November 16, 2010

The Withdrawal Method

The campaign to ask people to withdraw all their cash from the banks on 7th December is growing at breakneck speed.

I never expected to run a clip of Eric Cantona explaining the simplest, most hazard-free revolution ever devised. But, these are strange days, and I will take help from anyone. (It doesn't hurt that I like Eric. He almost ran my son over in his Merc at their training ground in Salford. He was most embarrassed about it and made my sons day by giving him his autograph).

It's your money, right? So go get it. Make sure you have enough left in to pay your direct debits and standing orders (or tell your service providers that payment will be delayed for a few days) and then do it.

Revolution made easy. No danger. No risk. No problem.

The nay-sayers-those gibbons who find fault with everything-will say "But I need to give my bank five days notice". So fucking tell your bank. Give them five days notice. The effect is the same. They have to have your money ready in the prescribed period and they end up with fuck-all in the vaults. Keep your cash safe for a few days, a week, a month, and while you are doing that watch the fun.

The banks will bleed. Then they will haemorrhage. And some, unfortunately, will die.

This is NOT a bad thing. While YOU are scrimping and saving, THEY are busy counting their bonuses and obscene pay cheques. Fuck 'em. They have been fucking you-sans lubrication-since time began.

Show them what YOU can do to voice YOUR displeasure. Legally. Lawfully. Peacefully.

Show them that you are in charge of their destiny: their success or their failure is in your hands.

We are in a prime position to hurt them the way they hurt us.

It's a win. For us. For a change.



Anonymous said...

Still the King!

Anonymous said...

The reality is Cap'n, people should be buying gold with their savings and not leaving any in the bank whatsoever. After Northern Rock, I'd never leave any large amounts of cash in the bank. I don't trust them to save my money and I have no guarantee that should they take my money and gamble with it and lose it, I'd ever get it back again.

We need a return to the old style banks - safety, deposit, secure institutions. Forget about lending, this has to stop along with the accursed usury.

However what's playing on the back of my mind through all of this is, if we do all take our money out of the banks, what's to stop TPTB from simply printing more money and using that to purchase as much gold/silver in order to gain another monopoly yet again, as they have been for centuries?

Captain Ranty said...




Captain Ranty said...


Good points. Although some say we should be buying seeds for when the world food supply goes tit-up. You can't eat gold or silver. And, if we buy up all the seeds, the government will have to come and buy it from us. With borrowed money, of course. But who will lend to them?

If they do go mental with ye olde printing presses, ye olde quid will rapidly become worthless ala the Zimbabwean dollar.

However, once we are all sat at home clutching our fiat money, the government (who by now have all shit themselves repeatedly) will be forced to listen to us.

It might even bring the government down.

And I don't see that as a bad thing.


The Lizard King said...


Already there Captain,after 2008 as soon as my wonga goes in the bank I pay the mortgage and take the rest out.

I maintain my own treasury,cash,gold and silver coins,I just don`t trust bankers.

Captain Ranty said...


Good to hear. I really must do that myself.

Dealing with all those DD's is a pain in the arse.

No banking means no cheque book. Makes paying for stuff awkward.

I will mull it over.

This "revolt" is a short, sharp shock campaign. I hadn't really thought about the wider ramifications beyond causing a lot of difficulty so that we might once again get a seat at the table.


I am Stan said...

Good idea Eric,

First I need to borrow 7p,deposit it with the nine pounds ninety two pence I have in my account,then I can withdraw a tenner..

Hahahahah that`ll show em!

The Lizard King said...

Your right Captain it is awkward,

The mortgage is my only financial responsibility,my Queen pays the other bills by DD.

She is a lot less cynical about the state,corporations etc than I am,I`m sure many of your readers are familiar with that situation.

Captain Ranty said...


It is very common in the Freeman and LR movements. The partners (could be male or female) don't do the same research and don't understand "what all the fuss is about".

BTW, I just added you to my Awkward Sods list. I meant to do this after my last visit to LK Palace but I forgot.

The error is corrected.


FireballXL5 said...

What to do with the cash though, inflation eating away at it and gold nudging nine hundred quid an ounce is that another bubble? Silver carries VAT so you're well down before you start. I'm trying to build a nest egg to buy a patch of land for a log cabin type set up free of all the usual rules and regs crap if possible, so how best to protect what you've got in the meantime???

The Lizard King said...

Thanks Captain,I`m honored.


Good luck with your plans,I`m on a similar path,looking to relocate and get off grid,I don`t pretend to be a financial expert,I follow my gut feelings,as I said I don`t trust bankers the bailouts where a final straw and a wake up call for me.

It`s about balance at the end of the day,research! there`s lots of info out there regarding gold and silver etc!

FireballXL5 said...

Thanks for the comment Lizard, I'm off grid now and mobile but long term looking for some land probably in europe rather than UK. Other option is a boat!

Anonymous said...


