November 13, 2010

What Do You Need?

Inspiration? Then watch this. Revolution is not a new fad. It isn't hard to fit their complaints into what we face today. We live in a cyclic world.

Humour?  Hurry over to Chapcustard. If you don't laugh like a hyena, I will be surprised and not a little shocked.

Freedom? You could do worse than to click your way over to an old friend who has created a new blog called Nomine Deus. Those with poor Latin skills should scroll down to find out why he chose the name.

Artful blogging? Then you simply must go here. You will, I think, be pleasantly surprised.

An A to Z on Lawful Rebellion? Scoot over here to see what these bright people are trying to tell us.

How about an introduction to anarchy? This new site is very definitely not for sheep. Despite the lovely pictures of erm, sheep.

You may like your action with a bit of class. If so, whizz over here and discover why we are being battered senseless by the men in pin-striped suits and funny wigs.

I have added a few new Awkward Sods to my growing list on the right hand side there. Twisted Root has rapidly joined the throng and if you want an incisive look at the mad, mad world we inhabit, go visit.

If you wanted even more reason to morph into an awkward sod yourself, just read this.

Stay well, stay safe, and stay sane.

All of which can be achieved by avoiding the MSM and shitty propagandising television, and by reading the opinions and thoughts of real people.



GoodnightVienna said...

I was reminded of the old
Serge Gainsbourg song - 'aux armes et caetera' (reggae of all things). These frenchies have all the best tunes! Enjoyed the new blogs and will be tweaking my blogroll shortly. Thanks, CR.

nominedeus said...

Thank you for the link and the mention Captain, let us 'have at them' eh!

MU said...

Thanks for the plug. =] If you want to change the sheep pic you're welcome to the admin keys, just throw me a DM on twitter

Chapcustard said...

Thanks very much for the mention - I have now had more visits then ever before! I will endeavour to work hard at keeping the hyenas fed....