November 08, 2010

The Hierarchy

I was just going to edit my last blogpost but I changed my mind.

This is important. This needed to be said as a stand alone entry.

This is about The Hierarchy. Or more vitally, where you fit in the scheme of things. It is the single most important thing you can, or will, learn here. It came to me late in life, but if you are relatively young, as you read these words, it will change your life. At least, I hope it will. Most of us do not know how powerful we are. This is deliberate. We are dumbed down on purpose. If we knew just what we were, instead of what we think we are, we could, and would, run rings around anyone we come into contact with. Primarily I mean the government. The police. In fact, anyone who works for the government. As long as they are, or claim to be, an agent of the government. When they clock off at 5 pm they are just like you and me again. They are human once more. But as long as they wave a badge in your face, you are dealing with the government.

However, once you have worked out where they sit in the hierarchy, the game changes. I am deadly serious about this. I defy anyone to tell me I am wrong.

You ready for this?

Alrighty then.

From the top:

1. Your God/your Creator. Stands to reason, does it not? Even if you aren't religious, TPTB are. Every oath taken has god in there somewhere.

2. You. Your creator made you. No-one else did. You report upline to him/her.

3. Dogs, cats, birds, cows, horses, dolphins, whales, penguins, aardvarks, skunks, chipmunks, gorillas, lions, tigers, giraffes, two-toed sloths, dung-beetles, flies, maggots, earthworms, amoebas and bacteria. (And every other species living on the planet today).

4. The government. And ALL of its agents. Companies and corporations. And all of its agents.

Did you get that? The government, and all of its employees, like tax collectors, policemen & women, customs officers, prison officers, parking wardens, ministers, prime ministers-and anyone who works for them, rank lower than bacteria. Lower than a simple amoeba. This not an insult, by the way. It is a statement of fact. It is indisputable.

They are agents for an entity made by man. The government itself is a thing. It is an artificial construct. It is a legal entity. It does not have a heart that beats. It does not have eyes that see. It does not have limbs that move. It does not have a mouth that speaks. It does not have a brain that thinks. It does not have blood coursing through its veins. It is inanimate. It has no life. It has no life force.

You have all of these things. Maggots have all of these things. Flies have all of these things. Dogs have all these things. Skunks have all these things. Things that put them squarely in the "living" bracket.

You are supreme on earth. Once you get to your version of heaven the game changes. Or, if you are an atheist, it matters not. You remain supreme, whether you believe in a god or not. On earth, you are at the top of the tree. You outrank every politician, every minister, every judge, and every officer of any company or corporation. They are merely extensions of the thing they made, and what they made can be unmade at the stroke of a pen. You cannot be unmade in this way. To unmake you, your life has to be ended. Likewise, you were not created/made at the stroke of a pen. It took a miracle to make you. I can buy a company off the shelf for £80 in the next twenty minutes. It's that simple. You are not simple. You were not simple to make, and you are not simple to run. You are a complex life-form, with complex needs, wants and emotions. For a corporation to function, all it takes is an idiot or two. (Or a genius or two, depending on your benevolence).

And yet, and yet we allow them to shove us around. To lock us up at a whim. To taser us. To beat the crap out of us. To stop us from travelling whenever they want to. To take over half of our money every week, every month, every year, for decades. To tell us what, and where we can smoke. Or drink. Or eat. To watch our every move on millions of CCTV cameras. To trap and store every personal email we ever typed to friends, to families, to loved ones. To steal and transcribe every telephone conversation we ever have. To tag us. To fine us. To control us utterly. And the worst thing of all? We pay them to "make" us do these things. We pay them willingly enough. We comply. We consent. We permit these atrocities.

Now that we know where they rank on the ladder of life, will you allow them to continue? Will you just roll over, bend over, and will you submit to them, those that rank lower than bacteria, ever again?

Or will you say no. Will you take control, and responsibility, for your life, the only life you're getting, for three score and ten years, or thereabouts? When you think about it, they, the government, need us. Very badly. Without us, they are finished. Without our money, they are finished. Without our consent, they are finished.