Have you read the book 'Confronting Collapse' yet by Michael Ruppert? This is what he speaks of as well as learning life surviving skills - might be a good time to go out and buy the SAS Survival handbook. Of course you won't need it being an ex forces, but there are many who should learn how to survive outside, or that is within a society that no longer is a 'society.'

Gold & Silver will always be valuable along with precious stones, but gold and silver are more readily available. And yes, I was thinking of Zimbabwe when I wrote of printing more and more money, my point however being that the elite will do this, to buy up more gold, silver and precious stones, with worthless pieces of paper. Therefore we get there first. Remember also that our society is not about uniting. We have members of the public who will always sell out especially if they have a family to look after and that means security for the elite as they fuck principle.

The elite won't fall I'm afraid until everyone of them are swinging from a rope. Those who have power will never give it up. We have history to remind us of that.

mescalito said...

brilliant and to the point, ooh aah cantona!!!

so is there a similar withdrawal being planned in England???

if not then why isn't all the LR and FM site doing a post on this, lets get it on.

Captain Ranty said...


I have ordered it.

As well as the survival courses I did, I also have a couple of handbooks from ex-SAS and SBS guys to remind me of the skills they taught us.

Erm, I also know how to make a sturdy rope.....:)


Captain Ranty said...


Both sites have discussion threads on the subject.

We need to ramp up the "PR" about a week before the big day.


mescalito said...

ranty man-

which sites are they?

will you be doing a post on here?

i will print and hand out flyers in my scummy home town :)

Captain Ranty said...


But we should be asking fellow bloggers to do a piece or just to cut & paste from here.

I love the smell of chaos in the morning!


mescalito said...

definitely, everyone should be doing a post once a week to keep people reminded.

i do too, this could actually be the beginning of something beautiful.

Caratacus said...

This is more my kind of stuff CR. Some of the more esoteric stuff makes my head hurt...

I'll be outside the bank at 09.30 on the 7th. Wondering whether there will be many like-minded souls; will keep you posted.

Ref: preparations for future instability, I'm intrigued by some of the comments. Intrigued because it set me thinking about just how many people there are out there with the necessary training, courtesy of HMG, to handle the sort of unrest which seems inevitable.

The huge majority of people in this country have never been in a genuinely confrontational situation in their lives so the sheep and the goats will be sorted out there.

With said HMG intent on debauching the currency, as if that is going to do any good whatsoever, metals and other assets are going to be the currency of the future. Barter will become v. popular, so make sure you've got something worth trading. Then make sure you've got something to defend it with, if it's only a sense of implacability and cold indifference.

Watch your backs folks...

Pesky Anonymous said...

I'm a bit like I Am Stan. I don't think taking my few shillings out would help very much.

To Fireball and Lizard King;
Good luck with your log cabin plans.
I suspected 30 years ago that the stuff was going to hit the fan, so I got my log cabin (ok, it's built of bricks really) and spend my time growing food, keeping the shack in good repair and exchanging labour with my friends and neighbours.
I must warn you that a truly self sufficient path leads to a life very similar to that of an 18th century peasant, a full time job working dawn til dusk a lot of the time, but if you like the life it is very satisfying.
As for all your gold silver and precious stones, I am afraid you won't be able to eat them when the collapse comes. I suggest buying building tools, carpentry tools, gardening tools and a whole host of kit necessary to maintain your homestead.

Maverick said...

@I am Stan

Take it you failed basic Arithmetic then ???

James Higham said...

Yes, heard this earlier but didn't know what to make of it. Now I know - thanks.

Leg-iron said...

Like Stan and Pesky Anon, my account balance won't faze them.

But then if enough of us small-beans guys did it, it would add up fast.

We lose nothing by trying. Interest rates are so pathetic it's hardly worth keeping the money in there anyway.

Ben said...

This is a very nice idea but it's made at far too short notice. Not enough people will take it up to make a difference. It'll be like the gnat that bites the elephant's arse. It takes people months if not years to grasp a life-changing idea let alone prepare for it. This event should be at least set for 7th Dec 2011 (or even better set for a month or two before the 2012 Olympics) and the idea repeatedly pushed and pushed from now up until then. It gives people more time to get their affairs in order but which the vast majority just won't do since the 'status quo' has been so long established. My personal intention is to be fully self-sufficient, but it is going to take me a while to sort out. I won't be buying any gold or silver though. They're just the shiny metals that started this whole shit off 1000s years ago. What the hell use will they be apart from making urself a target for robbers?

mescalito said...

ben- i agree its not enough time, so we better start spreading the word fast. but this could be dry run, practice for the real deal at a later date, and i think with the combinations of other countries participating they will at least notice what people are doing.
more fear but this time its against them instead of us the people.

the worms have turned.

I am Stan said...

@ Maveric....lend us a penny pal!

tom mann said...

It doesn't matter if you have fuck all in there. In the big scheme of things, none of us have fuck all money in our accounts. But every tenner taken out helps. 60 million people in the country is 600 million quid. It's all good.