November 11, 2010

Eleven Eleven Eleven

"For young Willie McBride, it happened again, and again".

For the fallen.

We remember you. We remember you all.

The government of the day have forgotten why you sacrificed all. They do not know why you did what you did. That belief, that strength, that unbelievably brave thing that you did, it is not even a distant memory to them. A brief spurt in history. That's all you are to them. Some words in a history book. They trot out every year at this time, put their wreaths on expenses, and they attempt to look sombre for half an hour. For most of them, this is good PR. By trotting out to the nearest cenotaph they are pretending to care. They do not.

They are spineless, they are honourless, and they are, god forgive them, shameless. The country you fought and died for? The bastards gave it away. No bullets, no bombs, no terrorism, not even a threat. "Where do we sign", they asked. Six times they asked this question. And six times they were handed a pen, and they signed.

They may have forgotten you.

But we have not.

Never will we forget.

One day soon, we will recover, and restore, everything you fought for.

This is my undying promise.

A man will rarely admit to crying.  I do so now. I weep for my brothers in arms. I weep for those that fell in the madness that is war. I weep for those that died a hard death. I pray, daily, that I can live up to their ideals.

That I can do what they would have done. That I can do what must be done.

All I can do is fight. For them. For me. For you.

And fight I will.



Katabasis said...

That brought tears to my eyes Sir Ranty. Thank you for writing it.

Only one response I can give that is worthy really.

banned said...

That's been in my favorites for years but

Smoking Hot
23 October 2010

" l had the honour of taking D-Day veterans back to Normandy this July courtesy of Heroes Return. What follows is a conversation that l was party too. lt is verbatim and the only alterations l shall make is censoring the swearing. Don't judge them by the swearing either, they were in each others company and no ladies or children were present. lf they had been present they would've behaved like the gentlemen they are.
"Later on when l'd taken them to bar and we were sat out in the sun having a beer ... and a smoke, one of the vets said " Y'know, l used to enjoy a pint and a smoke at the pub but it's not worth going anymore. Hardly anyone goes. When l have been and l want a smoke l've got to shuffle out on these f'ing sticks. Doesn't matter if it's pouring with rain, blowing a gale, f'ing snowing ... out l f'ing go"
He went on "What really pi**es me off is all them f'ing anti-smoking c**ts. They say it's better for me, it's healthier, it's for my own good ... l'm 85 for ffs!"

His mate replied " Makes you wonder why we bothered, f'ing fascists won in the end"

mescalito said...

Hey ranty, have you seen the videos of the riots in london over the student fees? well good, power to the people.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Great choice of song, Captain. Probably the most poignant of all lyrics on a remembrance theme.

defender said...

Members of the EDL and fellow countrymen,

There is a lot of conflicting information coming out of London at the moment, regarding the plans for Muslims Against Crusades to disrupt our most significant day of the year remembrance day. This is the time for friends and families to gather to remember our fallen heroes. The MAC have threatened to disturb the 2 minutes silence and show themselves for the disrespectful bunch of freaks that they are.

Well not in our country and not on our watch. The English Defence League has decided that there is no way we can risk this silence being disrupted.

We are therefore to announce a demonstration at Exhibition Road, Kensigton, SW7.

The demonstration will be tomorrow Thursday 11th November 2010, Please arrive for 10am and we expect the demonstration to last until 1.00pm.

The EDL will not have any speakers or PA for this demonstration it is purely a demonstration to ensure that the memorial service holds its 2 minutes silence in silence.

The nearest tube station to this is South Kensignton

We urge that all members that can make it to this demonstration tomorrow to attend and show that we will not allow this scum in our country.

No Surrender


I am Stan said...


Anonymous said...

I think if MAC turned up and disrupted the silence it would be a turning point .

adelaide girl said...

Lest we forget. To all the brave souls who never came back.

Jacobite said...

Love that song and your view of the elite who rule over us is so true.

Anonymous said...


You and I may fall out over my following post but you know that I always question and forever seek what is the truth.

I don't celebrate 11/11. People will look at me in horror when I say so for the simple reason that those who have died in past wars have done so, not as protectors of this land, but as mercenaries for the elite, to wage their wars of control.
The more I look at history, the more I take apart conflict, the more I see that Britain was the aggressor in most parts and I have been lied to in all it entirety on what really happened.

Our brave young men and women sacrificed their lives in vain. They were not fighting for our freedom or our liberties (as they thought), for were they, we would have them today. They were fighting for you know who, to capture this strategic territory for its natural resources or for a future staging post on another land they were planning to invade.

Soldiers sign on the dotted line to become killing machines for governments, controlled by the bankers and all the other evil sitting in their echelon towers. The continuing wars is promoted constantly by the elite and their cannon fodder gladly signs on the dotted line. Think about it CR, were there no soldiers to fight there would be no wars. It's that simple - you can't have a game of rugby if there are no teams to play can you?