Would it be a bad thing, if that thing called government was eradicated? Would we miss it? We'd certainly be richer. We would, finally, be keeping all of our sweat equity. We would decide all on our own, to smoke, or to not smoke, to drink, or to not drink, to eat, or to not eat, to spend, or not to spend. To defend our homes and those we love in a manner we decide to be appropriate. To carry weapons, or not to carry weapons. To create our own courts, to appoint our own judges and juries. To appoint our own peace keepers. To decide for ourselves whether our children can play "tag"  or conkers in the playground. To decide when, if, and for how long our public houses open and serve beer. To decide whether we really need cameras watching us as we walk around our communities. To decide if we wanted to pay the workshy to laze around while we did all the work. To allow, or not to allow people from foreign lands to live and work on our lands. To make war with other countries, or to make peace instead, and to work out our own trade agreements with other communities, or other countries. To allow thugs and villains to roam our streets or to punish them according to the new rules set by our own communities, where everyone in it has a say.

Our government steals from us. All of our lives. And not only do we condone that theft, we encourage it! Sure, we'll pay £1.20 for a litre of petrol that costs 3p to make! Sure, we'll pay £3.00 for a pint of beer that costs 20p to make!! Sure, we'll pay £6.50 for twenty smokes that cost 30p to make!!! Keep adding to our burden, and keep easing your own. We'll pay!! And when we want a pension after chipping in to the fund for forty years, sure, you just keep moving that retirement age further away from me! I can work longer! And when I get sick, and that doctor says I cannot have treatment, sure, I'll just wander away like I should, despite paying for the service all my life!

There comes a time when you have to weigh up the costs and the benefits. I just did that, and the burden on me is grossly unfair. I can't complain because I agreed to it all. I agreed because I did not disagree.

I am disagreeing now. Finally, I am saying no. No more. No more will you get.

I say this, and I say it without ego, without arrogance, and without malice: I am in charge of my life from this day to my last day. No more will I submit to a thing.

No more.

My life. My rules. My law.

My choice.

Made freely, in a way only a sentient human being can.



FireballXL5 said...

Great post Capt. we needed a stirring, uplifting rallying cry after the disappointments of last week!

Groompy Tom said...

"Lower than bacteria. Lower than a simple amoeba".

I've always though those agents you mention to fall into that bracket, although I always believed it to be just an accurate insult. Now I know better.

Great post CR.

morgan said...

This is our land CR. But is it?.. Looking into "allodial" at the moment to see if there is some way to get land ownership back into the hands of who it really belongs too..Be well...Morgan.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks FB!

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you too.

Yes, its nice to know its a fact, eh?


Captain Ranty said...


Philosophically, you need to ask "Does a flea own the dog on whose back he lives?". Or are we merely tenants?

Many people assume they own the airspace above them and the land all the way down to the centre of the earth. They do not.

Allodial title exists only in Scotland (and a few states in the US), but it is extremely rare and the title dies with you. (It cannot be passed down. Each new owner has to get allodial title him or her self).


NewsboyCap said...

excellent post, a proper ranty rant!
Now, we need this post or something like through every letter box in the country, I'm up for the job of postie, 'Need the exercise'. Simple A4
sheet with easy to find sites for
follow up on the back. hopefully some sheeps will open their eyes maybe!!!
I don't want to see this
country become the DICTATORSHIP my
Father and many Fathers like him
fought and died to prevent.
Yes we've had a piss poor result
in Wales but it's only one battle,
we have a War to win lets get up an' at 'em, of your FUCKIN knees!!
After all we are HUMANS they are
less than bacteria.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Newsy!

You have exactly the right attitude.

Never never never never give in.


anonemo said...


I had to look up Allodial to see what it was/meant, and found this.

According to the last answer given by the land registry person, all land in Scotland is now Allodial.

banned said...

The only reason I ever have for not having a cigarette for an hour or so is the petty pleasure derived from denying the Exchequer yet more of my money.

defender said...

Banned, you still buy ciggies over the counter in the UK?
silly lad, get yourself over to Belgium and get a years supply in one go lad.
As for owning land, you cannot own land, you may have a title but you can never own land.
We can, as a tribe with strength, control all the tribal land, if you are prepared to fight to the death to defend it because there is always sme cunt prepared to take it off you.
Yes we are freemen, but that does not mean its free, you have to be prepared to fight and die for freedom.
Whichever way you look at it, if you have it and want to keep it, you have to be badder than the guy who fancies his chances at taking it.

