November 19, 2010

Friday Funny

But howling in absolute despair is also acceptable.

It's not funny at all, is it?


PS-I know that this has had numerous outings before but I thought it was topical as Ireland is about to implode.


Katabasis said...

Hah! I was only watching this again myself two days ago.

We are way way beyond satire now.

As Richard North said recently, the government is now the biggest killer of satirists.

Personally I'm struggling to think of good satirical lines to take in light of the satire to beat all satires - the multi-billion pound brank spanking new aircraft carrier that will have no aircraft of its own for 10 years.

Chapcustard said...

Pure genius.

On an unrelated issue, I have just spent the last 29 days flushing fivers down the toilet as fast as I possibly can. Can someone lend me a wheelbarrow full of fivers because I have to make my mortgage payment in two days time. And my toilet is blocked so I need to pay a plumber. And I have run out of toilet roll. Cheers.

For more shit feel free to click my name.

mescalito said...

HE HE HE, its funny cause its true....