November 18, 2010

John Hurst Update

For all those following the David and Goliath battle involving John & Tina Hurst, please swing by the Nomine Deus blog.

They denied the wrong man justice when they changed the rules on John.

He is like a terrier with a bone.

I was going to say "Have mercy on his enemies" but they do not deserve mercy.

They fully deserve the mauling John & Tina are about to administer.



nominedeus said...

Evening Captain, thanks for the link back, I most certainly do need every chance to put this sort of information out into the public domain that I can get.

As you so rightly say John is a terrier, a very persistent and intelligent terrier at that, in the pursuit of what is right. His fight is on behalf of all of us and to help in that endeavour is in my mind an honour and a privilege!

Pesky Anonymous said...

I feel like I've just watched my favourite boxer battered and saved by the bell in round one, and now he's come out for round two, refreshed unfazed and bloody annoyed.
May the Great Spirit be with him.

Found A Voice said...


Great spot - and loved PA's boxer analogy!

I've provided a link to the story on my blog - it's my first proper posting, so I hope it works!



PS thanks for visiting the blog and offering to provide a link to it - much appreciated, especially as you wouldn't have realised that I am (well, was) the poster 'Underwhelmed'.

Found A Voice said...

CR, thanks for the link.



Captain Ranty said...

No problemo FAV.

I am looking forward to your writing.

It will make a nice change from my demented output here...).


Anonymous said...

Wagner Carrilho is worth voting for simply to vex Simon Cowell.

Captain Ranty said...