November 18, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

Best. Song. Ever.



FireballXL5 said...

Are you serious??????????

Captain Ranty said...


Cheesiest song in the world. Ever.

It was a massive hit in Russia.

2.3 million hits on YouTube.

How dare you argue with the facts???

Did you sing along?


The Underdoug said...

I think he's miming...

Captain Ranty said...

Yeah. We thought that in the office this morning.

Lip-synching bastard!


FireballXL5 said...

I'm worried about you Capt.

Is this some sort of code to say you've been captured??

Captain Ranty said...

No, I am still at large FB.

I thought it was bad enough to be good.

Takes your mind off all the bail-out shenanigans and the girl-beaten-by-cop-who-get-away-with-it shenanigans.

And, it has the lyrics up on the screen for you!

Always a bonus, that.


Captain Ranty said...



FB doesn't get it.


JJ said...

The physiatrist couch beckons!

I fear Cap'n you tilted your head forward at some stage and several marbles dribbled out.

I've put a bag of 'em in the post.

Replenish quickly!

Captain Ranty said...

Enough lads! Enough.

I was taking the piss. The song, if we can call it that, is fucking excrutiatingly bad. It is dire. It is vomit inducing.

But the cheesy cunt made I larf.

My mate at work made me listen to it. It made my ears bleed.

I was just sharing the pain.

Shall I delete the mad Russian?

Or shall we keep him?

You decide.


D-Rex said...

Brilliant lyrics, worthy of lloyd-webber, not sure about the melody.

JJ said...

Delete him?

Don't you dare...its my brother's first attempt...and I like it!

Captain Ranty said...


You have an excellent ear.


Captain Ranty said...


Using Labour tactics (or ASH, whoever you hate the most), I am going to declare that a unanimous vote has occurred.

The bloke with rigor mortis of the face, stays. The fact that he is your brother swayed me not a jot. No nepotism here. Fair and impartial are my middle (and erm, extra) names.

*bangs gavel*


morningstar said...

Got to be said - held my attention for 2:41 longer than X Factor can !

At least its entertaining in its own way !

Captain Ranty said...


I think they call it "cringeworthy". But it is bad enough to make you watch it all.

I am particularly fond of his crappy hand movements.

And, (I know it's a touchy subject), but does anyone else think he is wearing a syrup?