William said...

Duly nicked and is being handed to everyone of my acquaintance. I know everything that this short article contains is true but I haven't been able to put it all so eloquently in one short powerful piece like this.
I have managed to get a couple of people asking questions which sounds like nothing but is in reality a sea change for the individuals concerned.
One lady is stymieing all bank debt taken out in her name by a duplicitous husband, now very much ex-husband by simply asking the DCA's for a 'proof of contract'.
They generally don't respond and leave her alone!
Many thanks

I am Stan said...

Good stuff Capitan,

No idea what Allodial is,somthing to do with land yeah?,I own land,well my little house has a large garden if that counts.

I get trespassers,CATS!,I put netting over my winter Kale and carrots to stop the bastards burying their shits on them,one cheeky bastard left a big turd on top of the netting....


OBO 110X said...

I got my affadavit notarised last week, I have my UCC financing statement filed, and I am now starting to know who I am and think like the sovereign that I am. Luckily I'm self employed so it's easier for me to refuse to pay tax, I am now taking responsibility for me and mine. It is truly liberating in more ways than one. Learn it, live it and enjoy your freedom.

James Higham said...

Getting our priorities right is the most difficult thing for most.

richard said...

Cap'n, great post. I'm wondering if the "being alive" thing has anything to do with the Act of Parlaiment which declared us all dead after the black death, and the supposed necessity to declare that you're a living human being in court? They can act on a person, but not on a human being?
James H., good afternoon Sir. I tried leaving a comment or two on your excellent Blog but they didn't go through.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks William.

How do you post comments on your blog? I can't seem to figure it out.


Captain Ranty said...


Allodial means you own it free and clear. The only way to get the title is to have no mortgage and no liens or loans secured on the property.

Even that won't stop cats shitting in your allodial garden though.....:)


Captain Ranty said...


Yes. That would be the Ceste Que Vie Act of 1666. Odd, isn't it, that this statute was rushed through parliament just after the horrendous losses of the Black Death and WHILE the great fire of London was raging, AND the whole thing was written in French! Just what were they trying to hide?

There is a way around it of course. Simply write an affidavit, grab some ID and shoot into a Notaries office and ask him/her to sign your affidavit saying that you are alive and well. Then you are no longer a "person" but a human being once more.


Chapcustard said...

Beautifully put Capt. I wholeheartedly agree and wish that more people saw the world in the same you do.

Unfortunately, as far as I can gather, the world has an enormous proportion of dickheads in this world. The powers that be, whilst mainly being dickheads themselves, also keep the dickheads vaguely in line (see also Team America Pussies, Dicks and Arseholes speech!).

I am now going to get a brew and read your back catalogue.


William said...

Ranty comments are off on my blog. Sick of wasting my time with spammers. I have no idea how much time I have left and I'm buggered if I am wasting it deleting spam comments from morons, trolls and machines.

Captain Ranty said...

Welcome Chap,

Some of this shit is scary, so slip a whisky in yer tea!


Captain Ranty said...


It's not so bad around here. They tend to spam my older posts so I don't bother too much with the housekeeping.


richard said...

"....grab some ID and shoot into a Notaries office and ask him/her to sign your affidavit saying that you are alive and well...."
Another thought just struck me, what if someone had a notarised affidavit that they had sworn an oath of a Peace Officer or Constable? Could they investigate crimes, and have people brought before the courts? Could they lawfully carry arms? After all, a Constable is a member of the public who swears an oath to uphold the law, and that's all he is. There's nothing magical about a uniform.

Captain Ranty said...


I think it was Sir Robert Peel who said "...we are all's just that some of us wear uniforms. We all have the same responsibility to keep the peace....". I've paraphrased but it is something like that.

Schaeffer Cox and his comrades are appointing their own peace keepers in Alaska. And their own judges, and they run a common law court.

They did not ask. They just did it.

Our problem is that we seem to think we need to ask permission before we do anything.

Until the EU sinks its teeth all the way in, our law says that "everything that is not prohibited, is permitted". (In most European countries it is the other way around).

So yes, you can write an affidavit to say anything you like. As long as no one rebuts it, it becomes the truth in law.