November 22, 2010

Bye Bye Irish, Hello Eurish

This morning millions of Irish men and women must we waking up to wonder what they have done.

In the hands of a few visionless drones, their country was given away for 30 pieces of silver.

De Valera will be spinning in his grave.

21st November 2010 will be henceforth known, by those who understand the gravity of the crime committed yesterday, as The Bloodiest Sunday.

The Irish are dead. Long live the Eurish.



Anonymous said...

Ireland, first country to get a referendum on Lisbon.
Ireland, first country to get a second, Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, referendum on Lisbon.
I mean that's like we have an election and then the losing party demands a re-election, WTF !
Eire is the EU's Guinea Pig.
Next ,the round up of the dissenters or something like that.

defender said...

Hey, we can afford 7 billion to put in the irish pot, thats really funny.

Ranty, this nicked from ianpj

James Higham said...

We're fourth in line, after the PIGS.

William Shitspeare said...

How come we don't see the Irish taking to the streets to object to the theft of their soveriegnty?. The parents and grandparents of the current population fought to gain independence and it's now been handed over to the EU with a whimper.
So far I've seen ONE man with a flag demonstrating about the bail out (and subsequently made to look like a nutter by the media) and you can only imagine that the Irish don't care anymore. Perhaps they think that the EU will not allow them to sink and there will always be a handout when crises arise.
Where are the political (or even para-military) leaders who were so committed to the unification of North and South?
No, the Irish people who I remember from my youth are long gone, and all we have now are an EU Region dependent on welfare and handouts from the rest of Europe. Sad.

FireballXL5 said...

That's the frightening thing about this, the way the sheep have been herded in to the killing pen without a bleat.

If this is the blueprint for the others waiting for the EU executioner then we really are fucked and deserve everything we're likely to end up with.

It's really hard to comprehend the insanity of all this and what the unelected scum in Brussels are knowingly doing to their people.

We're either watching the beginning of the end of the EU or the beginning of the end of freedom.

Anonymous said...

"We're either watching the beginning of the end of the EU or the beginning of the end of freedom."

The latter I think.

Anonymous said...

That actually made me cry, and I'm not fully Irish. I'm obsessed with Ireland. For those of you who truly love Ireland, check out my blog.

Anonymous said...

‘The Bank of Ireland’ simply cancelled his mortgage.

good news over at[The Truth Seeker]

nominedeus said...

Freedom hard won is oft given away to easily by the fools who follow on in comfort.
What use is freedom to them, or does freedom only means something to those who do not have it.
We here have only ever had an illusion of it, the Irish fought for it, starved for it, died for it, achieved it and failed the test of 'Lest we forget'.
A strange form of revenge on us (the British) that commences with a 'sovereign' sacrifice, have there been many Irish chess grand masters?
Sorry was that one m too many in the last part of that last sentence?

I am Stan said...

Ha! we`re all being conned,they`ve got billions for the banks,fuck all for the tax payers,bastards!

I went to Ireland a few years back,Dublin, good laugh,shit food,pretty lasses but fuck me it rained every bastard day!

Olly bomba ton!...;)

defender said...

This is one to take note of,
for all you Irishmen out there, watch and spread the word

March from Wood Quay Dublin to the GPO at 11am Saturday 27th

Angry Exile said...

"21st November 2010 will be henceforth known, by those who understand the gravity of the crime committed yesterday, as The Bloodiest Sunday."

Doesn't really matter that much since it was preceded by Fucked Up Friday on 2nd October 2009.

Anonymous said...

The truth is: everybody in Europe is going to pay without getting anything back, least of it part of the emerald isle. So be patient, your money won´t be gone, it will just be owned by somebody else - IMO some bank manager...