said...

Mescalito - you, sir, are a diamond! Well done indeed.

Ref; powers of arrest, seem to remember the phrase: "anyone can arrest anyone else if that person has committed an arrestable offence". Not as daft as it sounds - trepass is not an arrestable offence, murder is. Trouble is, when you arrest someone you have to caution them (and "get your trousers on, you're nicked" doesn't count...) so you have to memeorise that bloody great long spiel that coppers emit in a monotone drawl finishing off with, "do you understand?" (Where we say, "Nope").

nominedeus said...

Well done indeed Mescalito, would that there were more of your calbre about

nominedeus said...

thanks for the link Ranty, will reciprocate shortly when I get the house straight