The bullshit of joining the army, "learn a trade, see the world, be all your can be," is nothing but bullshit. Where is the "Join the Army/Air Force/Navy and illegally invade other peoples lands who pose no threat to yours whatsoever. Kill the locals, while they attempt to (and do) kill you, all in order to further the banker's/Zionist's/elite family's/secret organisation's, attempts to control the world and everyone in it. You most certainly aren't fighting for your people and your country you know..." bollox?

I can't live this lie, this promotion of heroes who went into foreign lands and killed people 'in my name?' I really can't.

I know you're an army man. I know you've lost friends. I know people who have lost friends also as well as myself, but they weren't forced to sign up. They chose to and sadly being given a gun and marching off into foreign lands to kill the locals is very dangerous to your health.

Remember Cap'n - no soldiers to fight one another then the elite lose their ability to control. Who in this day and age is seriously going to attack Britain? France? Germany? Italy? Spain? Get real, these people want peace just like everyone else. It's the elite who are controlling these conflicts. Remove the chess pieces from their board and they're in a word - fucked!

Anonymous said...

Who in the fuck are you to tell me what I should or shouldn't do Stan?

The revolution that led to Napoleon was instigated by the bankers Rothschild, both sides the French and the British. Russian Rev, WW1, WW2 etc all the same reasons. Globalisation - the new religion.

I don't have to buy any poppy or subscribe to any belief to show respect. Those people are dead, duped into fighting for unworthy causes for control of land and natural resources. Believing their actions to be just would make me a hypocrite. Now you can bury your head in the sand but I won't.

The people in WW1 & 2 had no choice. There were howeve conscientious objectors, who were pilloried and lambasted, of course so as to make people realise they were in fact right.

Buying materlial objects in order to remember those who have died is disgusting, firstly because people are already taxed to the hilt and secondly, troops should be well looked after by the governments, bankers, elites etc, whose fucking wars they fought in the first place for crying out loud. Not my war Stan. None of them were!

Jacobite said...

The first world war was sold to the people (spun) remember Kitcheners poster "your country needs you" in those days the peoples thinking was country first and fell for the spin to enlist was their patriotic duty. Members of my familly served and everyone of them either came back with damaged lungs due to gas or with limbs missing.I am always in awe of what the soldiers went through in the first war, take all politics out of it and remember them as true hero's.

Anonymous said...


People will disagree with my beliefs but in all reality, if governments are going to turn the public into their mercenaries then it's up to them to look after them and not the public.
More importantly if the public realised that they were nothing but pawns of the governments and their controllers, thus not signing up, there would be no armies to fight one another - ergo NO WARS.

I do not see people, who go to foreign lands, on the behest of governments and their elites, to carry out state sanctioned murder, as heroes. Heroes are people whom do good for one another - superman, spiderman, batman etc etc. They are heroes. People who invade foreign lands, shoot and drop bombs on them, kill their children are not heroes in my eyes, although the MSM will continue to perpetuate this myth on a daily basis, so AS TO GET MORE USEFUL IDIOTS TO SIGN UP AND WAGE MORE WARS!!!!

No soldiers - no wars - end of!
It's time people started taking personal responsibility for their actions and that includes people who are considering signing up to be government controlled killing machines.

Anonymous said...

No you're just a cunt Stan, as I've always said. I'll repeat what I said to you as I did in the above post:


Now once that's traveled around that mass expanse of emptiness between your ears, may it hit that incredibly lonely organism within and register something. But in the mean time, spare me the bollox of history, which seems to me you've actually bought and agree with. Do some research moron into it and you'll see that all wars have been orchestrated for profit, by the elites and the useful idiots gladly fought their wars, killing others and being killed, so as to be continually fucked over by the state - shithead!

Government controllers created these war machines. Therefore they're responsible for them. Let them fork out their pennies in order to keep them healthy and sane, while they butcher innocent men, women and children all over the globe.

Last reply on this matter. Nothing else to say.

I am Stan said...


Wrong wrong wrong,what utter delusional cowardly cockwaffle,no soldiers making the ultimate sacrifice all those years ago would mean we all speak German now bone head!,what the fucks hard to understand about that.

libertarianroguetrooper said...

Buying a poppy does not mean showing support for wars of today.

Buying a poppy is part of trying to prevent horrors like the first world war from happening.

Underwhelmed said...

Harby, I think there is a disconnect in your logic.

Whether or not the wars were fought for the reasons that you claimed, how would ordinary folk know that?

There is a real distinction here in that many ordinary men left behind their lives to go and fight for and protect what they believed in. They weren't career soldiers; many were conscripted.

