November 06, 2010

Another Day, Another Beating

Has anyone told our gormless police force that they have cameras in holding cells?

Or is the unpalatable truth simply that they don't give a shit who sees how they treat people?

Listen to this poor lady screaming as those brave officers do nasty things to her.

Savages. They are no better than savages.


PS-Tip of the beret to Lost for sending me the link.


Smoking Hot said...

They see us as the enemy ... l've returned the favour! ...period!

Anonymous said...

State employees always regard themselves as God and can do no wrong

mescalito said...

i agree, i was fucking mad, disappointed, shocked when i saw this, they keep this up and itle be like the brixton riots all over again.
but seriously, something has to be done about this and they wont listen to words.
ranty answers the question simply, they just dont give a shit who sees.
they think they are above the law, they act like they are above the law and they get away with it as if they were.

FireballXL5 said...


Someone mentioned there's 200,00 pigs, well when it all kicks off with around 100,000 of us, think of it like the battle of Britain where we take out two of them to our one.

As soon as a few go down the rest will crumble, that's usually the way with bullies. The decent dibbles (there must be some surely) would probably join us anyway so the odds wouldn't be so bad!

What happened to the scum in this case??

mescalito said...

not sure, have to look out for an update.

they have guns though, we need a minimum of 1 million to change anything.

FireballXL5 said...

Have we any way of collating numbers?

All these libertarian and freeman blogs/sites must add up to a fair few if you could count all the followers, even a rough calculation of visits to site + membership would give us some idea.

There is also a lot of people outside of these spheres that are voicing a huge amount of dissent that we could tap in to.

I reckon these combined forces could easily add up to a million. It's a massive task though, look at UKIP and all their backing and infrastructure but still only polled less than a million votes.

Captain Ranty said...

A million votes?

A million votes AGAINST the EU and AGAINST the government of the day.

How many more do we fucking need?

A million is more than enough.

All we need to do now is get them all in the same venue and talk to them. Educate them. Enrage them.

There's your fucking revolution right there.

One million UKIP supporters and somewhere around 500,000 lawful rebels and/or Freemen and we have what we need.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

They will use the system against those who have the temerity to stand up for themselves.

Look at this - a retrial no less.... W... T... F...

I mean... in this case the thuggish dope was shopped by some of his colleagues and they think by dragging it out they can get the desired result. I sincerely hope not - but experience in Wiltshire shows otherwise.....

Just Woke Up said...

I saw anyone treating a woman like that and I'd kick the living shit out of them. Big guys when they are beating up on some wee lass. Not quite as fucking brave when it comes to dealing with pikies or proper criminals though. What a bunch of retarded losers. Honestly, if there are any decent coppers out there why are you letting this kind of shit go on? It just makes us hate your uniform even more than we do already. I used to have respect for the police - until you became private enforcement officers, tax collectors, fund raisers, and the intimidators of a corrupt and treasonous Parliament and Crown. Some of you are good people. Too good for the uniform you are wearing. Leave now. Please. And that way when the country falls into total rebellion we won't need to worry about distinguishing good cop from bad.
This is just the kind of state abuse of power and people that our brave men and women fought in innumerable wars to prevent. Where did we go wrong, eh?

Amusing Bunni said...

Wow, how horrible. Makes you really wonder about the type of psycho's they are letting in the force. It has long been known to attract bullies and scumbags, esp. the TSA now. Just put a uniform on some bullies, and they go beserke. I hope that poor lady sues the living crap out of the force, and each on those bums personally.

Captain Ranty said...


The world is full of nasty people. It's just a pity that most of them seem to be in a police uniform.

I assume the power goes to their heads.

Or the job just attracts freaks.