November 27, 2010

Nigel For PM!!!

That's me back from North Africa. One day late, thanks to the global warming that carpets Scotland. Aberdeen airport was closed yesterday so I was forced to endure a night in big fancy London. £11.50 for a large G&T. Eleven pounds and fucking fifty pence for a double gin! I bought a WHOLE bottle of gin for 11 quid at T5! Thieving bastards.

I was unable to view YouTube vids in Tripoli so I am late to the party with this painfully honest speech from our Nige.

The man has more honesty and integrity than all 650 MPs combined.

Listen, then share it with everyone.

The truth can be hard to bear at times, but bear it we must.

The EU is finished. We need to get out.


If not sooner.


OOPS! I forgot to hat-tip The Fithy One. (Which is where I spotted the vid).


Witterings from Witney said...

Welcome back CR - await resumption of normal service!

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks WfW.

This week has been pretty damn good for eurosceptics. The bad news flows like the Amazon in flood. Which is brilliant!

Is the end in sight?

I think so. I definitely think so.


joe said...

Welcome back CR.You have to see the other vid @ Sue's place and our old friend nomine,of Godfrey Bloom being thrown out of the European parliament.It reminds me of a Kangaroo court.

TheBoilingFrog said...

Welcome back CR, and well said

rusty said...

Time to get ready for the collapse of governments and state-run systems EU-wide.

Time to enact this:

Dioclese said...

To be honest, I thought the bloke was a cunt until I listened to this. My opinion is changing...


about Farage I mean, not the EU. That's still a crock of very expensive shite.

FH said...

@Dioclese, I have been watching Farage for a while now and I have completely warmed to him, he has not put a foot wrong so far. Why don't we all back the guy and give him a chance, it is after all the only one we have at the present time, if he lets us down like the rest have I am sure we can find an extra lamp-post somewhere. So why not give him our full support right now.

Welcome back CR

Barking Spider said...

Welcome home, CR, the EU is now starting to unravel really quickly and the Daily Express has also started a campaign to get us out. Major publicity for the cause, at last!

Anonymous said...

Welcom back Cap. Good to have you back and I'm sure you had an enjoyable time you globetrotter you.

Caratacus said...

That was quick Cap'n - was it something you said...?

Good to have you back though :)

CrazyDaisy said...

Should have given me a shout for piss up part 2!

Anyway, keep us entertained and informed mate.


banned said...

The only thing 'wrong' with Nigel is his air of Golf Club Bar Bore but if that's his way so be it, better than using an 'image consultant.

As for Global Warming, the cunts at the Met Office are at it again. Claiming 2010 to be the second warmest year to date. Oh really, with an extended freezy period this past winter, a summer only slightly less shitty than the previous three and snow on local hills in Novemeber, unprecidented for the past twenty years.

Some deluded warmist drone was on Radio 4 the other morning attempting to explain away the obvious lack of warming to those who look out of the window.
"there aren't many weather measuring stations at the poles because not many people live there so obviously we will have underestimated the amount of warming there".
"You might just as easily overestimated it"

"errr." Silly Cow.

Anonymous said...

UKIP need support. Join them and help to spread the word.
It only costs about £20.
This is not a party political broadcast, I'm just massively pissed off with the destruction of my Country.

FireballXL5 said...

Utterly brilliant speech, shows our pathetic shower of shite MP's up for the spineless quislings they all are.

The look on the faces of the unelected overlunched corrupt cunts sat listening to him was priceless!

Welcome back Capt.

Last time I was presented with a similar bar bill in London I said "thanks very much but no thanks" and walked out leaving the drinks on the bar. Remember you can say NO :-)

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, CR.

As for Nigel Farage - I'm not a 100% fan - but this little speech hit them where it hurts.

He put on view everything that they have become, and they didn't like it.

It's good to have your voice back in the fray.

James Higham said...

Did a post a few days back and some commenters pointed out that Nigel is not exactly PM material. Great for what he does but PM in party politics is not really him.

microdave said...

Nigel was on good form in Question Time recently, compared to that waffling old windbag Ken Clarke: - H/T Barking Spider

And in reference to banned's quote:
"there aren't many weather measuring stations at the poles because not many people live there so obviously we will have underestimated the amount of warming there".

I don't suppose the silly bint is aware that they extrapolate (I think that's the right word!) readings from other sites as much as 1200km away, to fill in the gaps.....

Cindy Blue said...

Hope you have your thermals on, because hell is freezing over.

Can I add that UK + EU picture to my blog please Captain? With a link back to your blog?

Xen347 said...

Hi Captain

Umm, I nicked your UK + EU picture as well, for inclusion into a themed vid of Nigel Farage's speech:

Can I apply for retrospective thieving permission? Pretty please!

@James Higham

He may not be PM material but that detracts not one iota from that speech. Rousing, patriotic and right on the money (Sterling of course).

Give me that speech over anything that Cameroid or Smegg or Bliar or McDoom have ever said. But then I suppose these people are worthy of being PM or VPM.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks to all for your welcome home messages.

To Xen and Wotie-help yourself. There is a very good chance that I nicked it in the first place.

CD, are you sure you want to drink with me again?? After my piss poor performance last time?