Remembering those that fought for what they thought was right (and to be honest, I believe that they fought for protection of those very rights that we find we are trying to re-establish as Freemen) must be divorced from you other viewpoint; supporting one does not preclude / include support of the other.

Don't forget, many good men through the years (including today) have been manipulated to do 'wrong' under the pretense of that it is of 'right'.

I hope that you can reconsider, but respect your right to your truth.


The Lizard King said...

They deserve our respect and gratitude,a few quid and a poppy is the least we can do!

mescalito said...

wow, there's a lot of arguments here today,looks like the governments successful in getting us all to fight amongst ourself .

divide and conquer! even on a rebellion site, how ironic.

yes we all have our opinions but there's no point using big angry words to back them, anyway big words usually come from small men.

we are supposed to be uniting against these problems and coming up with solutions.

my client yesterday is a officer in the army, he told me he went to Iraq and Afghanistan and said that the majority of them feel that its all wrong, that they wanted to be helping people, one of his friends refused to go back the state said he was there property and he had to he refused there was a big court case which he won.
my point is the awareness is there and with a little education they will end up all refusing to do the governments dirty work.

Twisted Root said...

That is how to honour the fallen.

I am Stan said...

mescalito said,

"yes we all have our opinions but there's no point using big angry words to back them, anyway big words usually come from small men."

I`ll express my opinion as I see fit so fuck off batboy!....:O

Caratacus said...

Harby, don't have a great deal to argue with in your analysis.

However, I ask for the gift of a poppy (I don't "buy" them, they are given to me when I make a contribution towards the welfare of existing servicemen and their families) and wear it because:

1) I remember my uncles. They all came back from the war relatively unscathed. No mean feat that given that there were so many of them. My father was too young to have fought in WW2, but did his NS in the RM. Given his temperament it is safe to say that had he been a year or two older, I wouldn't be sat here writing this today.
2) Having served alongside men who didn't make it back, it provides focus for me.
3) I understand the nature of battle (as I know you do) and when one is in it one remembers three things - to survive; to protect your oppo; to defeat the enemy*.
4)There exists a camaraderie which is a bond that cannot be broken.

I wear the poppy to acknowledge these very important aspects of my life.

Ref.* above. The State would do well to keep in mind that the warrior's definition of that word is liable to change in the blink of an eye.

opsimath said...

I'm trying to type this through my tears, shed for so many people and so many things.

Thank you CR - you're a good scout.

mescalito said...

i am stan- I`ll express my opinion as I see fit so fuck off batboy!....:O

i take that with a pinch of comedy because it is funny but this debate is full of ego, which is partly why we are in the mess we are in.

Captain Ranty said...

Harbinger, (and everyone else),

I will not fall out with anyone for expressing their opinion on here. No censorship, not ever. If you can't express your thoughts here then I am doing something wrong.

Just for the record: I bung money in every poppy-can I come across but I never take a poppy. I always leave them in thinking that they can sell them again the following year. I know I've contributed and I know those men and women will be remembered (all year round, not just today) but I do not need to wear a poppy to show everyone else that I care and that I remember.

If we didn't have different opinions the world would be in a sorry state.

I think of you all as my friends. As with any group of friends, there will be an occasional spat. But we move on. We agree to disagree and concentrate on what binds us, not what separates.

Thank you all for leaving your comments here today.


mescalito said...

Hear, hear.

well done ranty

Caratacus said...

Well said CR.

What's everyone drinking? I'll get 'em in!

mescalito said...

fruit juice please, im a light weight :)

James Higham said...

Good stuff as usual.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

The first casualty of war is always the truth.

Something to be mourned in itself when good men die because of a lack of it.

Stan: Hitler was, in large part, funded by the same people who funded the allies. It's not a popular view but truth is always ridiculed by the groupthink before it's accepted.

My thoughts lie with the men who thought they were fighting for democracy, only for the EU to come along and put that thought to rest along with the men who died for it.

EDLer said...

Vid of the MAC burning huge poppies in London 11-11-10 during the 2 min silence

nominedeus said...

We understand the state manipulates, we know that that manipulation only succeeds in the light of our relative ignorance. The wars of yesteryear were fought in blindness by the common rank and file of all sides. The rulers of the various protagonists used ignorance and fear to whip their populations into the fight...

I like you Ranty drop what I can in the boxes and walk on poppyless, I do this because I know that the poppy fund goes to helping those who still are duped into fighting wars which are not defensive. These people return maimed and broken to be ill served by the government which sent them to war. They are all my brothers and sisters and I feel that they deserve some help from myself in rebuilding their lives

I blog to make others aware that the situation is not as it at first appears, I blog to inform and alleviate the ignorance of the populace, and I hope that they will hear the words that I write and that they will stop being the pawns of the rulers and stand up with their fellows and say NO!