November 09, 2010

Nasty Coppers. Again.

This is a montage of brutality.

Not just by those bobbies in the UK that we pay to protect us, but several clips from the US.

No bias here. Brutality is truly international. Particularly against lone, unthreatening women, as you will see.

Violent thugs in uniform disgust me wherever they are from. Before you rush to excuse them, think on this: any one of the victims in this film could have been your mum, your dad, your wife, your husband, your son or daughter. If you hear that someone you love, or even just like a little bit, has been taken into custody, get down there fast. Before the claret starts flowing and an ambulance is called. Make a fuss, and call a lawyer.

I used to give them the benefit of the doubt. I assumed there was just the odd rotten apple. It appears I was wrong. Films like this are appearing with frightening regularity.

The violence continues, unabated, and they aren't even ashamed or remorseful. Worse, they will close ranks to protect the freaks in their midst. When the backlash comes, as it surely must, I would not want to be wearing blue serge. Not even if I was one of those very rare good ones.

Keep an eye out for the two people who walk into police stations in good health, and leave on gurneys, with paramedics attending to their freshly acquired wounds.

For shame.



Groompy Tom said...

"Violent thugs in uniform"

Do those in uniform come any other way ?

Groompy Tom said...

"Violent thugs in uniform"

Do those in uniform come any other way ?

mescalito said...

very rarely it seems.

Captain Ranty said...

"Do those in uniform come any other way ?"-Tom


Nurses, dental nurses, veteranarianian nurses, operating theatre nurses, x-ray nurses, cardiology nurses, erm, eye nurses, leg nurses, and so on and so forth.

But nurses mainly.


Caratacus said...

Thought long and hard before writing this CR because I am by nature a peacable and cautious man. However, I have rarely been so outraged by such bullying behaviour.

I offer this as no solution - indeed it would probably make things worse - but this is what I would do, and am more than capable of doing: I would take the pain and stay conscious. I would take such detail as I could of each one of the thugs (numbers, insignia, scars, tattoos, names they may call one another, and their faces). Later when I was free, and repaired, there would be a reckoning. On each one. It would be unannounced, anonymous and sudden. Thereafter they would be incapable of visiting such harm on another innocent for as long as they drew breath.

I don't usually say this sort of thing. But fuck me, I'm angry.

JerryD said...

As Burgess tells us in the Clockwork Orange, the only good job for a violent thug is a policeman. My advice - never antagonise a cop - do as they say, without question. You could try and reason with them, but do you think they would have the mental faculties to process your argument - no. Leave alone. They have the guns - and will use them. We must wait until they have lost the vast majority of the publics goodwill - with vids like these it cannot be long now...then remove all police AND nurses CR, from the employ of the state. The states the problem - human nature is not.

mescalito said...

we should start a web site purely to expose there brutal behaviour, we can have all the videos and stories and people could come forward and share there experiences.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about the police `Special powers`, when you think you can bash up the public without penalty, it becomes addictive! They become arrogant, which is the way it`s going bit by bit. Obviously they have NEVER heard of civil insurrection. I lost my respect for the police when they blew away the poor chap on the underground and then said `They FAILED in their duty of care! A somewhat understatement. Bloody EINZATZE KOMMANDO`s and not fit to wear the uniform. Oh. did you know that the firearms unit carry `expanding ammunition`? Thats is to say, Dumb-dumb bullets! They are banned by the Geneva convention. We British thought it only suitable to retain them for shooting ememies of the Empire such as `Fuzzy-Wuzzy`s` defined as `Savages` because they deserved no better. To retain them for use on the British public indicates what the police think of you and me, just bloody savages and not worth anything better! Caught using them on a battlefield, your captors will shoot you on the spot. The police are so amature and they lack negotiative skills. They have lost the plot. They are supposed to be here to keep the peace, uphold the law, and keep me safe in my bed at night (not literally a stress). They are NOT here to kick my butt, shoot me, electrocute, gas, stun or assualt me in any way shape or form. THEY are not here to alter evidence, pervert the course of justice, or act as a law unto themselves. They serve us. Trouble is, they have a pretty black uniform and think they are all in the SAS. Remember, drug addicts, drunks, people having a nervous breakdown or having a row are all members of the public too. Not some bunch of worthless individuals that they have to subdue! How dare they? just who do they think thet are? I suppose I`ll get raided now for my comments. Just remember, I told you so. Boo to the organised Thugs in uniform, bring back Dixon of dock green. Be on notice, the first time a Copper points a gun at me and says `Armed Police lay down in the gutter`, I`ll go for him. He`ll be pulling bits of his MP5 out of his arse after I`ve stuffed them up it!!

Anonymous said...

Break out the tin foil hats, boys!

God help us if these remarks are representative of public opinion, because if they are the country is even further up the Swannee than I already feared.

Grow up you imbeciles.

mescalito said...

Anonymous i suppose you think there behaviour is acceptable?

Smoking Hot said...

Yo Capn, audio of friend confronting Customs upon his return to UK.

He puts their 'powers' to the test.

bofl said...

i had the misfortune to be introduced to some of the met at a function...the pokice will literally take anyone now.......they were the scruffiest,thickest twats you could ever meet.....they only join because the money is good and they have failed in civvy strasse....or have ego problems....

'To consolidate the rule of supermen--to perpetuate the British Empire--one need only remove the ability of slaves to see themselves as slaves'.

Lord Cherwell (then known as Professor Lindemann)
Churchill's Chief Scientific Adviser

PT Barnum said...

I don't think I will ever manage to forget seeing a quadraplegic tipped out of his wheelchair to find out if he was lying about his disability. Even if you're not 'resisting' (however these thugs chose to define that one), it would seem that arbitrary violence is all you can expect.

Twisted Root said...

Shocking, but there is worse than this. There are incidents of police subduing poeple in the cells who die on the spot.

If you think this is tin foil hat territory, then you sir are mentally ill. We comprehend that montages like this are not the norm, but if you do not feel a visceral reaction to women with their hands cuffed behind their back being beaten by 15 stone cops, then something has robbed you of part of your humanity.

What the video does not get across is the thin blue line, band of brothers culture which allows this type of behaviour to flourish and go unpunished and unchecked.

Hats off CR for tackling this. Fearless as ever.

banned said...

Anonymous @ 22:03
How many people have died in police custody since WW2? How many police officers have faced prosecution for those deaths? Go away and find out, then you can come back again like a big boy.

Nowt to add to what's been said but how about bigging up the whistle blowers who put those tapes in the public domain, it can't be easy especially from within a police fortress.

defender said...

Its not just those who are blodied by plod, its the whole country that is being mugged.

Today in Berlin, the unelected el Presidente of the tin pot European Union made his latest claim on a Federal Europe when he claimed:

We have together to fight the danger of a new Euro-scepticism.
This is no longer the monopoly of a few countries.
In every Member State, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world.
It is more than an illusion: it is a lie!

The time of the homogeneous nation-state is over.

FireballXL5 said...

I'd be more worried if the comment on here was not representative of the country at large.

With regard to your comment on nurses Capt. my experience of hospitals (fairly extensive - blame motorcycles!) is that the bad ones easily outweighed the good ones. It came as a bit of a shock at first but on subsequent encounters I was regularly disabused of the nurses as angels viewpoint. I've no doubt the system is to blame, as we've seen with the police anything run by the state ends up serving the employees rather than those they are tasked to help and support.

Caratacus said...

Poor old Anonymous!

Still - if you're going to act like a twat, you should wear a funny hat... My Nan always said.